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Things to do in Los Angeles

The second largest city of the US, Los Angeles is located in the south of California State. The city promotes culture diversity, and therefore, you will find people of all races and sects here. The place has a Mediterranean climate, and it is located in a large coastal basin. It is the centre for the entertainment industry, which is also one of the major economical sources for the city.

Los Angeles California

If you are traveling to California for vacation, you will come across a lot of entertaining things to do in Los Angeles. Many people head to this city in hopes to turn their dreams into a reality. This southern California city is known for its contribution to the entertainment industry and is a place that many visit for its shopping and beaches. If you are looking for a fun vacation, you will find plenty of things to do in Los Angeles. This city has some great places you must visit including the Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, and the Hollywood Boulevard. With so many exciting things to do in Los Angeles, there is no way anyone could get bored. If you are fond of Hollywood and the many celebrities, then head to the Universal Studios Hollywood. Here you will get to visit theme parks and take part in several shows. A visit to this place should be on top of your list of things to do in Los Angeles. You will also get a chance to visit real movie sets that is a wish-come-true for many. Fast and Furious, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and Silly Swirly Dun Ride are amongst the many exciting features of this place. And this is not all. There are many more things to do in Los Angeles including a visit to the Griffith Park. When in this park, make sure you visit the Greek Theatre, which is situated in a tree enclosure. In this impressive award-winning theatre, you can enjoy a show of your choice.

What to do in Los Angeles

You can also watch live shows in the Planetarium and visit the Bird Sanctuary to witness some impressive rare birds. One of the most visited places is the Walk of Fame, which is often one of the best things to do in Los Angeles for many tourists. Here you will get to witness the names of some of the most famous Hollywood celebs cemented into the ground inside stars. If you are a shopaholic, you will find many things to do in Los Angeles. Head to Beverly Hills to visit some of the finest and most luxurious shopping boutiques, spas, and hotels. In this posh community you will find Rodeo Drive, a long street that is famous amongst celebs. This is an upscale street where you will get to shop around in the most pristine boutiques. Paying a visit to the Hollywood Sign is also one of the most loves things to do in Los Angeles. This cultural landmark is located on the Hollywood Hills and is a great place to snap some memorable pictures. There are many interesting things to do in Los Angeles including the Third Street Promenade, Universal City, The Getty Center, Santa Monica Pier and Beach, Zuma Beach, Runyon Canyon, Venice Beach, and much more. If you are foodie, you will find many things to do in Los Angeles including the Griddle Café, Wurstkuche, the Cheesecake Factory, and the Bazaar by Jose Andres. The nightlife of this city is also as impressive as its day tours.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Hollywood Sign

Things to do in Los Angeles - Hollywood Sign

The nine letters of world’s most familiar movie industry is a sight to behold for everyone. Witness the significance of one of the most important cultural landmark and icon in Mount Lee, Hollywood Hills region of the Santa Monica Mountains. The location of these letters is also where the late Hollywood actress, Pen Entwistle died. The Hollywood Sign is also located near Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory from where visitors can enjoy a fascinating view.

The ‘Hollywood’ Sign has 45-foot tall, white capital letters that can be seen from afar. It was originally built as an advertisement back in 1923 for a local property development, but gained immense acknowledgement afterwards. It has since become infused with glamour, success, and fame. The letters resemble a wave-like appearance from the ground and have been featured in popular culture, media, and especially in films and television programs.

Making any kind of unauthorized alterations to the sign for promotional purposes is strictly prohibited even though the city has allowed alterations to be made for others in the past. While getting close to the sign is illegal, visitors can also experience the best views of it either while hiking on the mountains or taking a shuttle.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Griffith Park Observatory

Things to do in Los Angeles - Griffith Park Observatory

Want an up close and personal experience in Central Park in New York? The Griffith Park in Los Angeles is the next best thing – just larger, untamed and more rugged. With a spectacular landscape, tree enclosed pathways and the freshest air that rejuvenates and revitalizes the senses. Take a deep breath of the great outdoors in one of the best parks in Los Angeles and bring the family along for a fun time. There are a lot of things to do in Griffith Park that will appeal to individuals, groups and families alike.

