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Things to do in Lima

As the capital and largest city of Peru, Lima is located near the Pacific Ocean, which is why it is famous for its Callao seaport and forms part of the Lima Metropolitan Area. In addition to being Peru’s most populous metropolitan area, it is one of the largest cities in Americas, along with Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

Lima Peru

As the capital city of Peru, Lima has a thriving tourism industry, which explains why there are so many things to do in Lima . As a former colony, Lima is a melting pot of different cultures including European, African, Asian, and Andean. This is one of the things that make tourism in Lima so much more rewarding. Among the many things to do in Lima that you can visit is the Larco Museum. This privately owned site contains an array of Columbian art exhibits and galleries, dating back nearly 4,000 years. Some of its most well-known works include the Mochica Headdress and the Moche earrings. Another place that you can go to is the Plaza Mayor, otherwise known as the Plaza de Armas of Lima. As the birthplace of Lima, this is an incredible place to explore the focal point of Lima’s public life, as well as its many nearby attractions, such as the Cathedral of Lima, Government Palace, and the Palace of the Union among others. The history of the Plaza de Armas goes back to the 16th century when Spanish King Charles I initiated his development plan of the city based on the plaza’s square shaped grid.

Places to visit in Lima

Since Lima is located close to the Pacific Ocean, there are many places to visit in Lima that can leave you mesmerized. Among these is the Convento de San Franscisco, or the Monastery of San Francisco. Built in the year 1774, the magnificence of the monastery’s architecture and its historical location in the Historic Centre of Lima, the Monastery of San Francisco was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991. One of its most popular features is the catacombs, which consist of nearly a thousand bones and skulls. Other places to visit in Lima that you can add to your list include the Cathedral of Lima and the Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, both of which are located in the Plaza Mayor. The Cathedral of Lima is a 16th century basilica, offering every visitor a spectacular insight into its incredible architecture. It is built in memory of the Apostle and Evangelist, St. John and visited by scores of tourists who come to explore its breathtaking views, especially at night when it is lit. In addition, there are various other points of interest that you may want to explore such as the Aranwa Sacred Valley, Hacienda del Chalan, Qengo, Monastery of San Francisco, Historic Centre of Lima, Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes, and Torre Tagle Palace.


Things to do in Lima - Aranwa Sacred Valley

The Aranwa Sacred Valley is one of the best places you can visit in Lima. Etched on beautiful natural rocky terrain and surrounded by picturesque mountains, this 3.5 star hotel offers tourists with a breathtaking insight into Lima’s most exquisite natural wonders. The hotel is located more than 7 kilometers away from Estadio de Urubamba and over 8 kilometers from Plaza de Armas.

There is no reason why you should not stay at this hotel. You will find all your essential living amenities in addition to its many luxurious facilities, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, and Wi-Fi. Among the many things to do in Aranwa Sacred Valley are enjoying its beautiful natural environment outdoors. You can go for a long walk and take plenty of pictures and videos. Other things to do in Aranwa Sacred Valley that you can explore include taking a dip in the pool to relax your mind and body or get a facial from the hotel’s famous Unno Spa.

The hotel also offers a range of rooms that you can choose from, such as the standard room, deluxe room, Lake View suite, king deluxe room, and many more. The Aranwa Sacred Valley truly is a remarkable place to visit, owing to its spectacular natural wonders and modern hotel facilities.


Things to do in Lima - Hacienda del Chalan

The capital city of Peru, Lima has many exciting attractions and activities to offer. This is why if you are interested in enjoying outdoor activities, be sure to visit Hacienda del Chalan. Referred to as the Sacred Valley, Hacidenda del Chalan is a spectacular place to explore stunning distant landscape views of green hills and mountains.

Out of the many things to do in Hacienda del Chalan, you can go on long guided tours in which you will explore the Urubamba river and the Inca temple. More importantly, horse riding is another activity you can add to your list of things to do in Hacienda del Chalan. The locality’s Paso horse is a breed that stands out from others, owing to its quick frontal movements along with those made with its legs.

Considered by many to be the greatest riding horse in the world, the Paso horse is incredibly smooth to ride and graceful to walk along the rocky mountains of the Sacred Valley. You will have plenty of tour companies through which you can get a guide. Normally, the price of the tour will be exclusive of meals, so it is important that you keep this in mind and keep extra cash.


Things to do in Lima - Qengo

Lima is a city replete with a variety of natural landscapes and points of attraction that can pique your interest. Whether you are visiting the city with your friends or family, be sure to visit Qengo. This is a centuries old Inca Shrine consisting of an underground access, along with a stone cougar sculpture that is fascinating to witness.

The Inca Empire existed during the 15th and 16th centuries and were known to be the largest Empire in pre-Columbian times. Their craftsmanship and skills in engineering and agriculture echoes through their sites, and visitors can easily find themselves taking a trip through time. By visiting Qengo, you will find the expertise in their architecture as you walk through the underground access.

One of the many things to do in Qengo is to go on guided tours where you will be taught about the history and significance of the Inca Empire. On the tour you will also come across many fascinating information about the well preserved cougar stone sculpture as well of the Shrine that will make you truly appreciate the craftsmanship of the Inca people. Other things to do in Qengo include taking plenty of picture and videos.


