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Things to do in Malaga

Take a journey to one of the oldest cities in the world in Valencia, Spain and be mesmerized by Malaga’s old school charm. From displays dedicated to crystals and classic cars to the works of Pablo Picasso (who was born there) the city is a haven for art lovers from across the globe. Stroll amidst banana trees and breathtaking fountains as you walk past Paseo del Parque.

Malaga Spain

Malaga is the city where the Easter processions are set and most of the tourist’s plan their visit around that time since taking part in this festival is a must thing to do in Malaga. Along with festivals and historical sites, this city is also blessed with gorgeous coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breeze regulates comfortable summers and provides for many things to do in Malaga for the tourists such as relaxing on the sandy beaches of El Palo and La Malagueta among others. The city of Malaga is a perfect tourist spot as it has everything a tourist needs for a good time. Restaurants are innovative, beaches are clean and beautiful, hotels are stylish, historical monuments are restored and well-preserved and new districts are adding bohemian charm to the already gorgeous city. One thing is for sure, visitors may run out of time but they will never run out of things to do in Malaga.

Places to visit in Malaga

From ports to historic centers and art exhibitions to off the beaten path gems, there are many places to visit in Malaga for the visitors. This city has something to offer to everyone. This old city was founded in the 8th century and is haven for history fanatics. There are also many places to visit in Malaga for those who prefer outdoor activities over a trip down the olden times. Rio Chillar–bodies of water – is a gorge and provides one of the best walks in Malaga. The path follows the river Chillar and takes the travelers all the way to the mouth leading to the waterfall. This walk is one of the most interesting things to do in Malaga and gives very picturesque views along the way. LA conception Jardin Botoanica is another place in Malaga that was given a start in the 18th century. This botanical garden houses several species of plants, trees, birds and butterflies. Other historical monuments in Malaga include Baroque Cathedral, the Roman Theatre and The Picasso Museum–as homage to Pablo Picasso since he was born in Malaga.


Things to do in Malaga - Alcazaba of Malaga

Things to do in Malaga - Alcazaba of Malaga

Considered to be one of Malaga’s most important landmarks, Alcazaba is one of two Moorish fortresses in the city that you have to visit. It is actually the best preserved fortress in the city and is also a palace. Situated smack dab in the middle of Malaga’s historical district, no trip to the city will be complete without a tour of this magnificent structure.

The breathtaking fortress overlooks the city from a high hilltop and offers a fitting backdrop to the historic city itself. There are things to do in Alcazaba of Malaga that some people only dream of. The rulers of the city called the fortress home once and remnants of their stay can still be seen to this day. Take a stroll through the different living quarters and especially the Arch of Christ chapel and the Parade Ground.

There are many other things to do in Alcazaba of Malaga such as taking a tour of the palace zone which comprises of three spacious courtyards. The magnificent arch work opens on a beautiful hallway and onto a 16th century tower and the famous Maldona Tower. Walk where kings once walked for an experience unlike any other and take back memories that will last a lifetime.


Things to do in Malaga - Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta

Things to do in Malaga - Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta

La Malagueta is the bullring at Málaga (Andalucía, Spain), also known as the Plaza de Toros La Malagueta, the location has ever since its inception in 1876 has been designated a social resource of Spain (BIC). It is situated in the eastern area of Málaga, close by the Paseo de Reding. The primary occasion was held in 1876. The ebb and flow (2013 season) administrator is Coso de Badajoz SL, an organization claimed by José Cutiño.


Things to do in Malaga - Gibralfaro

Things to do in Malaga - Gibralfaro

For a breathtaking view of the city of Malaga and a taste of its history, a visit to the Castillo de Gibralfaro should be on your travel list this year. You will know what it looks like if you have ever seen the seal and the flag of the city. The remains of the historic monument have stood the test of time such as the solid ramparts which rise majestically from the surrounding forest.

