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Things to do in London

If you want to see Europe’s finest, then head to London. This city is the capital of England and has a breathtaking location next to the River Thames. London is also prominent for its Roman history, and its gorgeous architecture that attracts tourists towards the city from all around the globe. From its buildings to its amazing culture, everything about London is extremely fascinating.

What to do in London

If you want your trip to be packed with entertainment, then you will find many things to do in London. This breathtaking city is England’s most precious and the best way to start your trip is to head to the Buckingham Palace. This incredible palace is the home of Queen Elizabeth II. You can book a tour of the palace and witness the beautiful State Rooms where most of the prominent celebrations take place. A visit to this palace is often ranked one of the top things to do in London. You will also witness the Throne Room and enjoy the amazing displays of French furniture and impressive paintings within the palace. Head to the British Museum where you will find plenty of things to see. The museum itself is a work of art and gives visitors a peek into its incredible architecture. While exploring the museum, you will come across some antiquities from around the world. There are many more interesting things to do in London including a visit to the Tower of London. This tower is quite fascinating from the outside and even better from the inside. There are multiple towers on the site that you can explore alongside the Crown Jewels exhibition.

Places to visit in London

One of the top places to visit in London is the London Eye. A trip to London is incomplete without the incredible views from the London Eye which is elevated to a height of 135 meters. Visitors can enjoy impressive views of London for up to 25 miles in all directions. The landmarks that you see in the skyline are described in detail on interactive tablets. Visiting the London Eye should be on top of your list of things to do in London. If you are looking for some outdoor recreation, then you must head to the Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens. Both these spots rank among the top places to visit in London. The beautiful green gardens from Kensington Palace offer visitors a chance to experience the calming London air. The park offers many fun things for visitors including biking and a visit to the Diana Memorial Fountain. There are many more interesting things to do in London including a visit to the Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Portobello Road Market, Tate Modern, National Gallery, Soho, Shoreditch, Thames Cruise, and the West End Theatre District.


Things to do in London - The Shard

Things to do in London - The Shard

The Shard joins the London Eye as being one of the landmarks which are new but have become iconic instantly. There was a lot of skepticism about redeveloping the Southwark Towers into something modern. John Prescott, the then Deputy Prime Minister, made it clear that a design for the new skyscraper will only be approved if it was something exceptional which added value to the London skyline. The Shard definitely fulfills this criterion and became an instant success upon its completion. Now when news channels and movies show London they are just as likely to show the Shard as they are to show Big Ben.

The Shard has 95 floors and is unlike any other skyscraper in the world. It has an observation deck from floors 68-72 and it is the highest point of view of the city and is thus a must visit. The Shard is amazing because it is the tallest building in the European Union and yet its size isn’t the most awe inspiring thing about it. The design of the Shard is really something else and it completely stands out from the rest of the London skyline, but in the best possible way. The Shard doesn’t have historical value but we are sure it will have it in a few decades.


Things to do in London - National Maritime Museum

Things to do in London - National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum will show you a world unlike anything you have seen. As one of the most famous museums in London, the National Maritime Museum is home to over 2.5 million objects which are on display. From uniforms, weapons, figureheads to scientific gadgets, personal objects and models of different historical ships, the museum is a wonderful place where you are surrounded by history and still feel comfortable enough to enjoy a delicious meal which is free of charge. The National Maritime Museum is also one of the largest museums of its kind in the world, and is known for its different collections which include the items taken from Germany after World War II.

The National Maritime Museum pays homage to London’s Maritime legacy and encompasses how it had an effect on the world trade. To add to the effect, each person who comes to the historic center is given a ‘compass card’ which allows them to start their own virtual collection as they embed it into the displays. The National Maritime Museum also allows its tourists free admission to its halls. So for those preparing the list of places in London to absolutely visit, the National Maritime Museum should definitely be on it.


Things to do in London - St. Paul Cathedral

Things to do in London - St. Paul Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in London and is known to be a place of unique national importance because of its use for many important events in the history. Along with being the location which held funerals for some great names such as the Duke of Wellington as well as Sir Winston Churchill, the cathedral also was the wedding place of Charles, Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer.

Dating back to the 17th century, the cathedral is a big part of London’s history and is one of the most recognizable buildings in London due to its English Baroque style. The cathedral was also used as a peace office denoting the end of the two world wars, and because it was so essential, the cathedral became a location of national importance. Although it has been with us for many years, St. Paul’s Cathedral is still a place of worship today and functions as an active working church, complete with hourly prayer and regular services.

