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Things to do in Luxembourg

There are a lot of things to do in Luxembourg. The place has been ranked countless times as one of the top three countries that trump on wine consumption and wealth. How could this not make life in Luxembourg seem like paradise? The only thing biting a chunk out of the place’s charm is the bank and lax taxation head quarters. Nevertheless the place is nothing less of a fairy tale, down to its culturally rich and historic points of interest.

Places to visit in Luxembourg

Its history is so rich that it is listed with UNESCO. Luxembourg is perched on top of a cliff. Beyond that you may explore rolling part forested hills that have a string of beguiling villages, each of these huddle attractively underneath beautiful medieval castles. You are bound to find something in all the things to do in Luxembourg. If you have already begun deciding where to go on your next summer adventure, a trip to Luxembourg is one destination you should not overlook. Located in Western Europe and bordered by countries Germany, France, and Belgium, Luxembourg offers a unique fusion of natural wonders and modern European architecture which are a joy to visit and explore. As a result, there are many places to visit in Luxembourg that you can enjoy with your family and friends, making it a great choice for your next tourist destination. One of the first places to visit in Luxembourg that you need to know about is the Bock. This is a natural fortification dating back several centuries, and over the years has been developed and redeveloped multiple times due to the number of times it has been attacked and damaged. Visiting this site in the district of Luxembourg City will provide you the chance to explore European military history in a new light. A number of famous people have visited the site including Emperor Joseph II of Austria in the late 18th century, Napolean Bonaparte in the early 19th century, and the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his wife more recently. Another place that you can visit is the Luxembourg City’s Grand Ducal Palace, which is the main residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. It is from here that he manages most of his duties as head of state. This is an exciting place to witness the activities of the Palace’s armed guards and take a tour of the palace interior, which is breathtaking to see and marvel at. Should you decide you want to learn more about the history of Luxembourg and also ensure that your wife and children have a fascinating experience, why not take them to Mudam. This is an art gallery, museum, and cultural center. Mudam is constructed using state-of-the-art architecture and design elements and comprises of some of the country’s modern art collections. In the first year to its opening saw a record attendance of over 115,000 visitors, which goes to show how fascinating the center is to locals. Other places to visit in Luxembourg that you can visit are the National Museum of History and Art, Petrusse, and Fort Thungen.

Luxembourg tourist attractions

Apart from the natural points of interests, you can get your fair share of fun and fizz in Moselle win country that gets you lovable walks with which you can take in the pretty micro gorges of Mullerthal. This little country comes with plenty of cool surprises, which is a massive achievement because of its history that talks about the major destruction that it suffered during the Second World War. In war museums across the country, you will see Luxembourg being mentioned many times. Luxembourg is well known for offering tourists a plethora of attractions reminiscent of a medieval atmosphere. Its centuries old architecture couples with gorgeous natural views of mountains, cliffs, and parks is what have led the country to be described as ‘little Switzerland’. There is no doubt that Luxembourg tourist attractions are some of the best you can hope to explore in Europe. First and foremost, Mudan is an excellent place to visit to understand the centuries worth of Luxembourg culture and traditions shrouded in historical artefacts and works of art. Mudan is a museum as well as an art gallery and cultural center. So whether you are deciding to visit the center in groups of friends or with your spouse and children, Mudan offers something for everything. Another place you should definitely visit is the Notre Dame Cathedral located in southern Luxembourg. This is a Roman Catholic cathedral, but was initially built as a Jesuit church. One of the many things that are fascinating about the Cathedral is how its architecture reflects gothic art and design yet also contains many influences of Renaissance art. It was originally constructed in the early 17th century but had been expanded in the 1930s. Not all Luxembourg tourist attractions are to do with history and architecture. The beautiful and picturesque flowing river of Petrusse, for instance, offer a fresh opportunity to enjoy the serene waters etched underneath the neat European design houses. The multitude of bushes and greenery further add to the spectacle of what is one of the most breathtaking views in Luxembourg. You can also take a trip to Fort Thungen, which is fortification located in the southern region of Luxembourg. Also known as Three Acorns (three towers in English), Fort Thungen also comprises the Musée Dräi Eechelen museum. It is known as Three Acorns because much of the fortification was destroyed after the Treaty of London in 1867. As a result, the three towers and foundations are all that survived. However, if you are looking for a place where you can spend a wonderful time together with your family or friends, look no further than Les Thermes. This attraction is a water haven; its aqua world provides tons of wet adventures for you and other to feel ecstatic including whirlpool, wave pool, express slide, and turbo speed slide. If you are short of towels or bath robes, you can easily rent it from the center.

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