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Things to do in Namibia

Home to the Namib Desert situated along the coast of Atlantic Ocean, Namibia is a beautiful country located in South West Africa. Home to German colonial era buildings, the place is home to diverse wild life. If you’re an avid wildlife watcher, you will absolutely enjoy your trip to Namibia. You’ll find a number of interesting things to do in Namibia.

Wild Namibia

Namibia is relatively newer to the list of independent countries as it received its sovereignty in 1990. It is also a land that holds a very rich history. This is a fairly diverse country as a wide set of cultures exist alongside each other. The land of Namibia was once barren and was deserted throughout. But today, there are a lot of establishments, and consequently a lot of things to do in Namibia once you come here. Let us start from one of the biggest and the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek. Windhoek plays a major part in the tourism of the country. Firstly, it hosts an airport close to the city which is usually why most tourists tend to select Windhoek as their entry point in Namibia. Secondly, this city also offers a vast number of things to do including a visit to the Namibia Craft Centre, the National Museum of Namibia, and the National Botanic Garden of Namibia. Another one of the cities that attract tourists in Namibia is Walvis Bay. This city offers the best Kayaking experience you will have in all of South-Africa. Moreover, if you plan on visiting the second largest populated city in the country, do not miss out on Sandwich Harbor. Sandwich Harbor has sceneries that will take your breath away. With powdery sand and the sea as clear as crystal, just seeing this sight is enough of a reason to visit this beautiful piece of land. There are so many things to do in Namibia that tourists find it among the top favorite places to visit while considering Namibia for their coming vacations. No matter where your interests lie, Namibia has something to offer to every one of it visitors. Even if you visit some of its smallest cities like Otjiwarongo, Namibia makes sure you don’t go un-entertained. The best place to visit in Otjiwarongo is the Waterberg Wilderness National Reserve. This single place allows you to enjoy a major set of activities like hiking, Rhino-drive where you get to come in close proximity of this wild yet beautiful animal, and trailing along the vast green fields while getting to know about the historic events such as the Battle of Waterberg. These are only some of the things you could enjoy while at Waterberg Wilderness in Otjiwarongo.

Namibia tourist attractions

There is a vast set of things to do in Namibia. This country is full of exotic places that are a must-visit for any tourist. Another one of the best places to visit here is the Etosha National Park. For all those animal lovers who wish to witness wildlife from a close range, this park is nothing less than heaven. With over 340 different species of birds in addition to the 114 species of different mammals, Etosha National Park enjoys the first position as being the largest animal reserves of its kind. Following this is the Kalahari Desert. This is unlike regular deserts as it occasionally sees rainfalls and also hosts a number of plants and animals not usually found in other deserts. So if you want to see what a semi-desert actually looks like, you should go visit it for sure. Namibia actually hosts a large number of beautiful sites and history rich places along with various things to do in Namibia, including the Fish River Canyon, the Kaokloiland, and the Skeleton Coast, each of which offers the best possible experiences for you to revitalize yourself during your vacation. If you are into historical monuments, this country offers a lot of those too. The Christuskirche Church stands among the very oldest churches that exist to this day. This place was brought to the ground during the Second World War, and rebuilt towards the end of the 20th century. Furthermore, other things to do in Namibia include visiting places like the Diaz Point, Petrified Forest, and National Marine Aquarium etc. In addition to all the exotic places Namibia holds, it also has the REST – Rare and Endangered Species Trust where you can witness some of the most rare species of wildlife that remain on this planet. Namibia is one of those beautiful pieces of land that have been promoting tourism from their very inception. In addition to the wildlife preservations and the scenic views, things to do in Namibia also include something for the book readers – The National Library of Namibia. With over fifteen thousand books solely related to Namibia, this library allows you to learn about the rich history of this country. Moreover, this library also has a set of twenty five thousand other non-fiction books and ten thousand books from the times of the German rule of Namibia. In a nutshell, there is a lot that this country has to offer and you will have a great vacation if you plan to visit Namibia.

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