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Things to do in Larnaca

Larnaca is Cyprus’ third largest city and is located on the southern region of the country. With a population of more than 52,000, Larnaca is a city filled with splendid landscape views, exquisite beaches, and other famous attractions. Its history dates back to 13th century BC of the Kition kingdom, and, as a result, offers tourists an ancient atmosphere of a bygone civilization coupled with contemporary living amenities and facilities. There are many things to do in Larnaca, which is what makes it an attractive city to visit.

Larnaca Cyprus

Larnaca city is the capital of the Larnaca district, one of the six main districts that the island is divided into. Larnaca’s name is said to have been derived from the word Larnax which in ancient Greek is used to describe a sarcophagus. It is said that over 3000 tombs were found in the area when it was excavated. With such a vast history of the country and a beautiful resort like atmosphere, visitors are sure to find a lot of things to do in Larnaca. Larnaca is known for its beautiful beaches lined with palm trees. It is also the home to the country’s primary airport, Larnaca International Airport. Among things to do in Larnaca, one of the main things is to watch the flamingos that settle near the salt lake after it fills up in the winters. The city is also full of amazing waterfronts and scenic vistas that you can visit to make your stay a very memorable one. A person who is looking to relax and forget their troubles can find a lot of things to do in Larnaca. This place is the ultimate destination for people seeking some time off.

Places to visit in Larnaca

Due to such a vast history of the Greek, the Roman and the British settlement, you can find a lot of places to visit in Larnaca. At the top, on the list of things to do in Larnaca is visiting the Larnaca Fort. The Fort was constructed by the Ottomans in place of another fort and was used as the main line of defense for the city and was later turned into a prison by the British. The Fort today is a medieval museum exhibiting many weapons and black and white photographs of the city. The Greeks were known to have invented the Aqueducts to transport water throughout their cities. Larnaca also has remains of this genius water transport system known as the Kamares Aqueduct. If you are a history buff, this is definitely one of the places to visit in Larnaca. If you want to enjoy the most serene view while hiking, do not forget to add visiting Cape Greco to your things to do in Larnaca list. The area is a national park so you can enjoy the view of the clear blue water by hiking on trails and sitting on benches made at lookout points. Visit Larnaca and lose yourself in the beautiful beaches while learning about some of the greatest civilizations of the world.


Things to do in Larnaca - Hala Sultan Tekke

Things to do in Larnaca - Hala Sultan Tekke

The extraordinary city of Larnaca has a number of historical attractions to visit. After all, Cyprus is a fusion of two unique cultures, the East and West, with a tinge of the Mediterranean. The Hala Sultan Tekke mosque offers a breathtaking experience of one of the most important shrines in Ottoman history. Tourists have many things to do in Hala Sultak Tekke, and will remember it as one of the most prolific monuments in Islamic history.

The Hala Sultan Tekke mosque was built many centuries ago to pay tribute to ‘Umm Haram’, the wet nurse of Prophet Muhammad. The Hala Sultan Tekke mosque consists of a mosque, cemetery, minaret, and mausoleum, and lies near the Larnaca Salt Lake to give one of the most beautiful views you can ever witness. People of all religions are welcomed to visit the mosque and explore the remnants of a former Arab and Muslim Empire. As a listed ancient monument, the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque is also a gathering place for many Muslim Sufi religious orders. Other things to do in Hala Sultan Tekke include visiting the burial sites of many Turkish administrators and ‘Pasha Garden’.

In short, the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque is a wonderful place to visit. Tourists upon visiting the mosque feel mesmerized by the beauty of the mosque, as well as the fascinating accounts of a former civilization.


Things to do in Larnaca - Khirokitia

Things to do in Larnaca - Khirokitia

The city of Larnaca in Cyprus contains a number of historical sites that are as every bit educational as they are entertaining. Tourists that have a passion for ancient monuments and structures can indulge in the centuries’ worth of stories, traditions, and values contained in it. One of these is none other than the Khirokitia. It is an ancient archaeological structure and a World Heritage Site that meets the test of time. Its history dates back to as early as 4th century BC, and the site offer an array of educational treasures. There are also many things to do in Khirokitia, which is what makes it such an attractive place to visit.

