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Things to do in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is often overshadowed as people believe that there aren’t many things to do in Nicaragua especially when compared with its more developed neighbor – Costa Rica. However, if you really compare the adventure and activities that you can enjoy for a vacation, you will actually find out that Nicaragua is actually a better option keeping the affordability as well as accessibility in mind. This place is full of hidden gems that you can explore during your vacation at this beautiful, exotic destination.

Nicaragua touirsm

If you want to know about the things to do in Nicaragua, this place is full of relaxation, rich culture, wildlife, and natural adventure. These are some of the best things you can enjoy here even if you are only visiting for a week or less. In short, this place is the perfect combination of stunning views, adventure, lots of fun that you definitely need for your vacation. There are so many things to do in Nicaragua that you can actually list it all down and make your vacations more memorable. Nicaragua is a unique destination and a hot spot for your family vacations where you can relish good surf, hiking, and cheap beer. Be ready to be welcomed by warm people and the amazing natural beauty that will add to your overall experience. Even if you are going there with high expectations, you will never be disappointed with Nicaragua. Other things to do in Nicaragua will include getting in touch with nature. This going to really excite you if you are a nature lover! The destination is blessed with natural beauty in shape of popular beaches where you can cool down and spend a relaxing day enjoying various water activities. If you are visiting Nicaragua, it is important to check out the extraordinary islands that are located near the volcanoes. These islands – especially the Lago de Nicaragua – give you a chance to enjoy various things to do in Nicaragua as it allows you to enjoy activities like cycling, kayaking, hiking, and even healthy food that draws tourists to these amazing islands. If you have ever dreamed of going volcano boarding, this could be your chance. This amazing destination is where majority tourists go and enjoy organized tours to the mountains. Adventure sports and active night life is another entertainment that you will find in the region. Drinking, surfing, and dancing are some of the common activities of the tourists coming to enjoy their time and indulging in various other things to do in Nicaragua. Other than dancing the night out at the party coast of some of the most famous beaches, you can even try wall climbing, play paintball, and enjoy at the skateboard at the largest plaza within the region. If you haven’t yet considered this place for your next vacation, check out the list of things to do at Nicaragua and you will definitely skip out on Costa Rica.

Places to visit in Nicaragua

There are a number of places to visit in Nicaragua where you can enjoy hiking and surfing. Jiquilillo is one of the best destinations that you should totally consider. This sleepy beach embodies majority of the things to do in Nicaragua – the amazing shore is great for surfers of different skill levels, you can visit the extinct Volcano Cosiguina and even get mesmerized with the stunning Crater Lake. Moreover, there are endless opportunities that you can indulge in keeping in mind things that interest you the most. If that does not feel enough, go ahead and indulge into more adventure by trying out kayaking within the vicinity. If you want to spend a relaxing day at a picture-perfect location, don’t forget to check out the Corn Islands. Other than the breathtaking sites, this place offer incredible snorkeling and diving experiences, amazing seafood and yoga for a great value. However, this place is everything you can picture for an exotic beach resort minus the nightlife and shopping experience. For that, you must check out the Juan Del Sur. For people who wish to avoid the crowd and spend time trying out different things to do in Nicaragua on their own, this place is outstanding. On the other hand, it is the San Juan Del Sur – also known as SJDS – who can enjoy more activities along with adventurous water sports and an active night life. If you are really willing to go crazy on your trip to Nicaragua, don’t miss out on this island. If you want to get away from your regular life and spend your vacations at a relaxing destination, this place can offer you that in style. There are so many things to do in Nicaragua if you just want to relax and hang out. For instance, just pick up a nice beach and spend time there with a good book. Be a little more adventurous and enjoy a relaxing time in the jungle right in the middle of nature, stay on a farm, go surfing or just hang out. You can actually select the pace of life here as per your individual requirement. It can be as crazy as you like and as relaxed and slow as you want it to be. So get ready to spend some wonderful vacations on an outdoor destination without compromising on the quality of your holiday trip.

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