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Things to do in Mount Meru

Situated about 40 kilometers southwest of Arusha National Park, Mount Meru is an active volcano and Tanzania’s second highest mountain. At a height of 4,562 meters, the mountain can be visibly seen from Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain has a distinct horseshoe-shaped crater at one end which was formed due to a tremendous explosion that destroyed its cone shape about 50,000 years ago.

Mount Meru Tanzania

Mount Meru is located in the eastern side of the Rift Valley. If you are travelling from Kilimanjaro it would take you a drive of 40 km from the Arusha National Park. The mountain may attract hordes of tourists and professional photographers but it is still considered an active volcano. This is Tanzania’s second largest mountain, elevation wise and fourth largest in the entire continent. The list of things to do in Mount Meru is endless. Eruptions have been reported around the Ash Cone, and they continue to build and accumulate inside the mountain crater. Two descents in the years 1901 and 1904 are under dispute for being the first to be at the top. This may be a volcano but boasts of the most amazing scenery and wildlife to match in all of Tanzania, which means you should not miss out on all the things to do in Mount Meru while you are around. Visitors can even hire professional guides to take them around the mountain; this helps a lot especially if it is their first time visiting the area. One of the highlights of the safari-like trip is the fact that you are able to spot animals like colobus monkeys, warthogs, and buffalo. But the best part is reserved for the view at the top, which is simply breathtaking.

Places to visit in Mount Meru

People travelling in groups will also find tons of things to do in Mount Meru . The mountain is located in East Africa which means that international visitors have to commute to one of the nearby places before they can travel by land to this place. Usually people come from Ngorongoro Crater, the Mount Kenya, or Kilimanjaro. Once you get here you can check out all the different places to visit in Mount Meru as well. One of the reasons to make your way to the summit as part of all things to do in Mount Meru include the chance to escape the tourist crowds. Americans can say they travelled to a peak higher than Whitney. The lower slopes offer a unique kind of walking safari, and the amazing view as far as the Kilimanjaro from the summit. You will not be disappointed in your travels by this place. Just make sure that you be a part of all things to do in Mount Meru as long as you are here, to get the most from the experience.

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