Visit the award winning Greek Theatre which is nestled in a tree enclosed area of the park, but time your visit to take advantage of the performances you want to see. Plumb the depths of the heavens with aid from the impressive Griffith Observatory and see live shows in the Planetarium. Nature lovers will not find a lack of things to do in Griffith Park either such as the Bird Sanctuary that boasts rare birds and is located in a beautiful wooded canyon with a stream running through it. The Ferndell Nature Museum is also a must visit as it is a paradise boasting a wide variety of flowers, ferns and plants of all kinds that offer shade during the sweltering summer months.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Walk of Fame

Things to do in Los Angeles - Walk of Fame

Hollywood greats such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley may no longer be in this world, but their names have been immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Located on Hollywood Blvd. the famed Walk of Fame has cemented the names of the best talent Tinsel Town had and has to offer and the best part is that you can get your picture taken at no charge whatsoever without pushing through crowds. In fact, the best thing to do in Hollywood Walk of Fame is take pictures alongside the bronze stars of your favorite celebrities.

Boasting the names of some of the most recognized celebs past and present, you can snap pictures with the stars of musicians, directors, actors and other personalities if you cannot in person. This includes posing ‘hand in hand’ with the imprints said stars left behind in concrete. Of things to do in Hollywood Walk of Fame, walking where the actors of yore walked is an exhilarating experience in and of itself. Fun fact, the starts are actually made out of pink terrazzo as well as brass which give them their golden glow. Follow this celestial walk along Hollywood Boulevard which lies between Gower Street and La Brea Avenue and forget your worries just like how your favorite movies make you do.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Chinese Theater

Things to do in Los Angeles - Chinese Theater

The Chinese Theater (the official name being TCL Chinese Theater) is one of the most famous theaters of Hollywood. It carries with a lot of history, some of it even literally in its concrete. It is still a great location for movie premieres; there have even been 3 Academy Award shows in the theater.

It opened to the public in 1927 and has been enchanting people since then. The concrete blocks outside the Chinese Theater have footprints/handprints and signatures of some of the most famous people in Hollywood. It is, in our opinion, much more interesting than the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can see the marks left by some of the great actors of the classic era like Groucho Marx and Harold Loyd. You can also see the marks left by contemporary famous artists like the Harry Potter cast.

The theatre itself is a great venue to watch movies or to catch premieres. It isn't unusual for some of the biggest actors in the world to premiere their movies at the Chinese Theater. The cinema is the largest IMAX cinema in the world, with a capacity of 932 people.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Universal City

Things to do in Los Angeles - Universal City

Universal City is one of those 'Only in L.A.' things. It is a huge area owned by Universal Studios, and it makes for a fantastic trip for tourists. The area is so large that it has its own fire station, police station, and even a building permits office for things inside Universal City.

Many of your favorite movies were filmed here, and the best part is the tour. There is an action filled tour which takes you through the filming locations of the most famous Universal Studio movies. However the tour isn't just a tour, it also adds many cinematic touches. This means that you will see some of the famous scenes being reenacted while you are going through the tour, and it is an excellent experience for tourists.

Movies featured include Fast and the Furious, Kind Kong, American Psycho and much more. You may even spot celebrities who are at the studio for shooting. We would highly recommend the night time tours as well, it really feels like you are in a movie.The City Walk is also a great centre or entertainment in Universal City. Featuring live music festivals, events, and celebrations, it is one of the liveliest places in L.A.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Universal Studios Hollywood

Things to do in Los Angeles - Universal Studios Hollywood

Get ready for the ultimate Hollywood Experience if you plan on visiting Universal Studios. Your day will be packed chock full of entertainment that will leave memories that will last for years. Have a thrilling time at the theme parks and shows, visit real life movie studios and some of the best souvenir shops you can find in Los Angeles.

You will not run out of things to do in Universal Studios Hollywood since you will be coming back for more. Hold on tight on Fast and Furious by riding along with the all star cast from the movies on a high speed chase, visit Despicable Me Minion Mayhem to join Gru and his ‘gurls’ on a hilarious 3D ride. There are way more things to do in Universal Studios Hollywood though.

