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Things to do in Manchester

A lot of people believe that Birmingham is England’s second city, London being the first, when in fact according to historical and geographical records, it is Manchester that came second. This is the uncrowned capital of the north with a rich history and culture. One can easily explore Manchester’s heritage from the myriad of galleries and museums hosted inside the city.

Manchester England

You can dine, drink, and dance into happy oblivion here. And all that still would not make up for all the appealing distractions here. The swirl of hedonism is Manchester’s best and most cherished quality. All through the Middle Ages Manchester has been a manorial township. But none of that could stop it from expanding at a very fast pace. The unplanned urbanization of the city was a result of the significant boom the place experienced in Textile Manufacture during the industrial revolution. Being the first industrialized city in the world is not even the dominating aspect of the area’s evolving history, which has left impact on the city in many forms. Because of all this, you will find that there are so many things to do in Manchester. The contemporary energy that one may be able to find in Manchester is something that is found in all of its museums and galleries. If you have never visited the place before, you have to see it to believe why exactly the place is dubbed an iconic British city. The vast low rise factories, storehouses and other avenues define the urban landscape of the place, in the midst of which new compelling artistic spaces keep surfacing all the time. These add on to more things to do in Manchester for people of all ages.

Places to visit in Manchester

The city has been through so much it ended up looking like a ghost town at one point. Do not let this mislead you into thinking that Manchester has remained dull to this day; there are so many things to do in England, and the best ones are in this city. Recent investments have turned the place into invigorating place. What used to be a ghost town is now filled with record shops, hipster bars, and other brand new soaring avenues. Manchester has a thriving theatre scene; in fact this is one place that is described time and again as a quick getaway for big music fans. In fact the number of musicians to hail from this city has it claiming to have “saved rock n roll”. Even though that was a while ago, the place is still spewing a pop heritage like it’s the most basic cultural thing ever. As far as things to do in England go, there are some great spots you can take advantage of here. Don’t miss out on visiting the Roman Baths, the Wookey Hole Caves, Wells Cathedral, and Tyntesfield.


Things to do in Manchester - Old Trafford Stadium

Things to do in Manchester - Old Trafford Stadium

Originally founded as Newton Heath in 1878, the club initially played its football matches on substandard pitches at North Road and then Bank Street which severely limited the potential of the team. With the extravagant precedent set, the club continued to renovate the “Theatre of Dreams” in each subsequent decade. After sustaining bomb damage in the Second World War, the club temporarily shared Man City’s Maine Road whilst work was repair work was carried out.


Things to do in Manchester - Dancehouse Manchester

The Dancehouse is the perfect place for tourists who like to experience something unconventional for entertainment. From highly original and creative performances to charming Art Deco interiors, the Dancehouse in Manchester has made a name for itself within the pulsating cultural scene. Visitors will be spoilt for choice when it comes to entertaining and fun things to do in Dancehouse Manchester.

Located on Oxford Road between Chester and Hume Streets in Manchester, the Dancehouse was originally built in late 1800s. The building extends over a large area and contains fully equipped entertainment areas including a theater. A licensed cafe bar, a green room, coffee shop, and a theater bar are also located inside the entertainment building.

The sheer variety of entertainment options available and the things to do in Dancehouse Manchester keeps audiences coming back for more. In the 1930s auditorium, you can enjoy a unique cinema experience with special screenings and public movie night. There is nothing that matches watching theatrical performances in the high quality surroundings at the Dancehouse. The perfect blend of vibrancy and intimacy adds an extra dimension to the viewing experience. This is a great place to visit in Manchester where you can expect to be fully entertained in an out-of-the-ordinary manner.


Things to do in Manchester - Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Things to do in Manchester - Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden is located in Didsbury between the Stenner Woods and River Mersey in Manchester, England. The park has been awarded the Green Flag Award that is the nationwide standard for green spaces and parks in the UK.

The place is certainly a treasure trove for the tourists as they can find many things to do in Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden. The park is not just a botanical garden but also a wildlife habitat as well a recreational area containing a cafe, football, rugby, and tennis courts.

Nature lovers will find many to things do in Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden. Main rock gardens feature a sloping terrain where several non-hardy plant species can be found that thrive in a micro-climate. A small waterfall slopes down the rock garden into a pond around which grow marsh marigolds, royal ferns, irises and Gunnera.

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden also contains a large number of shrubs and trees that are unique to the area. To the west of the rock gardens lie the gardens of Old Parsonage, another scenic place in the park. Overall, this is a great place that you must certainly visit when on vacation in Manchester.


Things to do in Manchester - Manchester Town Hall

Things to do in Manchester - Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall is a prominent landmark located in Manchester. Completed in 1877, the building of the town hall is considered to be the best example of Neo Gothic architecture in the UK. Visitors will be delighted to find many places of interests and things to do in Manchester Town Hall.

The structure consists of a number of ceremonial rooms including the Great Hall that is adorned with decorative murals that depicts history of the city. It is houses several government departments and is Manchester City Council's ceremonial headquarters. To the north of the building you have the Albert Square, while to the south St. Peter's Square is situated.
At the entrance of the building, various statutes and busts of eminent Englishmen including Dalton, Barbirolli, and Joule are located. The exterior of the grand building is dominated by the clock tower that houses the Great Abel clock bell.

