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Things to do in Lope

Located in central Gabon, Lope is a department of Ogooué Ivindo. Ogooué Ivindo is one of Gabon’s nine provinces situated on the north east. The province spreads over an area of 46,075 kilometer per square. Though Ogooué Ivindo is the least populated province, but it is a popular place for tourists to visit.

Places to visit in Lope

Lope is an amazing and welcoming city for all the people who want to experience the joys of nature. You will find numerous things to do in Lope. With plenty of tourists’ attractions and options, you can enjoy diversified activities in the city. No matter where you plan to stay in Lope, you will most likely wake up with beautiful animals surrounding you. Be it watching the buffalo graze on grounds in morning or seeing a gorilla from far, there is a strong chance you will get to see different wild animals. Almost all the tourists go for a stay at Lope Hotel which is known for its beauty and maintenance. When it comes to Lope, seeing wildlife all around is one of the best sceneries you will get to enjoy. The city of Lope is famous for scenic views, picturesque natural beauty and charm. You will never run out of things to do in Lope. Touring forests and national parks on safari vehicle including trucks or boats is also very common. The boat safaris are one of the most popular activities among the residents, you will get to see the view of an amazing river. You will find a range of things to do in Lope regardless of how distinct your interests may be.

Visit Lope

When visiting Lope, don’t forget to go add natural reserves in your things to do in Lope list. You can find the enticing reserves present in various parks. The most beautiful and significant tourist attraction is the natural park present in Lope. You can find multiple captivating mammals moving around the park. There are also some really enticing views of birdlife in the park. Do not forget to take your camera with you, as you will find every scene mesmerizing. The allure of park is not limited to the natural beauty it is bestowed with; you will also find some quality dining areas and chalets. The open air dining restaurants do not only serve scrumptious meals but also let you to enjoy the best scenes! So, while you are having your favorite cuisine over there, you can see the beautiful sight of sun set the hush green forests and hear the beautiful sounds of birds and various animals all around. The park also has a small research base known as Mikongo. The Mikongo research center is run by the Zoological Society London. Visiting the park is also good for educational purposes if you want to increase your knowledge of the wildlife. Many zoologists and biologists regularly visit the Lope-Okanda Wildlife Reserves. With dynamic options and activities to enjoy, you will always find some things to do in Lope.


Things to do in Lope - Lopé National Park

Things to do in Lope - Lopé National Park

Lope National Park lies smack dab in the middle of Gabon and features verdant rain forests that are home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the country. Even though the terrain is mostly covered by these forests, the national park also features some grassy savannas which date back to the Ice Age. The location was the first protected area in the city when the Reserve was created in 1946 and the park also comprises of a small research station called Mikongo run and operated by the London-based Zoological Society. It is open to tourists and scientists alike at the base and includes a number of chalets and a large dining area overlooking the rainforest.

The park has a number of mammal species such as the rare western lowland gorilla, the mandrill, leopard, forest elephant and black colobus to name a few. Some of the bird species include the bee-eater, rock fowl, emerald cuckoo, hawk eagle, black guinea fowl etc. If you are a bird watching enthusiast or a general animal lover then you will love the excursions into the rainforest complete with radio tracking devices. If you play your cards right you may be able to get a couple of amazing photographs along the way as well.