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Things to do in Ngamiland East

Ngamiland East is located in Botswana and the region is the perfect destination for people who like adventure. In Ngamiland East, you will encounter the wild like you have never before. It will be a thrilling experience for people who have never had a close encounter with a wild animal before. You will have so many things to do in Ngamiland East.

Ngamiland East Botswana

From your country, you can reserve a room in the following notable hotels in Ngamiland East, the Senthaga Guest House and Safaris, the Mapula Lodge, the Kazikini Campsite, the Royal Tree Lodge, and the Cresta Riley’s House. What are the exciting things to do in Ngamiland East? In the morning, you can take a canoe ride on the river where you will have a chance to see some hippos. It is a guided tour and you can probably get a brochure for it from your hotel. On the tour, you should wear a raincoat and a hat in case the water splashes on you. You should hire a car with a driver or opt for a tour guide to take you through the Moremi Game Reserve. You should get your camera ready, as you may encounter lions slurping water from a puddle. If you dare, you can get close enough to pet one, but do it at your own risk. There are still plenty of things to do in Ngamiland East such as staying at the Okavango Delta. You will get a private a tour of the area where you may see a leopard perched on top of a tree.

Places to visit in Ngamiland East

With so many things to do in Ngamiland East, you will not be disappointed. You should take home with you a handcrafted basket. Most probably, your hotel sells them to travelers who reside with them for the duration of their trip. It will be a great gift to give to someone back at home or display in your home. The basket is made using brown guarri shrubs, blue berry leaves, and yellow roots. The locals dye the elements used to create the basket. Other things to do in Ngamiland East include going on a jeep safari of a lifetime. The jeep safari lasts for five days and it takes you through the Okavango Delta. You will sleep and have food in the Chitabe Camps. If you are a professional photographer, you should book a jeep safari. You will get to see hippos bathing in the water and lions crawling on land. There are a number of places to visit in Ngamiland East and choosing one is difficult. To experience all of them, you need to stay in Botswana for at least two weeks. With so many places to visit in Ngamiland East, you have to make room in your schedule.


Things to do in Ngamiland East - Moremi Game Reserve

Things to do in Ngamiland East - Moremi Game Reserve

Covering much of the eastern side of the Okavango Delta, the reserve combines drier areas with permanent waters creating one of the most unexpected and startling contrasts in a natural reserve. A surprising diversity can also be seen in the types of woodland, ranging from acacia and mopane forests, to lagoons and floodplains.

You can explore this area not only in a ‘4 x 4’ but on foot and by ‘mokoro’ (the traditional dug-out canoe), allowing for a diverse range of experiences, which make the Reserve one of the most sought after places in Botswana.
Apart from taking game and photographic safaris, you must visit the Paradise pools, one of the loveliest corners of Moremi. At its best during the dry season, the Reserve showcases trails leading through reed-filled swamps and past forests, to the delightful diverse wildlife drinking at the receding shoreline of waterholes.

The Moremi Reserve is home to a vast array species of wildlife, including lions, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, buffalos, giraffes, impala, jackals, hyenas, the red lechwe, and the African wild dog. The best way to take in the complete diversity of the Reserve is to experience it via a safari followed by a ‘mokoro’ trip, ending with a serene stroll in the tranquil land.