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Things to do in London

If you want to see Europe’s finest, then head to London. This city is the capital of England and has a breathtaking location next to the River Thames. London is also prominent for its Roman history, and its gorgeous architecture that attracts tourists towards the city from all around the globe. From its buildings to its amazing culture, everything about London is extremely fascinating.

What to do in London

If you want your trip to be packed with entertainment, then you will find many things to do in London. This breathtaking city is England’s most precious and the best way to start your trip is to head to the Buckingham Palace. This incredible palace is the home of Queen Elizabeth II. You can book a tour of the palace and witness the beautiful State Rooms where most of the prominent celebrations take place. A visit to this palace is often ranked one of the top things to do in London. You will also witness the Throne Room and enjoy the amazing displays of French furniture and impressive paintings within the palace. Head to the British Museum where you will find plenty of things to see. The museum itself is a work of art and gives visitors a peek into its incredible architecture. While exploring the museum, you will come across some antiquities from around the world. There are many more interesting things to do in London including a visit to the Tower of London. This tower is quite fascinating from the outside and even better from the inside. There are multiple towers on the site that you can explore alongside the Crown Jewels exhibition.

Places to visit in London

One of the top places to visit in London is the London Eye. A trip to London is incomplete without the incredible views from the London Eye which is elevated to a height of 135 meters. Visitors can enjoy impressive views of London for up to 25 miles in all directions. The landmarks that you see in the skyline are described in detail on interactive tablets. Visiting the London Eye should be on top of your list of things to do in London. If you are looking for some outdoor recreation, then you must head to the Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens. Both these spots rank among the top places to visit in London. The beautiful green gardens from Kensington Palace offer visitors a chance to experience the calming London air. The park offers many fun things for visitors including biking and a visit to the Diana Memorial Fountain. There are many more interesting things to do in London including a visit to the Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Portobello Road Market, Tate Modern, National Gallery, Soho, Shoreditch, Thames Cruise, and the West End Theatre District.


Things to do in London - Westminster Palace

Things to do in London - Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace is as significant to the London cityscape as the Big Ben or the London Eye. Having been created during the middle ages, Westminster Palace was used as a residential palace by many a monarchs before being used as the location for all British Parliaments, a tradition that carried on to become permanent after the great fire in 1512. Westminster Palace, which is now also known as Westminster Abbey, is now known as a symbol of British Politics.

Although it did see its fair share of troubles, the palace has remained strong as one of the most memorable structures in London, staying synonymous with the Big Ben. Situated opposite to the River Thames, this palace is also a main focus of the country’s political activities and shows you a glimpse of the workings of one of the historic places in the world. Moreover, with its beautiful combination of mediaeval structures and gothic revival style, Westminster Palace is also a World Heritage Site, as declared by UNESCO.

So even if you aren’t that much interested in politics, you still might not want to pass on the opportunity of walking through its hallowed rooms where so many important historical decisions had taken place. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then surely the beautiful architecture of Westminster will allure you to step in.


Things to do in London - Churchill War Rooms

Things to do in London - Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms is the historic museum in London city, UK. Explore the mystery base camp of 'the best Briton', Sir Winston Churchill, and reveal the underground core of Britain's war exertion. The main London exposition hall of its kind, the Churchill War Rooms and Institution portrays is allocated into five sections.

The specific retro is mostly known as the 'Social affair Storm. Within the gallery, there are different rooms like the Map Room and the Transoceanic Phone Room, taking you back in time to experience the preparation and the intrigue of the World War 2. The Churchill Museum is an interactive display of Churchill's life, with approximately 20 m long Lifeline at the inside showing reports, photographs and film clasps of his well-known political rule.

You can find out about one of the Britain’s famous man in London city, UK, ended a progression of intuitive showcases plotting his life and ascended to control. It is worth to visit this particular gallery and learn more about the popular man in London city.


Things to do in London - Southbank Center

Things to do in London - Southbank Center

Southbank Center is a popular arts Southbank Center of the Thames, offering a varied variety of social events. See melody, dance, talent, presentation and verbal word and take part in free activities and events. Here you can also take pleasure of enjoy a wide variety of eateries, coffee bar, shops.

Every year, more than 1,000 choirs and artistes perform to 22 million guests, making this one of the most prevalent social terminuses in the Southbank Center and there are numerous festival enjoys there.

Established in 1951 for the Centenary of Britain Southbank Center has fully-fledged as an enjoyment spot, with art and activities inside and outside. We inspire everybody to become involved in the arts in new and creative ways. Most of the tourist likes this place because of its beauty and this place is popular for the taking selfies. It’s a great place to visit with your family and friends.


Things to do in London - London Underground

Things to do in London - London Underground

The London Underground railing grid, or "the Tube" is a prodigious technique to travel to and from Central London and will be a vital portion of many people vacation in the UK.

London is assisted by 12 London Underground lines laterally with the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and an interconnected native train network. London Underground trains usually course amid 5 a.m. to midnight, Monday to Saturday, with abridged functioning hours on Sunday.

An adult cash fare for a single journey in zone 1 is £4.80. The same fare with Visitor Oyster card, Oyster card or contactless payment card is £2.30. The London underground system is too much crowded at the office times.

Many underground stations have electronic staircases to platforms. The London underground is a lifeline of London and all the voyagers choose it as means of transport and there are more than million passengers suffer every year, this is the easy means to reach anyplace in London.