Standing at 365 feet tall, St. Paul’s Cathedral will not miss your attention, so if you’re one who wants to have a look at London’s history, then taking a ride to St. Paul’s might be just the answer.


Things to do in London - Central London

Things to do in London - Central London

Central London isn’t an officially designated area with borders, but people understand what it means. Central London is the commercial hub of London and some of the most noteworthy and important elements of London are found in Central London. You cannot say you have visited London until you visit the most vibrant and busy part of the city.

There are loads of things to do in Central London. You can listen to Jazz at a world famous Jazz club where the likes of Miles Davis and Nina Simone have performed. You can have the best steak in London; tour the Royal Opera, the Whispering Gallery, the London Tower, and many other things. If shopping is a part of your visit to London then Central London is simply a must place to visit. With a great selection of markets and shops you will be able to buy all the things you want and need.

Central London in daytime is great but at night it is just something else. All those modern skyscrapers, historical buildings, and some of the best cultural attractions in the city make it a sight to behold. You can look up at some of the finest buildings in the world.


Things to do in London - Museum of London

The museum of London is the biggest and well-known museums across the world in London city. The collection of the museum will turn you speechless. The accumulations of the museum of London are continually developing as archaeological burrows yield new exposures, and modern articles.

There are more than twenty five thousand items of style and fabrics. The entire historical gallery is overflowing by the amazing artwork and photographs. You must surely visit the amazing Museum of London if you are an art-lover. If one is willing or eager to know more about the city of London, make sure to visit this stunning historical display gallery of London.

The galleria is also filled with the stories of individual Londoners, it is very interesting to explore this illustrations hall. Within the premises of museum of London, there are several shops where endowments and thorough scope of books are available about London. It also offers a broad scope of postcards, posters and prints identifying with London.


Things to do in London - London Zoo

Things to do in London - London Zoo

The London Zoo is a sight to behold. Housing over 800 types of creatures, you can safely say that it is one of the best, if not the best, zoos in the world. Originally it was supposed to be a collection for scientific study but the immense potential of teaching the world about these animals was realized and it was opened to the public in 1847. At the zoo, you will see all types of animals commonly seen in other zoos and much more.

You can observe komodo dragons, penguins, tortoises, tigers, and many other animals. There is also an aquarium which has some of the most exotic fishes and other marine animals from all over the world. The aviary is also similarly filled with birds from around the world.

There is also a separate section for kids which the kids are sure to love. It has the soft and cuddly variety of animals, and kids can pet them as well. There are also plans to start a great lion enclosure in 2016 which will span 2,500 square meters and will be made similar to the Gir Forest National Park in India. If you want to be amazed by seeing strange animals and creatures then you need to make sure London Zoo is a part of your plans.


Things to do in London - Oxford Street

Things to do in London - Oxford Street

Oxford Street is the hub of commercial activity is the city of London. The street is known for its proximity to the city of Westminister located in the west wing of the city of London. The numbers of visitors flocking to the street for shopping continues to increase and locals as well as tourists enjoy their whereabouts on the street. It is home to over 300 shops from high end ones to cheap ones, spreading from clothes to artifacts.


Things to do in London - Albert Memorial

Things to do in London - Albert Memorial

The Memorial for one of the oldest royals is located in the Kensington garden area. The garden area is located in the city of London and Albert Memorial is a stunning golden statute which is made to pay homage to the beloved husband of Queen Victoria. The statute is seated and it offers a historical sneak peek into the workings of the memorial. The sculpture is set against a nice backdrop which only adds to the allure. Hundreds of people can flock to the place to enjoy the statute and the stunning garden in the backdrop.


Things to do in London - Royal Albert Hall

Things to do in London - Royal Albert Hall

For a town known for its night life, London should have a hall that is designed to act as the stage for celebrations and the Royal Albert Hall is exactly that. It is a concert hall which is designed to cater to large public gatherings such as concerts, etc. The hall was opened back in the day by the late Queen Victoria. Since 1941, the hall has been a regular place for concerts which are organized for charity.

Things to do in London - Discover London

London tops the list of the cities you must visit in the United Kingdom. A hip and happening destination, you will find endless things to do in London. The multicultural and vibrant city attracts several tourists from all over the globe. Your list of things to do in London should include the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower of London, and Piccadilly Circus. Create your list of things to do in London and fly here.