Things to do in Lima - Monastery of San Francisco

Things to do in Lima - Monastery of San Francisco

Out of the many places you can visit in Lima, the Monastery of San Francisco is one that you should not miss. Its history dating back many centuries as well as being a church and library, the monastery was listed as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 1991, attracting scores of tourists every year.
Built in the Spanish Baroque architectural design, the construction of the Monastery of San Francisco was finalized in 1774; its unique design had a major influence on many other churches at the time, particularly the Church of Merced. With its magnificent lattice dome and gilded altars, the church’s architecture exudes a splendor still intact from Latin America’s colonial era.

The inclusion of library is one of the world’s most prestigious, containing nearly 25,000 ancient texts, some of which predate the Spanish conquest. Among the texts is the edition of the Bible dating from the 16th century. Among the many things to do in Monastery of San Francisco is exploring its geometric cupola as well as the 13 biblical paintings of Jacob along with his twelve sons by Francisco de Zurbaran.

Other things to do in Monastery of San Francisco include exploring the catacombs, a collection of a thousand skulls and bones. This offers a spectacular insight into the former burial site which existed until the early 19th century.


Things to do in Lima - Historic Center of Lima

Things to do in Lima - Historic Center of Lima

The capital city of Lima in Peru offers more than a great tourist destination; instead, you will witness an experience of a lifetime, owing to the array of attractions and activities in the city. If you do plan to visit the city, you should know that there are plenty of things to do in the Historic Center of Lima that can enable you to have a spectacular time with your friends or family.

The Historic Center of Lima is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its history dating back more than 5 centuries, and considered one of the most attractive tourist destination spots in the entire South American continent.
If you have a strong passion for exploring places of historical significance, then this is definitely the place you should go to. You will be left mesmerized by the number of historical landmarks you will set your eyes upon.

Among the many things to do in the Historic Centre of Lima include visiting its various attractions, some of which are the House of Pilatos, Goyeneche House, Basilica Cathedral, Merced Church, Basilica and Convent of San Francisco, Riva Aguero House, and many more. You should also add the exploring the Balconies of Lima to your list of things to do in Lima as they belong from the viceroyalty era.


Things to do in Lima - Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes

Lima is a city replete with many wonderful attractions that can help you have an unforgettable summer vacation experience. If you are planned to visit the Peru this summer, do know that there are an array of things to do in Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes you can enjoy with your friends and family. As a well known fine arts school located in Barrios Altos, it was constructed in the 1940s and visited by a number of tourists due to its classic architectural design and atmosphere.

It was established by President Jose Pardo y Barreda along with Daniel Hernandez, a Peruvian painter, and today stands as an acclaimed institution of higher education. The school has university status, which means that the students are granted academic degree at undergraduate levels.

The school is also held in high esteem as it is the country’s first art school, which helped steer the interest of thousands of Peruvian art students into professional careers. Out of the many things to do in Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes include taking visiting its many campuses, one of which is the Canevaro House Campus building that dates back from colonial times. You can also take plenty of pictures of its brilliant architectural design.


Things to do in Lima - Torre Tagle Palace

Things to do in Lima - Torre Tagle Palace

The city of Lima has many surprises in store for you; if you are planning on visiting Peru this summer, you should know about the many things to do in Torre Tagle Palace that can satisfy your curiosity and interest in historic monuments and buildings. The Palace, located in downtown Lima, is a couple of minutes away from the Plaza de Armas and is the official accommodation for the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Unlike many other palaces you would imagine, the Torre Tagle Palace does not consist of large entranceways and gardens. Instead, it has a Sevillian baroque design with a tinge of Moorish-elements, partly because all some of its materials were brought from Spain, along with Central America and Panama.

The interiors, in particular combine Moorish, Andalusian, Asian, and Criollo design features, while the balconies exude European as well as Peruvian elements. Since the site is home to Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is not very easy for the public to get inside as some may assume. However, there are specific tours that can be requested as part of the group at its office. If you manage to get inside, be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos as part of your things to do in Torre Tagle Palace.


Things to do in Lima - Plaza Mayor

Things to do in Lima - Plaza Mayor

The city of Lima conceived the Plaza Mayor in 1535. The government erected several notable buildings in the area. Apart from the buildings, the landscape surrounding it is equally stunning. You will find palm trees, stunning lamppost, greenery, and beautiful flowerbeds. In the center of the Plaza Mayor, you will find a sculpture of Francisco Pizarro and a bronze fountain.

There are several things to do in Plaza Mayor. If you visit the location at 11:45 AM, you will see the changing of the guard take place. After that, you can visit other attractions based around the Plaza Mayor. Visit the Government Palace, the Casa del Oidor, Archbishop’s Kingdom of Lima, the Cathedral of Lima, the Palace of Union, the South Side of the Plaza de Armas, The City Hall, and the Central Foundation.

You never run out of sightseeing opportunities, as you will always find things to do in Plaza Mayor. You will get to see the headquarters of the city’s president when you visit the Government Palace, see the stunning historical architecture at the Casa del Oidor, enter the stunning Lima Cathedral, and take a tour of the City Hall, built in 1549. If you are visiting Lima, Peru, visit the Plaza Mayor.