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Things to do in Magallanes

One of the 4 provinces of the south Chilean region, Magallanes is situated along the north shore of the strait of Magellan. Punta Arenas is the capital of this province. It is bordered on the north by Ultima Esperanza Province and Tierra del Fuego on the south. Chile has many regions and cities that articulate the country’s history and the skills, talents and culture that existed in ancient times. You will find many monuments that will give you a detailed guide about the history – you will find parks that will tell you unknown, mysterious facts about the place and you will also find some of the most appealing sights to enjoy your time with your family or your soul mate.

Punta Arenas Chile

Magallanes is one of the most popular regions of Chile. It is officially known as the XII Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica. It is one of the 15 first order administrative divisions. It in the southern side of Chile and is second in the list of the least populated regions of the country. Since a large area of the region is unsuitable for living, 80% of the population resides in the capital of Magallanes known as Punta Arenas. A visit to the city holds one of the top positions in the list of things to do in Chile, with a flourishing tourism industry. You can find more places to visit in Magallanes than in any other region of the country. Its other major industries include sheep farming and oil extraction. Magallanes is also said to have the lowest poverty ratio in all of Chile. The region has amazing geographical features; mountains, glaciers and Patagonian ice sheets are some of the factors that mark its beauty as beyond compare. The region is characterized as a low pressure zone and the temperature remains low throughout the year. Magallanes experiences 5 types of climates every year due to the diverse altitude range.

Magallanes attractions

When you are writing down the things to do in Chile, make sure you add a sub heading of places to visit in Magallanes. You cannot experience Chile completely unless you have seen what Magallanes has to offer. The most popular place in Magallanes, for many, is the Magdalena Island. It is a 2 hour relaxing boat ride to the island. The destination gives you the most appealing sight of water and you get to meet 150,000 mischievous yet adorable penguins. Second in line is the Nordenskjöld Lake. It may not be exciting, but it’s definitely one of the most peaceful places you can find. A chilly evening under a sky full of stars with a beautiful lake at the view; sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Next up is the Los Pingüinos Natural Monument. It is a natural habitat for Magellanic Penguins. Near about 60,000 breeding pairs of penguins reside in this region. The Los Pingüinos Natural Monument is a place designated for penguins from the threat of fishing. Lake Pehoé is another place with a heavenly view, formed from melted glaciers. It has its own unique color and is one of the most stunning sights in Chile. Sarmiento Lake is a beautiful lake in Torres del Paine National Park. It doesn’t contain melted glaciers, but its water is clear and blue. This lake has perfect conditions for a single cell organism to survive. Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument is a place with three caves to explore; not too far from Puerto Natales. It may not sound interesting, but a walk through its history will surely amaze you.


Things to do in Magallanes - Magdalena Island

Things to do in Magallanes - Magdalena Island

A tour of Magdalena Island should be one of the top things to do in Chile in the list. The best things to do in Magdalena Island include watching the mischievous penguins all around. It may sound boring, but these beautiful little creatures are adorable. It’s a 2-hour boat ride to the island, but it won’t be boring as you will see many penguins on the shore on your way to the island.

There are almost 16 different species of penguins on the island. The largest of them are about one meter in height. You can also see the midget ones and many other kinds. It is the Magellanic penguins that really set the bar though. They have a white band on their necks, which makes them different from other species. They are no more than 2ft tall, but their small height and the white neck patch make them look very charming.

The penguins on Magdalena Island are all breeding pairs. It is declared as the national park to ensure a healthy breeding ground for them. Fishing is prohibited in a 30km radius around the island so that penguins can have enough food to survive and reproduce.


Things to do in Magallanes - Nordenskjöld Lake

Things to do in Magallanes - Nordenskjöld Lake

Next up in the list of things to in Chile is to have a day out at Nordenskjöld Lake. It is a beautiful lake with a glass-like quality to the water. All you need to do is sit down on the shore and enjoy the cold breeze with your family and feast the senses with the appealing view.

The view is especially stunning in the evening, so you can also plan a date with your special one. And you may find the place to be perfect for a proposal; we are not saying that you should propose, but the ambiance may hypnotize you to do so. Nordenskjöld Lake will inevitably give you a beautiful memory to treasure for life.

That is not it; there is still one more thing to do at Nordenskjöld Lake; hiking. Yes, you read it right; each side of the lake has some great hiking trails. Each trail takes about an hour to complete. So, if you are not in love, not to worry; you can still enjoy an adventure trip to the lake.


Things to do in Magallanes - Los Pingüinos Natural Monument

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument literally means the Penguins Natural Monument. It is actually one of the largest penguin colonies in South Chilies. Around 60,000 breeding pairs of penguins reside in the region. It specifically contains Magellanic Penguin species in large numbers.

