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View London Eye in 360 virtual tour

London Eye-1 London Eye-1
London Eye-2 London Eye-2

London Eye is the name of the giant Ferris wheel in London. The landmark is so ubiquitous that we are sure you must have seen it in pictures or videos already. It is one of the most well known landmarks in London which is an impressive feat in such an old city considering that the wheel was opened to the public in 2000. The London Eye has one function and it does it better than anything else; it allows you to get a view of all of London. All the other famous landmarks can be seen easily from the Eye. If you really want to take in how amazing the city of London is then get a ticket and go to the top. Do remember that it is a very popular tourist attraction and you will have to stand in the lines for a long time to be able to get a ticket and another long line to be able to ride the eye. We strongly recommend purchasing tickets beforehand so your experience is great. It was also known as the Millennium Wheel since the first test drive for it happened on December 31st, 1999. The wheel moves slowly and takes 30 minutes to complete a revolution. This gives you enough time to truly take in the amazing view of the city.