There are certain things to do in Gibralfaro that you may not find anywhere else. Head inside the fortress to find well preserved buildings and courtyards as well as ramparts and at one point you can even catch a glimpse of the La Malagueta bullring. You can even get a look at an actual bullfight if you wait long enough like most visitors are prone to do.

One of the things to do in Gibralfaro is to walk through the breezy walkways for some of the best views of the city. There is also a military museum on site where you can purchase a number of indigenous souvenirs that will make great gifts. Stroll through a path that winds through lush gardens and terraces which offer a breathtaking view of the city for a truly memorable experience.


Things to do in Malaga - Malaga Cathedral

Things to do in Malaga - Malaga Cathedral

If you love the soothing atmosphere of churches and are a regular visitor then the majestic Malaga Cathedral will not disappoint either. The magnificent cathedral was erected during the 18th century and even though its walls remain unfinished, it is still a sight to behold. That is also one of the reasons why it is short a tower and why it is called La Manquita which translates to One-Armed One.

There are some things to do in Malaga Cathedral that cannot be missed out on. One of them is a tour of the unique and historical architecture that was made by some of the greatest master builders of the era. The main work of art you should take special care to note is the choir room which features more than 40 handmade figures by Pedro de Mena. These are considered to be some of the most beautiful artworks in Spain.

Your list of things to do in Malaga Cathedral would not be complete without a tour of the perfectly preserved organs that were built during the 18th century. Both organs boast more than 4000 pipes between them! The Virgin of the Rosary is also an artwork worth noting due to sheer size alone. Needless to say, this masterpiece by Alonso Cano stands out among the other paintings in the cathedral.


Things to do in Malaga - Museo Picasso

Things to do in Malaga - Museo Picasso

Devoted to the most inspirational artist of the 20th century, the Museo Picasso in Malaga is a haven for those who love Picasso and what he contributed to the art world. The museum features more than 230 works by the artist which include his revolutionary masterpieces and introduces visitors to the wide range of styles and materials he used.

When it comes to things to do in Museo Picasso Malaga, you cannot go wrong by strolling through the number of exhibits dedicated to the artist. Located in the magnificent Buenavista Palace, the museum is a stunning example of the Andalusian architecture that was prevalent during the great artist’s time. The museum regularly displays temporary exhibits and boasts 12 halls of permanent ones that visitors can peruse at their leisure whenever they like.

Things to do in Museo Picasso Malaga may be few but it takes visitors hours to take in the whole collection. That’s how mesmerizing it is! This includes taking part in educational and cultural activities and taking a tour of the special library. After you have seen the artwork, there are some Roman and Phoenician ruins in the basement that will intrigue you in equal measure.


Things to do in Malaga - Costa Del Sol

Things to do in Malaga - Costa Del Sol

For beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisines, amazing beaches and unique customs, head to Costa Del Sol in Spain. Arriving and staying at this exotic city means experiencing a rich cultural heritage, a breathtaking coast and charming small villages that make a stay here unforgettable to say the least. So if you are in search of your next big adventure, head to Costa Del Sol.

When it comes to things to do in Costa Del Sol, the sky is the limit. Start your adventure by disembarking at the Port of Malaga and head to the White Villages for a taste of indigenous cultures. The city offers visitors a rich experience filled with marvelous discoveries that can make their stay one to remember for years. There are endless leisure options such as the Picasso Museum which plays homage to the great artist by displaying his preserved works of art.

One of the best things to do in Costa Del Sol is to peruse the number of artworks on display in the area. The area is also well known for providing the best golfing facilities in the country so don’t forget to pack your golf clubs before booking a ticket. The shopping centers offer products from a number of prominent international and local brands and the local cuisine is to die for!

Things to do in Malaga - Discover Malaga

Explore the port city of Spain, Malaga. A renown personality from the city is artist Pablo Picasso. Malaga, serving as the transport hub for Costa del Sol, is a tourist magnetic. What are some things to do in Malaga when you arrive? — hiking, beaches, museums, malls, and restaurants. With so many incredible things to do in Malaga, you will have one incredible experience there! What’s the wait? Visit Malaga right away and have a blast!