The place has no human settlements, but these penguins get thousands of foreign visitors at their home every year. These penguins were an endangered species not so long ago. The Los Pingüinos Natural Monument was founded in 1966 to protect these little creatures from extinction. It has really helped with the cause and it is said that the population of these penguins has increased by 6 to 7% since then.

This place should be on your list of things to in Chile, as it may be the biggest preservation area that has protected penguins for so long. Things to do in Los Pingüinos Natural Monument also include watching other native wildlife of southern Chile.


Things to do in Magallanes - Lake Pehoé

Lake Pehoé can be one of the best choices to add in your list of things to do in Chile. Another lake, but it is a special one; the specialty of the lake is that unlike many other lakes it receives water from the glaciers. In summers, when the big ice sheets start melting, the water flows down and goes into the Lake Pehoé.

This is how the lake’s water gets its unique color. The sides are covered with beautiful plantation of various colors; the site is simply amazing. The milky blue color of the water contrasts perfectly with the colorful forest in the background – the perfect fairytale landscape.

The most popular thing to do at Lake Pehoé is to climb up the trail known as the Condor Lookout to have a beautiful view of the lake from above. You won’t believe how enticing it is. Lake Pehoé is a must see if you are visiting the Magallanes region. You simply can’t miss one of the most alluring sights ever; if you do, you’ll surely regret it later.


Things to do in Magallanes - Sarmiento Lake

Another famous lake in Torres del Paine National Park is Sarmiento Lake. It is named after the explorer credited with the discovery of the lake, Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa. The lake’s distinct feature is that you will find calcium deposits at its edges. It is said that calcium is deposited due to the hypothermal activity in the lake, but it still isn’t 100% certain.
No list of things to do in Chile would be complete without this place; there are a lot of mysteries surrounding this lake.

Although it doesn’t receive water from the glaciers; the lake still has a unique blue color and is as clear as a glass. Another fact about the lake is that, somehow, it has nearly perfect conditions for a mono-cell organism to survive and multiply. Only a few places around the world have such specific conditions; it surely counts as one of nature’s miracles. There may not be a lot of things to do at Sarmiento Lake, but there is a lot to find about it. And to do that, you have to be there. Uncover the many secrets Lake Sarmiento holds within; the experience is not to be missed!


Things to do in Magallanes - Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument

To know a place, you need to know its history and facts, and also see its antiquities. On the basis of this belief, you should definitely make visiting Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument a priority among the things to do in Chile.
This natural monument is famous for having several historical caves and rock formation. The rock formation that is found here is Silla del Diablo. The phrase Silla del Diablo literally means Devil’s chairs.

Among the most famous things to do at Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument is the exploration of the Mildon cave, which is known for the discovery of skin and other remains of a giant sloth in 1895. This creature was known as Myldon and the cave was named after it. It is said that this specie of sloths went extinct around 14,000 years before the discovery was made.
The Mildon cave is about 200 meters long. The discovery of the remains and the cave both were made by Hermann Eberhard, a German explorer hailing from Patagonia.


Things to do in Magallanes - Torres del Paine National Park

Things to do in Magallanes - Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park is a large park in the Magallanes province of in Chile that encompasses glaciers, rivers, and lakes in the southern part of the Chilean Patagonia. The national park's centrepiece is the Cordillera del Paine that is located between the Patagonian Steppes and sub-polar forests of Magallanes. The park is situated north of Puerto Nateles and Punta Arenas. To the west and north it borders Bernardo O'Higgins Park and Los Glaciares National Park, respectively, both of which are located in the Argentine territory. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Torres del Paine National Park.

The word Paine means blue in the native Tehuelche (Aonikenk) language and is pronounced correctly as PIE-nay. Torres del Paine National Park forms part of the national system of protected forested areas of Chile. It attracts a large numbers of visitors from all around the world most of whom are foreign tourists.

A distinctive feature in the Park is the granite peaks of the Paine Massif or mountain range. The peaks rise to a height of 2,500m above the sea level and is joined by the Cuernos del Paine. The area boasts of rivers, valleys, lakes, and glaciers. Notable lakes in the area include Pehoé, Grey, Sarmiento, and Nordenskiöld. Glaciers including the Pingo, Grey, and Tyndall are all located in the southern part of the Patagonia field. Visitors can have gem of a time here as they can find plenty of fun and exciting things to do in Torres del Paine National Park.


Things to do in Magallanes - Torres del Paine National Park

Things to do in Magallanes - Torres del Paine National Park


Things to do in Magallanes - Punta Arenas

Things to do in Magallanes - Punta Arenas


Things to do in Magallanes - Cerro Castillo

Things to do in Magallanes - Cerro Castillo