The theme park like atmosphere is a joy for kids who love to ride on the Silly Swirly Fun Ride that spins riders at a dizzying height and gives them a 360 degrees view of the park. However, the most visited places to visit in Universal Studios Hollywood are the adorable Minion themed rides that attract kids and their families by the thousands and for good reason. Visit Tinsel Town and see for yourself.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Burbank Studio District

Things to do in Los Angeles - Burbank Studio District

Are you planning a trip to the United States of America? Can’t decide on the things to do in America? Hang on; don’t forget to put Burbank Studio District in your list! It is a state of the art, film, broadcast, news, and television studio located in California. The studio was master planned by Gehry Partner and has been developed by the Worthe Real Estate Group. The studio was previously owned by NBC Universal. The studio offers various televising facilities.

Burbank Studio District has a rich and historical significance as it has been the production house for many different soap operas including Access Hollywood Live, The Big Game, It Could Be You, People are Funny, Save of the Century and countless other programs.

So, what are the things to do in Burbank Studio District? Once here, you can watch various shows and plays, eat quality food and enjoy the best ambiance in the Burbank studio district. It is a must visit place if you are planning a vacation to Los Angeles. Burbank Studio District is also one of the most interesting and fun places present in California. You can watch any show of your choice here! What’s more, it is also home to the famous opera Days of Our Lives.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Getty Center

Things to do in Los Angeles - Getty Center

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is a smorgasbord of unique sights, sounds, scents and attractions that nature lovers and casual tourists alike will love. Take your pick from well maintained, verdant gardens, sparking fountains that beg to be captured on film and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside that will melt away that stress. A trip to the Getty Center never disappoints!

Don’t let the fairytale like atmosphere fool you. There are tons of things to do in Getty Center than just ogle the scenery. The Central Garden for instance is an evolving work of art boasting tree lined pathways that you can spend hours walking around on searching for more things to do in Getty Center. The walkway will lead you to jaw dropping views of the Santa Monica Mountains as well.

There are other places to visit in the Getty Center that will appeal to history buffs such as the Autry Museum of the American West. Kids will not find a lack of activities either such as pony rides, a ride on the historically famous Merry-Go-Round and the LA Zoo that is teeming with wildlife. There are also a number of picnic areas in the park that are a hit with families.


Things to do in Los Angeles - The J. Paul Getty Museum

Things to do in Los Angeles - The J. Paul Getty Museum

Have you recently been planning to visit America? Then don’t forget to include The J. Paul Getty Museum in your list of things to do in America! The J. Paul Getty Museum is a famous art museum located in California. The headquarters and the main branch of the museum is located in Los Angeles. The museum is famous for depicting western art. Both historic and contemporary art is presented here. It is one of the highly visited museums in the US, with an annual foot fall of more than 1.3 million people.

If you are interested in history and ancient arts, this place is for you! It is an extremely popular destination for tourists and one of the best museums present in the United States. Are you wondering about the things to do in J.Paul Getty Museum? There are plenty of things you can do once you arrive at the location. Various exhibitions and events are regularly organized and the museum is very popular among young students and children.

A lot of schools organize their educational trips to The J. Paul Getty Museum, but you can also arrange a family trip to the exhibits. You can also get good quality food in the restaurants located nearby such as The Lobster, The Penthouse Restaurant and Capo.


Things to do in Los Angeles - Downtown L.A.

Things to do in Los Angeles - Downtown L.A.

Downtown L.A. is probably one of the most common locations to see in movies. A Deja Vu will follow you always! you have probably seen the areas plenty of times. The Chinatown in Downtown is similarly famous for its appearances in different media. It is also a great place to visit, as the hanging lanterns and China inspired architecture are really fascinating.

There are also some great parks in Downtown L.A. Biddy Mason Park is our favorite, but the gardens of Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is beautiful too. The Grand Park is just as grand as the name suggests. We would also recommend visiting the Walt Disney Concert Hall. There is also a strong Japanese influence in Downtown L.A., and you can observe it if you visit Little Tokyo.

Art lovers will also love Downtown L.A. There is some fantastic art on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the art of display at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The nightlife of Downtown L.A. is amazing, and if you enjoy clubbing and music, then this is the place you have been looking for.

Things to do in Los Angeles - Discover Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city in California, the United States, famously goes by the nickname, the City of Angels. Why do tourists from around the world travel to this city? Is it for the food, mountains, forests, beaches, desert, or the countless other things to do in Los Angeles? It is a little bit of everything. Few things to do in Los Angeles include visiting Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and seeing the Hollywood Sign.