Discovered in the year 1934, Khirokitia is a testament of the Neolithic Aceramic period. Tourists, upon visiting the site, will be taken through a time machine as they will uncover the settlement areas of some of the earliest generations. The site features strong evidence of fortification, pointing to the organization of a bustling society. Tourists will feel mesmerized by the amount of things to do in Khirokitia, which can be an exciting place to explore with family and friends.

Khirokitia is a spectacular place to visit for all those who have a strong desire to uncover the secrets of bygone people.


Things to do in Larnaca - Larnaca Salt Lake

Things to do in Larnaca - Larnaca Salt Lake

There are a number of attractions Larnaca has to offer tourists. But if there is one that you should definitely visit, it is the Larnaca Salt Lake. The lake, which comprises of four different salt lakes, offers the ideal fusion of East meets West. Visitors have plenty of things to do in Larnaca Salt Lake, which is perfect for a trip with family members or friends.

Aside from its picturesque views, the Larnaca Salt Lake is a landmark steeped in history. It firstly consists of Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, which is considered to be one of the most exquisite mosques in Cyprus. The mosque was built centuries ago in honor of Prophet Muhammad’s wet nurse, ‘Umm Haram’. Secondly, visitors also can experience the beauty of pink flamingoes performing ritual dances with a large crowd. If you want to experience the traditions of the local people, you can visit Old Larnaca, where you can visit some of Cyprus’ oldest museums, art galleries, and buildings. Other things to do in Larnaca Salt Lake include the Wrech of the Zenobia, as well as its collection of spectacular marine life and coral reefs.

The Larnaca Salt Lake is an excellent place to visit to witness the marriage of two different cultures etched across a fantastic view of large mountains and sea.


Things to do in Larnaca - Stavrovouni Monastery

Things to do in Larnaca - Stavrovouni Monastery

Natural wonders and historical monuments are some of the most fantastic places to visit for tourists. In Larnaca, Cyprus, however, tourists have the amazing opportunity to see the best of both. The Stavrovouni Monastery is one of the oldest churches in the history of Christianity. What makes this church an incredible sight is the fact that is lies on mountain hill from where tourists can enjoy spectacular picturesque views. There also many things to do in Stavrovouni Monastery, making it an ideal destination for all nature and history lovers.

Founded in early as the 4th century AD, the Stavrovouni Monastery offers tourists a monumental amount of historical facts and stories of Saint Helena, who founded the monastery. The name ‘Stavrovouni’ is attributed to the Holy Cross of Christianity. Tourists who visit the monastery can explore a number of ancient relics left by Saint Helena himself. Among these include a rope that was used to tie Jesus of Nazareth, a nail, and the Cross of the Good Thief. There are many other things to do in Stavrovouni Monastery for visitors upon reaching the monastery.

The site itself is a great place to acquire knowledge about the history of Christianity and some of the most sacred relics.


Things to do in Larnaca - Church of Saint Lazarus

Things to do in Larnaca - Church of Saint Lazarus

The city of Larnaca in Cyprus has many famous attractions. But one of its many places to visit is the famous Church of Saint Lazarus. There are many things to do in Church of Saint Lazarus, and those who are interested in a little bit of history as well as a fascination of sculptures, artifacts, and the religion of Christianity itself, this is a place you should definitely visit.

The Church of Saint Lazarus date back to the 9th century and is perhaps one of the most famous architectures belonging to Greek Orthodox Church. Under the ownership of the Church of Cyprus, the church offers visitors with an interesting account of Lazarus of Bethany, a figure from the Biblical New Testament. While there are a number of important historical artifacts and belonging you will set your eyes on once you go enter the church and will also be briefed on the many stories and traditions of the Church. There are other things to do in Church of Saint Lazarus, such as witnessing the iconostasis and visiting the tomb of Saint Lazarus himself.

In short, the Church of Saint Lazarus offers a breathtaking walk through history as you get to uncover the many secrets and stories of Christianity’s most revered figures.