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Things to do in Michigan

The United States is a wonderful country that contains fifty states and many other territories. It is a vast country and it has an area of around 10 million square kilometers. Michigan is one of the important states of the United States having many lakes. It also consists of two peninsulas. Lansing is the capital of Michigan, although Detroit is its largest city.

Michigan tourism

Modern Michigan contains the Lower and Upper Peninsula. The Lower Peninsula was the actual state while the Upper Peninsula is separated from it by the Straits of Mackinac. The state has a huge reservoir of fresh water with several lakes and rivers. One of the best things to do in America is to enjoy the Great Lakes of the Mid West region. The Michigan area was inhabited first by the French and only came under the British rule in 1762. It quickly became part of the independent United States and it entered into the Union officially in 1837. The Michigan state has a diverse economy, but it is the most well known state for housing the automobile industry of the country. One of the things to do in America is to enjoy its natural resources of lakes and rivers. Tourists who come to Michigan are attracted by the lakes and rivers that are especially present in the Upper Peninsula. The Lower Peninsula of Michigan houses a lot of modern entertainment avenues, such as theaters, cinemas and museums. There are many golf courses in Michigan as well, which are easy to maintain due to the abundance of natural resources. The state borders with Illinois and Washington and most borders are formed by water boundaries. Michigan borders with Canada on its north and east. Most rivers in the state are shallow and cannot be economically navigated. The state has over 11,000 lakes. Therefore, the most natural attraction here is to enjoy the various bodies of water. Another of the top things to do in America is to visit its numerous national parks. Michigan is a great state for visiting these parks as there are 78 state parks here. The state has a continental climate, but its northern side has a more violent weather than the southern Peninsula. Michigan has a population of around 10 million people. Most of these people live in the urban areas as the state is a major industrial center. Mostly, the state has a Caucasian population but the percentages of other ethnicities have been on the rise in the past few years. Around 3% of the population in Michigan speaks the Spanish language. There are also many Japanese businesses that are situated permanently in the state. The state is home to many ethnicities and contains people belonging to different religions. The state also contains the largest mosque in North America which is the Islamic Center of America present in Dearborn.

Place to Visit in Michigan

Michigan’s economy suffered due to the downfall of the automotive industry but it is still in a better shape when compared with other mainland states. The state ranked 13th in its economy in 2014. It had good economic structure which is provided by the automotive and the aerospace industry. Michigan is also famous for farming Christmas trees. The state also has a very old soft drink industry. The three automotive giants of GM, Chrysler and Ford have been on a path of recovery and this has improved the overall economy of Michigan. The state has a great research industry. One of the best things to do in America is to observe the importance given to research and this is evident in the industrial sector of Michigan. The state is famous for producing engineering jobs and it is ranking very high among states that are creating new job opportunities. Michigan has a number of universities that also take an important part in carrying out research activities which improve the industrial sector of the state. Michigan has many deep water ports and it also gives importance to improving the public education. The state held a prominent place for creating new jobs in the country especially after 2010. Michigan also has a large tourism industry and many nature enthusiasts visit the state especially from the United States and Canada. One of the great things to do in America is to visit the historical landmarks in the country. There are many such sites in Michigan which can be enjoyed by the visiting tourists. Hunting is a significant tourist activity in the state of Michigan. The state contains the highest number of registered hunters. There is a regular season of hunting the white-tailed deer in the state. The state also has a huge forest industry and many people are attached to this industry which generates revenues of $12 billion a year. The Michigan state also serves as the gateway to Canada and has 9 international border crossings. These crossings connect Michigan to Ontario, Canada. There are also main railroads that connect different counties of Michigan. One of the best things to do in America is to travel on its many interstate highways. There are also many important highways that are present in Michigan such as I-75, I-69, I-94 interstates and the infamous US Highway 2 (US-2) that connect the state to the rest of the country.

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