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Things to do in Linz

If you want to explore the natural beauty, you will come across many impressive places to visit in Austria including Linz. This breathtaking city is located on the River Danube banks which makes it appear much more beautiful and worthy of visiting during your trip to Austria. Linz is a tourist hotspot because of its fine churches, architecture, and museums.

Austria Linz

This city is known for being the home of many artists including Wolfgang Mozart, Adalbert Stifter, and many more. The location of this city makes it ideal for anyone interested in river excursions and water adventure. This city is also popular for its impressive buildings that showcase the finest architecture skills of the artists of this place. If you simply take a stroll within the city, you will find beautiful views everywhere. There are so many things to do in Linz that a trip to this dynamic city will always end on a good note. Some of the tourist hotpots in Linz include the New Cathedral, St. Martin’s Church, and St. Florian Augustian. If you are interested in exploring and witnessing great architecture, then you will find many things to do in Linz. This city is home to the New Cathedral that is quite impressive to say the least. This neo-gothic cathedral consists of three aisles and features pillared basilica made from yellow sandstone. The building of this cathedral is quite huge and offers a peek into the breathtaking techniques of design. The most impressive feature of this cathedral is its large stained glass window that showcases the history of the town in the most spectacular way.

Places to visit in LInz

Linz is a city that tourists with interest in culture should definitely visit. One of the most interesting museums to visit in this city is the Lentos Art Museum. This museum showcases the best collection of modern and contemporary art in Austria. From European paintings to phenomenal photography, this museum is every tourist’s dream come true. The Wilhering Abbey is another famous tourist hotspot in the city of Linz that offers a peek into the 12th century architecture. There is a modern art gallery in the complex that features interesting paintings by Fritz Frohlich. If you want to experience this city’s history in detail, you can also visit the Schlossmuseum Linz, which is located near Danube. The Linz Castle is one mesmerizing site to visit and explore. The castle is from the 9th century and its remains are quite intriguing. This castle features some outstanding collections of artifacts from the prehistoric times including Roman and medieval eras. The impressive paintings and sculptures present in the museum offer a peak into the pre-historic times. Other important places to add to your list include the Ars Electronica Center and Pöstlingbergbahn. Visiting all these highlighted tourist spots in Linz will give you a complete insight into the city’s vibrant past, art, and culture.


Things to do in Linz - Lentos Art Museum

Things to do in Linz - Lentos Art Museum

Anyone interested in history, art, and culture of Linz, Austria, should head to the Lentos Art Museum. The Lentos Art Museum is one of the most popular museums that feature the best displays of modern and contemporary art. The museum gives visitors a chance to witness the beautiful art pieces from the 20th century.

If you are looking for a day filled with exploration and excitement, then you will find many things to do in Lentos Art Museum. This museum also features some impressive photography displays and classical art pieces that date back to the prehistoric era. The building itself is quite impressive and worth a watch. Designed by famous architects Weber and Hofer from Zurich, the museum is a masterpiece that is simple, yet highly glamorous.

There is also a beautiful park on the bank of the Danube River where you can enjoy some outdoor recreation. And if you are in search of more historical tours, then you will find many things to do in Austria that will add to your excitement. A significant number of art pieces and displays from this region and the Europe can be found in Lentos as the museum continually updates its offerings.


Things to do in Linz - Schlossmuseum Linz

Things to do in Linz - Schlossmuseum Linz

Looking for some interesting art museums and exhibitions in Linz? Head to Schlossmuseum Linz where you will find the most impressive art works from the ancient times. In order to explore the entire museum, you will need to spend at least 3 hours of your day here. The museum features impressive displays of natural history, folklore, applied arts, archeological findings, and much more.

This museum is truly an explorer’s paradise. If you want to find out what Austria was like several decades ago or want to learn more about the history of earth, then this museum is the best place to visit. For tourists with an interest in archeology, there are many things to do in Schlossmuseum Linz. The Linz Castle was used as a military hospital during the Napoleonic wars, but a fire caused destruction and damaged the south wing entirely.

