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Things to do in Namur

Belgium is one of those countries that have always been the hub of arts and culture. It is also one of the most famous vacation spots because of the mix of history and modernity it offers to visitors. A sovereign state in the Western Europe, Belgium is an advanced country that provides excellent opportunities for its citizens. It is also home to many architectural feats, along with some delightful modern forms of entertainments, like amusement parks, spas and sporting options. Belgium is also known for its exotic cuisines.

Namur tourist attractions

Namur is the capital of the province of Namur in Belgium. Settled at the time of the Celtics, it was at first a trading town. It was the Romans that founded the town after Julius Caesar won the war with Aduatuci tribe. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that Namur gained any sort of publicity. Some of the most famous tourist spots in Namur are the belfry of Namur, the citadel and the Meuse River, the St. Aubn’s Cathedral and the statue of the horse Bayard carrying the Four Sons of Aymon. The reason why there are so many tourists in this city is that there is something for everyone to do in Namur. Things to do in Namur range from going on bike rides or touring the city on foot, taking bus ride or swimming in the ocean, checking out the wonder of nature or marvelous creations of the age old man. There is something of interest for everyone here. This is the reason why the number of tourists in Namur is high.

Places to visit in Namur

There are plenty of things to do in Namur for everyone. You can take day tours or enjoy the nightlife, dine at a fine restaurant or go have a drink at the local bar, lounge next to a pool or enjoy a picnic at a nature garden, take rides at the amusement park or have thrilling adventures participating in water sports. Some of the must see places of Namur include, Felicien Rops Museum, Eglise Saint-Loup, Citadelle, Place d’Armes, Parc Attractif Reine Fabila, Tresor d’Hugo d’Oignies, Catherdral de St-Aubian, Musee Provinvial des Arts Anciens du Namurois, Musee de la Fraise, Parc Louise-Marie, Maison de la Culture de la Province de Namur and so much more. The best part about roaming around the city is that entry to most of the places is free. There are also many bars, cafes, and fine restaurants in Namur where tourists can get the best of delectable Belgium foods along with international foods too. Hotels and taverns are also in abundance so that no matter what time of the year, visitors would have no difficulty in finding suitable rooms for themselves and their families. There is something to captivate everyone in Namur.


Things to do in Namur - Citadelle de Dinant

Things to do in Namur - Citadelle de Dinant

A fortress set in a time in a way that reminds you of a fairytale castle, the Citadelle de Dinant is located on top of the hill, overseeing the Meuse River that runs through the town of Dinant. The citadel was built back in 1815 and its site was fortified originally in the year 1051.

As you enter the stunning fortress, one of the first things to do in Citadelle de Dinant should be to reach one of the fortress’s terraces and take in the breathtaking view of the whole town of Dinant and the river Meuse in its full grandeur. Inside the fortress, you can look at the architectural capabilities of the experts during the reign of Prince Bishopric of Liege.

If you seek a bit more fun and enjoyment, one of the things to do in Citadelle de Dinant is riding on the glass paneled cable car that starts from the top of the high ramparts. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can always visit the weapons’ museum located within the walls of the fortress and view the ruins that tell tales of yesteryears in front of your eyes.


Things to do in Namur - Citadelle de Namur

Things to do in Namur - Citadelle de Namur

Standing tall, in the midst of lush green trees, the Fortress Castle or Citadel of Namur, as it is known, is a picturesque sight. Originally dating back to the Roman era, the current grand state of the castle came about during the 17th Century.

One of the first things to do in Citadelle de Namur is going to the top of the fortress and taking in the view of the Meuse valley and river. The length and breadth of the citadel means that to be able to explore it fully, you’ll need to have a whole day. You can explore the hidden passageways of the fortress and how it feels to walk through the cobbled streets that lead up to the entrance of the citadel.

Another one of the best things to do in Citadelle de Namur is visiting the Guy Delforge Perfumery located inside. The workshop is open to visitors and public and takes you through the different phases of perfume production and its intricacies. If that is not enough, you can walk around in the lush green meadows in the foreground of the citadel to enjoy nature at its best.


Things to do in Namur - Floreffe Abbey

Things to do in Namur - Floreffe Abbey

A former Premonstratensian monastery, Floreffe Abbey oversees the river of Sambre. A shade southwest of Namur, the place was founded by the founder of the premonstratensian Order and is the second abbey of the order established. Despite not being a home to the abbots, the place is still sacred to many.

One of the first things to do in Floreffe Abbey if you are religious or spiritual, is to take in the beauty of the area, the stunning length and breadth of its location and mediate in the calm and soothing environment. The light sounds of the river and the rustling of leaves gives you a picturesque location where you can enjoy your mediation, while marveling at the beauty.

If you are a fan of eating and drinking, there is a lot to savor here. Among the famous things to do in Floreffe Abbey is having a slice of the local Belgian cheese, visiting and experiencing the full range of the local brewery ales and more. There are small cafes and eateries around that offer you a smaller, but fuller range of local cuisine to savor. To remember the trip that you took, you can even buy artifacts being sold by locals at a number of different shops in and along Floreffe Abbey.


Things to do in Namur - Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola

Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola can be loosely translated to Queen Fabiola Attraction Park. It is a leisure park that was established back in 1959 in the city of Namur. The park was named after the Queen of the royal family after the joyful entrance of the Royal Couple in Namur.

If you have kids, one of the first things to do in Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola is taking them up to the Namur Citadel where a huge 1 hectare playground awaits them. The playground is equipped to entertain children from the ages of 3, up to the age of 12. There are adventure courses, bouncy castles and much more for children. Among some of the star attractions are trampolines and go karting tracks.

Once your kids have had their fun, you can join in by going go-karting with them or playing a game of mini golf. Other things to do in Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola include going up to the terrace and relaxing in the recently renovated café or savoring the taste of food by visiting and tucking into delicacies and food available at the barbecue area. You can always bring your camera along and click pictures of your child enjoying the vast playground and its facilities.


Things to do in Namur - Château de Montaigle

Things to do in Namur - Château de Montaigle

Château de Montaigle (Montaigle Castle) was a medieval castle in the Onhaye municipality of the Namur province in Belgium. Located in the Wallonia region of the country, the ruins remain of the medieval castle that was built in 14th century but destroyed in 1554 by Henry II of France. The castle stands on top of a rocky spur that overlooks Molignee and Flavion valley. The site was last used during the Roman period and today it is a historic site with the best gifts of Mother Nature around it.

Going on picnics is definitely amongst the best things to do in Château de Montaigle. The site is nestled amongst some of the most spectacular backcountry views in Belgium, and offers a secluded, peaceful, and surreal scenery that will make you want to stay here for days!

Taking guided tours is also one of the top things to do in Château de Montaigle. Guided tours are available from the city center which let you explore all the major historical landmarks, structures, and ruins in Falaen for a relatively low fee. Overall, the Château de Montaigle may not have much left to watch but it’s beautiful setting is what makes this ruined structure marvelous.