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Things to do in Nzulezo

If you are looking for a unique and one-of-a kind travel experience, be sure to add Nzulezo to your list. The small village lies suspended over on Lake Amansuri and is said to have been built over 400 years ago by refugees from Mali who used to travel from one place to another. You’ll need travel in a local dugout canoe to get there.

Nzulezo tourist attractions

The village of Nzulezo is nestled away in the Amansuri wetland. It is accessible to the public from a dugout canoe in the town of Beyin, located on the coast around 40 km to the east side of Ivorain Border. Hearing the word ‘wetland’ may make you think that there won’t be much to see here, but you would be surprised of all the things to do in Nzulezo. To get to the place, you have to buy a ticket from the office along the dirt road. Here, you are provided with life preserves. The only way around the village is by canoe. Visitors get a full tour of the place. At the start of your journey, you will be taken to a small café that serves hot beverages, food, and European coffee. The whole canoe trip takes around 45 minutes. Other things to do in Nzulezo include checking out the mangrove forest with a group, you can even fit the entire family in the trip. However you may have to switch to a bigger canoe for this trip instead of the one that you travelled in around the village. You can also check out the Tadane Lake, which is open to visitors all through the week except for on Thursdays.

Places to visit in Nzulezo

With so many things to do in Nzulezo, do not be shy to paddle on your own to the places that you want to visit here. The tour captain taking you around all the places to visit in Nzulezo, will have you interacting with the locals as well. You might even get a chance to observe them as they carry on with their daily tasks, among other things to do in Nzulezo. The locals have opened shop for handmade souvenirs that they craft for tourists to purchase. The most popular and commonly bought trinket here is the small canoe carved by hand. When you arrive at your accommodation, you will be taken by a guesthouse employee for food. The food that you will be served here is a lot better than what you woulf find if you were to eat out. There are food shacks all around the village selling snacks and omelette. These are only a few things to do in Nzulezo. There are spot bars that offer soft drinks, spirits, and beer.

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