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Things to do in Memphis

Best attractions to visit in Memphis

1. Hernando de Soto Bridge - Memphis

Hernando de Soto Bridge

The Hernando de Soto Bridge is located through a arch bridge carrying the Interstate 40 across the Mississippi river. The bridge is able to join West Memphis and Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee. The bridge is also referred to as the New Bridge which is because it is one of the new significant and large bridges. The bridge has an M shape which is made due to its similar construction between other areas. It is a stunning spectacle and the view from the bridge to the river is high, mighty and stunning.


2. Memphis downtown park - Memphis

Memphis downtown park

The Memphis downtown park is a favorite pastime for the locals. The park is huge and is spread out over a large area which gives the local a large area to enjoy lush green terrain and family fun. The park is filled with plants, trees and flowers which add to the beauty and allure. In addition, it has running tracks, benches, water fountains and pet and children area for people to enjoy. The pet and children area can be used to enjoy the brilliance of the park by the children.


3. Memphis pyramid - Memphis

Memphis pyramid

The Great American Pyramid also referred to as the Memphis Pyramid is a marvelous piece of construction. The Pyramid was made by the city of Memphis and its local county and was intended to be used as tourist attraction. The building is useable and it is recently been named the Bass Pro Shops “megastore” which means it now offers entertainment options such music, theatre, cinema and shopping for anyone who visits the place, they can enjoy a plethora of a fun activities inside the pyramid of Giza shaped shopping place.


4. Memphis Suspension Railway - Memphis

Memphis Suspension Railway

The Plages du Prado is one of the oldest suspension railways in the area. The railway was established back in the year 1981. The railway was one of the things that the locals needed as the time to get connected to the entertainment park on the Mud Island. The railway is made out of steel and it was used by cars which drove at a height of 3500 feet on an external cable instead of using their internal motors. The experience of crossing the bridge is impressive to say the least. One needs to marvel at the technological prowess of the people who constructed it.


5. Mississippi River Downtown Memphis - Memphis

Mississippi River Downtown Memphis

The Mississippi river Downtown Memphis is a stunning location. The waves on offer are there for everyone to enjoy and make the most of. The beach offers stunning views. Locals and tourists can sit on the river front and look at the stunning sunset. People can enjoy a boat ride along the river and even enjoy the food available on the side of the river. Children can enjoy mud object creation and slides which have been installed in the area.


6. Mud Island River Park - Memphis

Mud Island River Park

Mud Island River Park is a star attraction in the area. The park has specially been designed to cater to the needs of the people of the Mississippi area. The river island park offers not one but a plethora of activities that can be taken up. Some of them include being able to hire a cruise ship to coast through the river and be able to take in the scenic beauty. People can also enjoy the delight of the scenic beauty on offer. The river is an exact scale model and stretches for 954 miles. There are rides and sports facilities for people to enjoy.


7. Tramway - Memphis


Not all Tramways are beautifully designed. A tramway is one of the oldest ways of travelling from one place to another after the industrial revolution kicked in. Taking a tour of the city through a tramway can be a journey back in time. You can enjoy the relatively slow speed of the machine, its powerful performance, the stunning landscapes on either side of the route and the beautiful scenic beauty. At the end of the day, a tramway ride lets you take pictures and enjoy the city like you have never experienced before.


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