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Things to do in Libreville

Situated in the Central West Africa, Libreville is the largest city and the capital of Gabon facing the Atlantic Ocean. Libreville is considered to be Gabon’s liveliest cosmopolitan city home to many sightseeing spots, ranging from old buildings and historic monuments to nature trails and beautiful sandy beaches. Libreville makes a great holiday destination for those who love exploring history and new cultures.

Libreville Gabon

Being the largest city in Gabon, Libreville is full of opportunities and new experiences. The city is located on Komo River which is situated near the Gulf of Guinea. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do in Libreville. You shouldn’t forget to do some of the things as they will define how enjoyable was your trip When coming to Libreville, you will find a range of activities you can do. There are plenty of things to do in Libreville. Outdoor activities as physical sport are highly encouraged and common there. With the beautiful gardens and parks all around, there are plenty of options for sightseeing as well. You can indulge in wildlife photography, enjoy the pleasant weather and see the most beautiful sights. There are a lot of horses riding tours available. For all the art lovers, you will find some amazing things to do in Libreville. There are really good museums and art galleries. Some popular museums include French Cultural Centre, Gabon National Museum and National Museum of Arts and Traditions.

Places to visit in Libreville

If you want to get the whole picture of the city in one area, go to Boulevard Triomphal. Strolling through the roads, you will find all the major organizations, landmarks and prominent buildings present in the avenue. There are also numerous options for dining in including top-class restaurants, high ambiance clubs and different types of eateries. You can also find shopping malls and centers on the road. Some of the most important organizations erected there include, Ministry of Forestry and Environment, The French Cultural Centre, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Mines and Petrol, Senate, Central Bank Economic Ministry. There are also other attractions which make the place so prepossessing. There are plenty of things to do in Libreville. Some places to visit include Pointe Denis Beach. The shores of a beautiful island make the place amazing to another level. Spend some time boating and enjoying other water activities. There are also some other things you can do in Pointe Denis Beach. It is very popular among nature lovers- if you have an interest in snorkeling, boating, swimming and other activities- you should visit Pointe Denis Beach. For all the history fanatics and lovers, visiting St. Michael Church should be a must thing. The church is a masterpiece and one of a kind. The church is famous for carved columns and it is also known for the spiritual vibes it gives off. You will find numerous options and things to do in Libreville. It will surely give you the splendid experiences you never had before!


Things to do in Libreville - Palais presidential

The Palais Presidential, or the Presidential Palace in Gabon, is a must visit during your vacation in the country. It makes up plenty of well-developed attractions based in Libreville which include safaris and interesting landmarks, ancient settlements based deep in the rainforests and even trekking adventures. As the largest city in Gabon, Libreville is a hub of commerce and one of the first stops a tourist visiting the country makes. With a lively cosmopolitan center that rarely settles down, it houses residents that come from various old traditions. The Palais Presidential is one such stop which, albeit closed to the public, still provides a feast for the eyes and a trip down the country’s controversial and violent past. It is based just outside the city and was erected by the former president of the country, Omar Bongo in the ‘70s. The palace is heavily guarded day and night as well so you might not be able to get a closer look at it unless you are a visiting political dignitary. However, the city offers some of the best places for bargain shopping which can prove a fitting distraction along with spellbinding cathedrals that will keep you entertained for hours.