Things to do in London - Tate

Things to do in London - Tate

The best thing about London is that it is a historical city but at the same time it also managed to offer the best of the modern world. Tate is one of the best examples of this. You can visit museums which show you history that is thousands of years old and then you can visit Tate to see some of the best modern art assembled in the same place. It was originally established in 1897 as the National Gallery of Art but was renamed to Tate gallery in 1932.

You will find a mind-bogglingly amazing collection of modern art in Tate Modern. The gallery has works on display by Picasso, Warhol, Rothko, and Dali in the same place. Thus the appeal of this gallery isn’t just for art aficionados, anyone who knows even the basic things about art will be able to appreciate some of the best modern are humanity has to offer. You can feel the amazing vibes of Rothko’s Red on Maroon and appreciate the sadness and craziness of Picasso’s the Weeping Woman.

You can also visit the Tate Britain and see some of the work of the best British artists such as Hockney, Freud, and Francis Bacon.


Things to do in London - Globe Theater

Things to do in London - Globe Theater

The past of the Globe Theater is beguiling. The stage constitute into two parts like outer stage which was a rectangular stage bulging into the courtyard, from the spinal wall. The internal stage was the break amid two prominent sections at the very back of the outer stage. This munch was used by performers who were in a scene but not directly involved in the instant action of the play, and it was similarly used when a scene happen in an inner room.

The Globe Theater was the chief dwelling of Shakespeare's acting corporation commencement in 1599. The architecture of the Globe Theater responded to a mix of societies. Edifice of the famous Globe Theater, sited near the Thames in a residence called Bankside in Southward, initiated in initial 1599. This is the most visited place by the sightseers and also most liked by them in entire London. It’s a great place to visit with your family and friends.


Things to do in London - Borough Market

Things to do in London - Borough Market

The Borough Market is the biggest and famous food market in London city, UK. Also Borough Market is the only fully independent market in London and is owned by a charitable trust. All types of food and fruits are found in this market at a reasonable rate.

Borough Bazaar is London's most distinguished sustenance for advertisement; a wellspring of remarkable British and global produce. It is a safe house for anyone who thinks about the quality and provenance of the sustenance they eat - culinary experts, restaurateurs, energetic novice cooks and individuals who just love eating. The food is not the only reason which makes Borough Market special and famous but also the people over there and the place makes the market more unique.

Borough Market finds to provide an available and inclusive destination for all the shoppers whether they are local people coming to buy their weekly shop, local workers coming to buy their lunch or members of the London restaurant trade coming to learn and get encouraged by new products.


Things to do in London - HMS Belfast

Things to do in London - HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is one of the most visited museums of London with over a quarter of a million people visiting it every year. It is easy to see why the attraction is so popular. Originally the ship was a Royal Navy Light Cruiser. When it was decommissioned, a trust campaigned to preserve it and turn it into a museum. Thanks to that trust, you can now visit the great Imperial War Museum on the HMS Belfast.

The museum is divided into three broad parts, each displaying a different aspect of the ship. The ‘Life on Board the Ship’ section displays what it was like to live on the ship when it was in service. You can see where the soldiers congregated, rested, and went about their business. ‘The inner workings’ sections shows you how the ship was maintained and what type of equipment it had. The ‘Action Stations’ section shows where the decisions were made when it came to attacking and defending.

There are also great places to eat on board the ship. You can visit the rooftop bar and have the unique experience of having a drink on top of a wartime ship. The HMS Belfast is permanently moored in the River Thames.


Things to do in London - Tower of London

Things to do in London - Tower of London

The Tower of London is easily the most historically interesting place in London. If you have any interest in history then you know you cannot afford to miss a visit to this place. The white tower which gives this place its name was originally built in 1078 by William the Conqueror. It was a major sign of oppression and was widely despised. It became a symbol of power and over the centuries it has been attacked many times. It was considered crucial to control if one wanted to show control over London itself. It is a marked UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visiting the Tower of London gives you a sense of what makes London great. London is a modern city which has manages to survive centuries and centuries without losing its important. Historians can trace London’s history back to 47 AD. The Tower of London gives you a feel about the history within its walls. Some of the most prominent figures in the history of London and the world lived or were imprisoned in the Tower of London. It is strange and awe inspiring to be walking in the same building as William the Conqueror, the Tudors, and Henry III. History is what makes London great and there is no place better to see its history than the Tower of London.


Things to do in London - Tower Bridge

Things to do in London - Tower Bridge

One of the most famous icons of London, Tower Bridge is definitely a must see for anyone visiting London. The bridge is suspended over the famous River Thames and is a very popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. The bridge was originally opened in 1894 and has been very well maintained over the years. The Tower Bridge has been a popular tourist attraction ever since its construction started.

The best part about visiting the Tower Bridge is that there are multiple ways you can enjoy it. You can observe it from the sidelines and take iconic photographs. You should also definitely visit the walkways on top of the towers. You’ll get a view of London like no other and will be able to truly take in the amazing history of London. There is even a glass floor on the walkway so you can look down at London life from up high.

The Tower Bridge is a prominent part of almost every major festive event or sporting competition which happens in London. It also has its fair share of history which is part of London lore now. People have even done unofficial flybys on the bridge multiple times.

Things to do in London - Discover London

London tops the list of the cities you must visit in the United Kingdom. A hip and happening destination, you will find endless things to do in London. The multicultural and vibrant city attracts several tourists from all over the globe. Your list of things to do in London should include the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower of London, and Piccadilly Circus. Create your list of things to do in London and fly here.