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Things to do in Liverpool

If you are considering visiting UK for your summer destination, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit Liverpool. The major industrialized city was once a borough back in the 13th century, which makes it a hub of many places of historical and cultural significance. It has a population size of 466,415 inhabitants and an area of 111.84 square kilometers.

What to do in Liverpool

There are many things to do in Liverpool that can help you have an enjoyable summer vacation with your friends and family members. The city is known throughout UK for being a popular tourist destination, owing to its many cultural centers and historical places, many of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of these is the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, which consists of 6 locations in the heart of Liverpool including Pier Head, William Brown Street, and Albert Dock. The site earned World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 2004 and is visited by scores of tourists who have a particular interest in exploring centuries old historic buildings and monuments. Another place that you can visit in the city is the Merseyside Maritime Museum, which consists of a number of exhibitions showcasing European history of the region pertaining to slave trade, RMS Titanic, and merchant navy. The museum was established in 1980 and is a popular place to visit with family and friends. You can also visit the World Museum as part of your things to do in Liverpool list to marvel at Liverpool’s wide variety of collections ranging from Egyptian mummies to physical and natural sciences. Established in the mid 19th century, the museum is open to the public for free. Tourists visiting the Museum can find many collections in astronomy, human history, and biology.

Liverpool Attractions

If you are visiting Liverpool this summer, then you need to know about its many points of interest. Since the city was founded in the early 13th century, Liverpool is a city shrouded in centuries’ worth of history, providing many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous landmarks. The city comprises of a plethora of museums and historic buildings that can help your knowledge of history come to life. One of these points of interest include the International Slavery Museum, which is great place to visit to witness the years’ worth of tragedy of both classical and modern slavery. It includes exhibits of the transatlantic slave trade, and many accounts of enslaved people belonging to Africa and the Caribbean. Tourists visiting the museum will find many exhibitions and displays on two separate phases. Another place you can visit is the Liverpool Cathedral, which is the Bishop of Liverpool’s seat. It was built in the year 1980 and is popular point for the European Route of Industrial Heritage, in addition to one of the many museums part of the National Museums Liverpool. This is great place to visit to explore the many hidden secrets and mysteries of the Albert Dock area.


Things to do in Liverpool - Bluecoat Chambers

Bluecoat Chambers is an art venue situated in the central part of Liverpool in England. The place has built a reputation for offering a unique experience to the visitors. Creativity is at the heart of everything in the Blue Coat museum. Visitors can find lots of interesting things to do and experience at the place. The building of the Bluecoat Chambers was built during 1716-1717. The impressive structure is the oldest surviving architecture in the city. Previously it served as a charity school that was later transformed into an art house after the school transferred into another area in 1906. People who fancy art and artworks can find many fun and exciting things to do in the Bluecoat Chambers. The place hosts various cultural and art related events including art exhibitions, musical concerts, poetry readings, cultural lectures, and much more. The area can be said to be the hub of contemporary arts in the city as it showcases local talent across live art, visual art, and literature. The place also contains a cafe and a bar where visitors can enjoy sipping coffee and light meals after visiting the art exhibition and events. There are many other things to do in the Bluecoat Chambers that you can experience by visiting the place.


Things to do in Liverpool - Anfield Stadium

Things to do in Liverpool - Anfield Stadium

Anfield was built in 1884, but got initially rented by Everton FC. The first game at the ground, on the 28th of September 1884, saw Everton beat Earlstown 5-0. In 1891, Everton moved out of Anfield after a dispute over the rent, and one year later newly-founded Liverpool moved in. If using public transport, take bus 17 from Queens Square bus station, which lies almost opposite Liverpool Lime Street train station in Liverpool’s centre. It is very famous in terms of tourism and a must visit place for sure.


Things to do in Liverpool - Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is a catholic church located in Liverpool. Locals call the place the Catholic Cathedral to distinguish it from other Anglican churches located in the city. The church is the seat of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool and the Archbishop of Liverpool. The cathedral's design was selected from a worldwide competition held in 1962, with construction of the building being completed in 1967. The design of the cathedral is certainly impressive with aluminum covering the roof, and the church is in the form of a cone and is surrounded by 13 chapels. The interior of the place faces the main entrance that was made using white marble brought from Skopje, Macedonia, while the floor of the cathedral is white and grey in color that looks quite stunning. On top of the entrance is located a large structure shaped like a wedge. Four bells are mounted in orifices at the peak of this tower. Visitors find many things to do in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral apart from admiring unique architecture of the place. The surrounding areas of the cathedral serve as a great place for a photo op. You should contact a local guide to known about more interesting things to do in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and the nearby areas.


Things to do in Liverpool - The Albert Dock

Things to do in Liverpool - The Albert Dock

The Albert Dock is an iconic complex of warehouses and dock buildings located in the city of Liverpool. The dock was constructed in 1846, and was the only structure of its time in England to be built from brick, iron, and stone without using any wood. This makes it the first non combustible warehouse built during the 19th century. At the time, Albert Dock was considered a revolutionary docking system as the ship could unload and load directly from the warehouse. Later the area was modified to accompany the first hydraulic cranes in the world. Today it is a popular tourist attraction in Liverpool that attracts millions of visitors every year. Visitors can find many interesting and fun things to do in the Albert Dock. The area has been designated as a World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City by UNESCO. The dock site contains many wonderful attractions including the Tate Liverpool, the Beatles Story, and the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Two world class hotels are also located in the area where visitors can spend the night while visiting the nearby attractions. There are many things to do in Albert Dock that you can experience by visiting this place in Liverpool.


Things to do in Liverpool - The Beatles Story

No visit to Liverpool is complete without visiting The Beatles Story. Located on the UNESCO World Heritage site at Albert dock in the Fab Four's hometown, The Beatles Story is the world's largest exhibition devoted entirely to the lives of the British rock band. It is a must-visit place for anyone who is a fan of the legendary music band that once ruled the hearts of millions of people around the world. Visitors can find many interesting things to do in The Beatles Story that takes them on a remarkable journey through the times, culture, music, and lives of The Beatles. Here you can learn about the individual lives of the iconic band. The place is full of rare photographs, audio, memorabilia, and other exhibits relating to the rock band. Replicas of Mathew Street, Casbah, and the Cavern authentically capture the atmosphere of the 1960s where the young lads from Liverpool spent their time together while in their prime days. You can see and experience firsthand the very places from where the lads were propelled to heights of international fame. There are many other things to do in The Beatles Story that you can enjoy once you visit the site in Liverpool.


Things to do in Liverpool - World Museum

Things to do in Liverpool - World Museum

World Museum is located in Liverpool, England. The museum contains a vast collection of items that relate to ethnology, archaeology, and the physical and natural sciences. Visitors can find many points of interests and things to do in World Museum. World Museum is part of the National Museums in Liverpool. Notable attractions of the museum include a free Planetarium and the Natural History center. Major galleries that are located here include the Weston Discovery Center, the Bug House, and World Cultures. And that's not all. There are many other things to do in World Museum. The Aquarium area in the museum contains creatures from the dark depths of the ocean. Treasure House Theater hosts films and performances at various occasions. Another interesting site in the World Museum is the Clore Natural History Center where you can know about history of various natural objects such as a child mummy, samurai armor, cast of dinosaur skeleton, Javanese shadow puppets, meteorite from Mars, and a number of Anglo Saxon treasure. The museum is certainly a great place to visit in Liverpool where you can view wonderful natural attractions and update your knowledge about physical and natural science.