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Things to do in Lüderitz

Luderitx is a harbor town and lies in the southwest part of Namibia. It has one of the most hospitable coasts in Africa and the port was created around Robert Harbour. The town is known for the colonial architecture that can be found scattered liberally across its expanse.

Places to visit in Lüderitz

If you are looking for a trip full of adventures, then you will find many things to do in Luderitz. One of the city’s most prominent tourist spots is the Felsenkirche. This Evangelical Lutheran church is the most outstanding structures on Diamond Hill and the city of Luderitz. Designed by Albert Bause, this impeccable church is most popular for its medieval winged altar. The impressive winged altar of the church was painted in the 14th century. One of the most interesting things to do in Luderitz is to witness the amusing stained-glass panel. There are many historical sites to visit in the city including the Goerke Haus. This house is quite impressive and its location much more outstanding. This house was owned by Lieutenant Hans Goerke in the early 19th century and is the most impressive building on Diamond Hill. If you are interested in learning about history, then you will find plenty of things to do in Luderitz including a visit to the Luderitz Museum. When you head inside the museum, you will come across amazing displays and items that will tell you a lot about this town’s history. There are many amazing displays of nature and the diamond mining industry of the city.

Visit Lüderitz

What attracts tourists the most towards this city is its diamond-mining history. And if you want to witness the forbidden diamond area in Luderitz, then book your Pomona & Bogenfels Tour. This tour is one of the best things to do in Luderitz. Tourists get a chance to explore the forbidden diamond mining town of Pomona where you will also find a church, hotel, school, and many other buildings of the time. Visiting Pomona is often on top of the list of places to visit in Luderitz. When on the tour, you will witness the rock arch at Bogenfels, which is the most fascinating tourist attraction. And if one abandoned diamond-mining town isn’t enough for you, head to Kolmanskop. Kolmanskop is Namibia’s most renowned ghost town located near the port of Luderitz. This is the place where a railway worker found a shining stone while digging on the site. When the news of the discovery broke, many people rushed to this site to make their own fortune. Kolmanskop is often rated as the most fascinating places to visit in Luderitz. There are many more interesting things to do in Luderitz including thrilling safaris, cruise and gastronomical tours.


Things to do in Lüderitz - Kolmanskop

Things to do in Lüderitz - Kolmanskop

What could be more exciting or interesting than to pay a visit to a ghost town in Namibia? Kolmanskop is located within the Namib district within the southern Namibian region. It can be found around 10 km inland, from the Luderitz port town. Kolsmanskop was once famous for being a decidedly small yet a wealthy mining village, which in current times, has become a major tourist destination organized by Namibia De Beers. The town has an original architectural style inspired by the German culture, which showcases a link to the very first diamond miners of the region. According to local tales, the popularity of the town decreased after the First World War, and eventually, it was abandoned in the year 1954. Tourists visiting the town now have to walk in knee deep sand, and enjoy taking photographs of the setting sun over the surrounding desert. Since this ghost town lies within the restricted area of Sperrgebiet, tourists require a special permit to sneak a peek and enter the interesting old ghost station. Visitors can look at the remains of the refined German architectural buildings in the town and gaze in amazement at the huge amount of sand which now engulfs everything within these properties, right to the doors, giving the place a creepy and eerie look, just perfect for the town’s spooky reputation.


Things to do in Lüderitz - Sperrgebiet

Things to do in Lüderitz - Sperrgebiet

Also known as the Diamond Area 1, Sperrgebiet is the famous diamond mining area, which is located in the southwest region of Namibia. The mining area covers the coast which faces the Atlantic Coast, from Oranjemund present on the border, to Luderitz in the north. With a total area of 26,000 square km, this site is a major attraction for all who want to have a peek at the mining shafts of old. It is a fact that only 5% of the site is used for mining, while most of the area is just a buffer zone. Public access is strictly denied in most of the Sperrgebiet space, even though a national park was built here in the year 2004. With a diverse and interesting range of fauna and flora, the area boasts a natural surrounding due to such limited human intervention for the past 100 years. There is much to interest everyone with a variety of 776 plant types, and Sperrgebiet has earned itself the distinction of being highlighted as the only arid spot with biodiversity, which has made it the most important area for miles around according to scientists. While famous for being a diamond mining area, the Sperrgebiet also offers the most diverse biodiversity in all of Namibia, as animals and bird species like the brown hyena and springbok, the African oystercatcher and the black headed canary are all found here. There is much to see and do in Sperrgebiet which can suit everyone’s taste.