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Things to do in Montreal

Best attractions to visit in Montreal

1. Old Montreal - Montreal

Old Montreal

If you want to explore the history and culture of Montreal, visit the Old Montreal neighborhood. This place is home to some breathtaking architecture, amazing dine out places, and art galleries. The cobblestone streets add to the beauty of this city and remind everyone of the time when this place was being colonized by the French. There are various things to do in Old Montreal including the Notre-Dame Basilica and Place Jacques Cartier. The Notre-Dame Basilica is a prominent site in Old Montreal and offers visitors a peak into the history of the church and the city. The architecture itself is quite fascinating. The Place Jacques Cartier is a marketplace that was also in place before the European settlement. This place is still a popular market where you will find numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops. This place is packed with street performers offering some entertainment to the shoppers. You will never be short of things to do in Old Montreal. This place always remains packed with tourists due to its raw beauty and history. You can also visit the beautiful French colonial style garden in the city and Chateau Ramezay, which is one of the oldest private history museums in Quebec.


2. Notre-Dame Basilica - Montreal

Notre Dame Basilica

The Notre Dame Basilica is one of the most mesmerizing symbols in Montreal, Canada. This historic site is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy the amazing interior and architecture. This building is not just famous for its religious services, but it is chosen by many well-known personalities as their wedding arena. There are many interesting things do to in Notre Dame Basilica including exploration of the altar where visitors can look at the amazing display of 32 bronze panels. These panels beautifully represent birth, life, and death. From Tuesday to Saturday, the arena features a sound and light display to tell the story of the church. The Sacred Heart Chapel, also known as the Wedding Chapel is popular for weddings. The site is so popular that couples have to wait a couple of years to get a date. The Notre Dame Basilica is also quite famous for the baptism of Celine Dion’s son. With so many things to do in Notre Dame Basilica, you will not get a chance to get bored. The west tower of the church features a huge bell. The most interesting thing about this bell is that when you ring it, you can feel the vibrations through your feet.


3. Botanical Garden - Montreal

Botanical Garden

4. Chinatown - Montreal


5. Galerie d'art Blanche - Montreal

Galerie d art Blanche

6. Habitat 67 - Montreal

Habitat 67

7. Ile de la Visitation Nature Park - Montreal

Ile de la Visitation Nature Park

8. Jean Talon Market - Montreal

Jean Talon Market

9. La Ronde - Montreal

La Ronde

10. Laurentian Mountains - Montreal

Laurentian Mountains

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