It was 200 years later that this castle was renovated and turned into a massive and one of the largest museums in Austria. Currently, the museum features exhibitions on regional and international issues faced by Austria and ranks amongst the most popular things to do in Austria. There are many more interesting museum and things to do in Austria for those looking to explore history and arts in other cities.


Things to do in Linz - Pöstlingbergbahn

Things to do in Linz - Pöstlingbergbahn

When it comes to exploring Linz more intimately, it is important you visit all the popular tourist spots including Postlingbergbahn. Postlingberg railway is an electric mountain tramway located in Linz. The railway connects Postlingbergbahn to the center of Linz, allowing passengers to enjoy a great ride.

Amongst other impressive attractions in Linz, you will find many impressive things to do in Postlingbergbahn. The electrical railway was made in 1898 offers passengers a view into the city of Linz. You can take an exciting trip to the mountain of Linz in this tramway. Postlingbergbahn excursion trips are most impressive, making everything seem like a fantasy. This railway is used by the locals as a means of public transportation.

The ticket office of this railway is now a small cinema hall that offers tourists a peak into the evolution of Postlingbergbahn. You can also snap some pictures in the open and closed carriages. After a day at Postlingbergbahn, you can head to the city or find other impressive things to do in Austria.


Things to do in Linz - Wilhering Abbey

Things to do in Linz - Wilhering Abbey

If you are looking to explore the rich history and culture of Linz, Austria, then head to the Wilhering Abbey. This 850 year old Cistercian abbey is one of the most prestigious and popular complex featuring works of art from the modern and historic era. This art gallery also features a guest house that is the oldest surviving part of the abbey after it was destroyed by fire.

When it comes to exploring arts and history of Austria, you should head to Linz where you will find many things to do in Wilhering Abbey. The art gallery gives visitors a chance to look at the impressive paintings by Fritz Frohlich. When visiting the abbey, make sure you also explore the church which has an outstanding architecture. Its Rococo interior is quite fascinating and the best in entire Austria.

If you are in Linz, then Wilhering Abbey should be on top of your list of things to do in Austria. The choir stalls and the wall graves are designed quite intricately and the frescoes by B Altomonte are too impressive to miss. The current abbey is a redesigned and renovated version of the original one. It was rebuilt in the 18th century after a fire caused massive damage to the site. You will also find many interesting historical sites and things to do in Austria if you head out and stroll through the popular areas.


Things to do in Linz - New Cathedral

Things to do in Linz - New Cathedral

A roman cathedral located at the heart of Linz, the New Cathedral is part of two cathedrals that are categorized as the leading attractions of the city. As a result of having a capacity of nearly 20,000 people, the cathedral is categorized as the largest in Austria. It is also known as the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception.

Completed in 1924, viewing the cathedral’s architecture is one of the first things to do in New Cathedral. Made using beautiful colored glass windows, in the afternoon, tourists can observe different shades of sunlight passing through the cathedral at different points. For people who are looking for an intriguing tour, a visit to the sacred space will make for a fascinating experience.

If you aren’t scared of heights and want to take in the view of the whole city of Linz, part of your things to do in New Cathedral should be to go up the spire of the church and enjoy the view from there. Not only that, the vast amounts of space and accessible gallery make it a good place to sit back and relax, while enjoying the beauty of the construction.


Things to do in Linz - Old Cathedral

Things to do in Linz - Old Cathedral

Located in Linz, the Church of Ignatius, commonly known around the world as the Old Cathedral is an old Baroque style church. From 1785 to 1909, the cathedral had the distinction of being the Diocese of Linz. Built by the Jesuits in the year 1669, the church was made to honor the Saint of Loyola, Saint Ignatius.

For people who like antique architecture, one of the first few things to do in Old Cathedral for them would be marvel at its construction. With huge hallways, pink marble columns and lavish Baroque style interior design, every space in the cathedral seems like an eternal work of art. The walls and the high altars contain marble statutes incorporated in them.

Not only that, as you enter the cathedral, the first thing to do in Old Cathedral is to visit the altar and view the painting of Saint Abolysius made by renowned artist of the time Antonio Bellucci. If you are tired, the vast area inside and outside the cathedral gives you plenty of space to settle down and relax. Moreover, photography of the stunning cathedral and its distinct side chapels is another popular activity for tourists.