Things to do in Mykonos

Another Cyclades island of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is famous for its marvelous beaches and fabulous nightlife. This city is known as "The island of the winds' and is a very friendly tourism city especially for the party people. A lot of churches and landmarks are located in Mykonos too and you have to try their delicious cuisine also. So if you are looking for great times on the beach and unforgettable parties at night, Mykonos is your destination.

Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades gather in the Aegean Sea. It's prominently known for its late spring party environment. The island traverses a range of 85.5 square kilometers (33.0 sq mi) and ascends to a rise of 341 meters (1,119 feet) at its most astounding point. There are 10,134 tenants (2011 enumeration), the greater part of whom live in the biggest town, Mykonos, which lies on the west drift. The town is otherwise called Chora (i.e. the Town in Greek, after the regular practice in Greece when the name of the island itself is the same as the name of the primary town). Beaches, for example, Paradise and Super Paradise have bars that blast pounding music. Gigantic move clubs pull in widely acclaimed DJs and normally remain open well past day break. Notorious points of interest incorporate a column of sixteenth century windmills, which sit on a slope above Mykonos town.

Visit Mykonos

As opposed to other Cycladic capitals, the capital town (Hóra) of the Mykonos island is not implicit the state of an amphitheater but rather spreads out over a wide region. It is one of the best cases of Cycladic engineering and an entrancing fascination for guests. Walk around its tight marble avenues and respect whitewashed houses with vivid entryways and window outlines, bougainvillea trees in purple blossom and concealed chapels. Visit the congregation of Panayia Paraportiani, the Town lobby and the château arranged over the harbor. Bear in mind to visit the Archeological, Folklore and Maritime Museums to take in a little history. Meander around the person on foot shopping avenues of the Hóra, constantly brilliant and occupied. The most marvelous of all is Matoyánni Street, fixed with brand name stores, beguiling bistros and a la mode eateries.


Ornos is a small village near Mykonos town with a picturesque location. The beach of Ornos is the center of attraction because it’s filled with young sunbathers, taverns, hotels, restaurants and beach bars. Daily boats are available to take you to other parts of Mykonos.

Lia beach is considered a quiet and peaceful beach with blue waters, white sands and surrounded by rocks. It’s the last beach on the tour from Mykonos and is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling because its surrounded by rocks.This beach is a must-visit place in Mykonos for all the beache lovers.

Tomb of Agamemnon goes back to 1250 BC. It’s an architecture built three thousand years ago constructed during the Bronze Age. Archaeologists who studied this site believe that either Agamemnon or Atreus were buried in this tomb. No treasure of any kind was found inside and is said that it might be robbed during the years.

In 1985, The Aegean Maritime Museum was first opened to the visitors and is a non-profit institution. The purpose of the museum is to show us the forgotten stories of the ancient sailors, the evolution of the maritime life in the Mediterranean Sea.

Most nightlife events are organized in the beach clubs and the well-known are on Paradise beach and Super Paradise beach. Hot parties usually include mixed and gay venues presenting drag queen shows and many more activities and surprises. If you’re a party lover Mykonos is your ideal destination.

Ano Mera is the most crowded village and the oldest in Mykonos. The village offers some elegant hotels and studios for students. Many pastry shops open overnight to serve you traditional sweets and many more souvenir shops that can keep you busy in Ano Mera.