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Best attractions to visit in Nairobi

11. Muthaiga Country Club - Nairobi

Muthaiga Country Club

The Muthaiga Country Club holds historical significance when it comes to Africa’s pre-colonial status during the early parts of the 20th century. The club was a favorite gathering place for British expatriates who were part of the ruling class in British ruled East Africa, which, in time, came to be called the Colony of Kenya. One of the founders of the club was an aristocrat who hailed from Ulster. Even today, the club is frequented by members of the Kenyan gentry, besides being the preferred spot for special events and social gatherings. It also offers living quarters, and a large number of the members love to play golf at the Muthaiga Golf Club which lies close to the club. In addition to a colorful history, Muthaiga Country Club has a lot more to offer. It boasts some of the finest suites in the region with all kinds of modern amenities. These include state of the art sports facilities along with a well stocked library which has over 20,000 books. The food cannot be ignored either since the club hires some of the best chefs in the country to prepare mouthwatering and exquisite delicacies for members. If you can afford a stay here next time you visit the country, it would be well worth your while to stop over.


12. Cathedral Basilica Of The Holy Family - Nairobi

Cathedral Basilica Of The Holy Family

The Basilica of the Holy Family is basically a cathedral as well as a basilica, constructed in honor of the Holy Family. It can be found besides the city square in Nairobi and serves as the official headquarters of the Archdiocese of Nairobi today, which comprises of approximately 4 million people, a quarter of which are Catholic. The services are conducted every day throughout the week and at least one of the chapels is always open to the public. Besides this, visitors can also find a bookshop as well as a school within the basilica. The congregation was originally composed of workers from the railway for the most part, who used to live in a camp near to the cathedral. That spot actually became the location for the official railway station of Nairobi and the Brothers were entrusted with the church back in 1904. The cathedral can seat over 300 to 400 people at a time and it was also considered the first ever stone building constructed in Nairobi. In fact, the first ever baptism took place just 2 years after its construction and the first wedding 2 years after that, while the first ever confirmation took place in 1923.


13. Jamia Mosque Nairobi - Nairobi

Jamia Mosque Nairobi

Located on Banda Street, the Jamia Mosque is located within Nairobi, in the Central Business District. The mosque has earned the distinction of being one of the most prominent Kenyan religious structures, along with being one of the most important mosques present in the country. The mosque was built between the years of 1902 and 1906, and was founded by Syed Maulana Abdullah Shah, who was a very pious individual. The original structure of the mosque has undergone many extensions ever since its foundation was laid and the actual infrastructure was set up. The mosque exudes an ambiance and an architectural style that retains the classic Muslim Arabic architecture design. There is extensive use of holy inscriptions in the mosque, along with meticulous marble work which is a characteristic feature of Muslim architecture and interior design. Down one side of the mosque, there are a row of shops which include a pharmacy and a clinic that ensures rental income, required for the maintenance and upkeep of the mosque. The mosque is recognized by its architectural beauty which consists of 3 silver domes, as well as 2 twin minarets, which are symbolic of the Islamic architectural style. The mosque has a library as well as a training institute, and one can learn the Arabic language, cloth making as well as basic introductory computing studies here.


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