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Things to do in Maceió

Maceió is the capital and the largest city of the coastal state of Alagoas, Brazil. It is a beautiful modern city on the beachfront, with sparkly bright green water bodies. The beauty of the city is intensified with its coastline surrounded by palm trees and mangroves. While it is not frequented as much by foreigners, it is a common getaway spot for the Brazilians.

Maceió Brazil

Maceió is a city that thrives on culture; it represents arts, crafts, cuisines and customs of Brazil. The city has become a major tour destination, and with excellent hotels and interesting places to visit, the tour industry is only growing and getting more attention from international tourists. With a stellar tourism infrastructure, visitors have many activities to take part in and things to do in Maceió. With beaches all around, water sports like surfing and body boarding are very popular in Maceió. Surfers can have a good time without worrying about sharks or dangerous reefs. There are many resorts by the beaches too so that visitors can stay and surf on the save waves of Maceió. Other things to do in Maceió include watching the beautiful sunset from the Avienda da Paz. Few kilometers to the south of the Maceió is a town called Piaçabuçu where an interesting boat ride can take the visitors all the through the San Francisco River to the point where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean. Maceió also offers a wide variety of dining and drinking options to the visitors. With its safe bike-share system, laid back streets, beautiful sandy beaches, lapping water and jangadas, the city of Maceió is a very peaceful and a beautiful destination spot for tourist.

Places to visit Maceió

One of the popular places to visit in Maceió is the natural pool. The traditional wooden boats of Brazil take the tourist to the natural shallow areas. The place is perfect for visitors interested in getting the experience of snorkeling. What make it even better are the restaurant boats that sell food and drinks and floats by, along the way. The city of Maceió might be small, but it offers lots of enjoyment to the visitors, with plenty of nightlife activities to boot. Most locals head towards the beachfront with drinks and food in hand. The beaches are a definite requisite when it comes to places to visit in Maceió and provide a good chance of relaxing and soaking sun rays. Some other famous tourist spots include Papodromo, Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió, Feirinha de Artesanato de Pajuçara, Parque Municipal de Maceió and Game Station. Maceió has so many beaches that finding a crowded one or a totally quiet one to relax wouldn’t be a problem. Concerts are another common and famous activity in Maceió. They happen frequently and most tourists become a part of it as they get enthralled by the Brazilian music. Because of beaches, Maceió has lots of marine life that encourage indulgence of seafood. Rich in different kinds of fruits and provider of authentic Brazilian cuisines Maceió is one fun city to visit.



While Papodromo is a popular place of interest and visited by tourists, this place is more popular for its history rather than its current infrastructure. Papodromo disappoints many as the government has failed to preserve the history that happened here. In a very dreadful condition, Papodromo is most often a spot for drug trafficking now. Local residents continue to demand that this place must be transformed into a recreation area.

The reason behind this much concern for this place is related to the history behind it. Papodromo was specifically built to welcome Pope John Paul II on his second visit to Brazil. Regardless of the condition Papodromo is in, its historical significance demands that visiting here must be one of the things to do in Brazil. An altar was built here complete with armored glass, grids and, many banks to accommodate mass session that pope was expected to give. While this site is more or less completely destroyed now, with only drug traffickers and drug users frequenting it, Papodromo is still a worthy place to see.

When so many faithful believers gathered in Papodromo–including the pope himself–it became a place of importance. What little is left of it, one of the things to do in Papodromo is to appreciate the stage and the glass (broken now) where the pope stood up and conducted mass once.


Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió

Dedicated to Our Lady of Joy, the foundations of this Cathedral was first set in the year 1840. On December 21st after a very solemn mass, the new image of the patroness was blessed and an imposing sculpture of Our Lady of Joy was offered by the Watchtower Baron. Watching this sculptor up and close must be one of the things to do in Brazil when visiting.

The cathedral metropolitan is made up of various architectural styles based on the number of involvements by different dignitaries over the centuries. Regardless, the Cathedral Maceio has still not lost its harmony; if anything, it has become even more gorgeous and historical. The statue of Our Lady of Joy gives the cathedral 18th-century vibes regardless of all the changes made later. One of the things to do in Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió is to look at the altar in masonry that has been replaced by the original wooden altarpiece. Wooden gates, the silver candelabra and pulpits canopy decorated with gold threads only add to the charm of the cathedral.


Feirinha de Artesanato de Pajuçara

If there’s one thing to do in Brazil, it must be to visit the surreal art fair of Pajuçara. In Pajuçara, a large structure is built by the sea which accommodates almost 200 shops that sell items woven and created with the best kinds of artistic talents. It is one of the most common places that tourists visit. The shops offer a large range of items that includes nuts, hammocks, tea-towels, nuts, souvenirs, jewelry, decorations, clothing items made economically and many more things. Maceió is rich in various different arts and the fair exhibits the best pieces of alagano craft.

The colors and shapes of the artwork are so vivid and unique that it could not be found anywhere else in the world, and hence, one thing to do in Feirinha de Artesanato de Pajuçara is to collect the best souvenirs to take back home. The best part is the prices; they are very reasonable to begin with and are open to negotiation. Pajuçara craft fair is the best place in Maceió to get some local items. The best part is that it is not just a pit stop for shopping; the fact that it is beside the sea send cool breezes and provides the beautiful view and the traditional drinks or just coconut water makes this a very interesting shopping appointments.


Parque Municipal de Maceió

Visiting Parque Municipal de Maceió is one of those things to do in Brazil without which the whole tour would be pointless. This place provides a beautiful and picturesque walk of the Atlantic forest in the middle of the city. Strolling down this nature island is one of the most beautiful things to do in Parque Municipal de Maceió.

Beach is not the only place in Maceió to have a good relaxed time. For people who prefer the company of plants, woods and chirping birds over the rushing water then this is one of the perfect spots to visit. The park has a winding path that could take people deep into the woods. Parque Municipal de Maceió also contains a solid wooden bridge for people to pass through. The cool shades of the trees provide a unique satisfaction after spending days at the beach under the sun.

Many tourists make it a family affair by visiting the park with children and when the walk gets too tiring; the park provides a perfect place for a family picnic. Laid-back day, surrounded by beautiful flowers and winding paths provides for a good time. And it gets even better, the management of the park has also arranged for a train, so if old people or young children are unable to walk, they can still enjoy the view. One might even spot some animals.


Game Station

Visiting the game station and the video arcade in Maceió must be one of the things to do in Brazil if you are there with family and a bunch of kids. The game station could also serve as one of the best birthday surprises as this gaming station in Maceió provides a separate reserved area along with invitation cards, decorations and various bonus cards.

The city of Maceió is all about nature, beaches, and forests but one can always use a fun time indoors. Playing family friendly games and enjoying fun rides is one the best things to do in the game station. The lavish ballroom is another interesting place to spend some quality time or to throw a birthday party that would forever be etched in ones memory.