Other things to do in Manchester Town Hall include enjoying breakfast, afternoon tea, or lunch in the Sculpture Hall that is located inside the tower, and visiting the nearby Central Library. Visitors can take tours of the tower through external tour companies.


Things to do in Manchester - The Whitworth Art Gallery

Things to do in Manchester - The Whitworth Art Gallery

The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester is a great place for any art aficionado. The gallery is truly a remarkable place and a great asset to the city's art scene. It was established in 1989 with the donation from Sir Joseph Whitworth. Admission to the gallery is completely free. The museum houses a large collection of artworks by such great artists as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gough, and William Blake, making it very popular with tourists.

There are lots of fun and exciting things to do in the Whitworth Art Gallery. The gallery contains more than 55,000 artworks belonging to different genres. Moreover, there is a large collection of sculptures, water color paintings, textiles and wallpapers on exhibit in the art gallery.

Apart from being able to view the countless art pieces on display here, visitors can find many other interesting things to do in the Whitworth Art Gallery. Here you can find a learning studio, study center, and even a cafe where you can relax and have a drink or a light meal after taking a tour of the art gallery. Located near Whitworth Park, the gallery is a must visit spot in Manchester.


Things to do in Manchester - Roman Baths

The Roman Baths in Manchester are one of the finest historic remains from the Roman Empire in Northern Europe. The administration has not only preserved the area, but entertains guests all the time to educate and show them everything from the bath tiles to the stained glass windows still intact as they were originally years ago. Apart from that there are so many things to do in Roman Baths. If you want to visit this place you may have to book a tour schedule that suits you if you plan on visiting this place.

The Roman Baths are probably one of the few places that have super convenient facilities for all of their guests. You may be sightseeing or satiating your fascination with historical architecture, what you don’t know is that you might just end up spending the entire day here. And you won’t regret visiting this place as part of all your things to do in England.
Since there are steps in various places and narrow walkways that cannot be altered for the sake of preserving their originality, there are push chairs and back pack carriers for toddlers.


Things to do in Manchester - The Lowry

Things to do in Manchester - The Lowry

The Lowry is a famous name in England because it is named after the famous gallery complex and theatre which is located on the gallery complex situated on Pier 8. The Lowry is located in the Salford area in Manchester. The theatre ever since it was opened in the year 2000 by the Queen, has acted as a star attraction. It was named after a great painter of the 20th Century L.S. Lowry. Tourists taking a tour through it can enjoy a tour of the famous paintings displayed in the museum and enjoy the brilliance of the theatre on offer.


Things to do in Manchester - John Ryland's Library

Things to do in Manchester - John Ryland's Library

At first glance, you may not realize that you are approaching a library. Even upon entering the place, all you will see is a Victorian Gothic masterpiece of a structure, till you finally see the shelves adorned with unending book spines. The Shanghai Circus World makes you feel like you are in a castle or a very old cathedral, which is a good reason why all historical architect aficionados should put visiting the library in their list of things to do in England. The library is open to visitors of all ages, every day of the week, from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening, except for on Sunday’s and Mondays when the establishments opens its doors at noon.

If you want to take a peek into one of the world’s finest collection of rare manuscripts and books, you may have to book a tour beforehand, plus the library offers an eBook on guidelines for your visit on their site as well. There are tons of things to do in Shanghai Circus World. A few of these are exhibitions, workshops, fun family programs, and a bunch of other interactive activities.


Things to do in Manchester - Beetham Tower, Manchester tallest building

Things to do in Manchester - Beetham Tower, Manchester tallest building

In your list of top things to do in England, there should definitely be an addition of the Beetham Tower, Manchester’s tallest building. This skyscraper opened in 2006 and is the first tallest residential building in Europe. The tower features 47 floors and reached a height of 168.87 meters. If you want to witness Manchester’s finest structure or building, then this is the tower you should be heading to.

If you are looking to spend a fun day in Manchester, you will find many interesting things to do in Beetham Tower. This gorgeous tower is designed by Ian Simpson who has also designed other skyscrapers in England. He lives in the top floor penthouse of the tower that is not only luxurious, but also offers breathtaking views of the city.

The tower features the Manchester Hilton Hotel and hundreds of luxury apartments and 16 penthouses with a whopping rent of £3 million. If you are an architecture enthusiast, then witnessing this impressive tower will be a treat for you. The design and architecture of this building is so outstanding that it has bagged several awards to date.


Things to do in Manchester - Piccadilly Gardens

Things to do in Manchester - Piccadilly Gardens

If you want to see the greener side of Manchester, then head to Piccadilly Gardens. This green land is located in the Manchester City Centre can be found between the Market Street and the Northern Quarter. This gorgeous green space also features a beautiful fountain which is surrounded by a concrete pavilion.

If you want to enjoy your time in this place, you can get seated on the pavilion designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. And if you are in search of a place that is packed with outdoor recreation and beautiful views, you will find many things to do in Picadilly Gardens. This place also features some great bars, cafes, and restaurants where you can get a taste of the famous Manchester cuisine loved by the locals.

When visiting this place, make sure you keep an eye on the events calendar as many of the city’s concerts and entertainment events take place on the gorgeous grass area of Piccadilly Gardens. And when you need to head out of this place, you will find a Manchester Metrolink and bus station right besides it. If you are in search of a day filled with adventure, there are many other things to do in England that will keep you feeling great throughout the trip.