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Things to do in Oahu

In the Hawaiian Islands chain, Oahu is the third largest of them all. Honolulu the capital of Hawaii is situated on the south east coast of the island. The gateway to Hawaii which is the Honolulu international airport is also situated on the island, and most visitors to Hawaii always land here first. Oahu is the heart of Hawaii and has a rich history when the royalty of Hawaii is considered. Come and visit the tropical shores of Oahu and have a trip of your lifetime.

Oahu Hawaii

A visitor to the tropical paradise of Hawaii can find numerous things to do in Oahu. The first thing that you should consider doing is get to the nearest beach you can find and just be absolutely charmed by the amazing scenery of the ocean that is ahead of you and listen to the soft whispers of the waves telling you to forget about your troubles and worries. You would be surprised at the amount of time you can just spend on the beach lying down and relaxing. One of the main things to do in Hawaii is go to a Luau. Translating literally as a feast, you will be neck up in traditional Hawaiian food and after the dessert; you can enjoy the traditional music and dance of the Hula. A Luau is the best way to get to know the people of Hawaii and their customs, and it’s an awesome party. Another addition to the list of things to do in Oahu is to be on the lookout for different street food vendors. Hawaii being a mix of many different cultures both from North America and Asia, they have some of the best street cuisine to offer to their visitors. If you love food, then you are going to love Oahu and the various dishes it has prepared for their visitors.

Places to visit in Oahu

Oahu being one of the tourism capitals of the world has many interesting sites that visitors can see. Numerous places to visit in Oahu are comprised by various factors such as historic, scenic and culturally significant. The first place that every Oahu visitor goes and sees is the USS Arizona Memorial, which is a remnant of the Great War fought between the Japanese and the American at Pearl Harbor. With guided tours and historical exhibits, you can learn a lot about the place where World War 2 started for America. Among the list of places to visit in Oahu, there is also the Kapiolani Community College’s Farmers Market. The college is very well known for its culinary school but is also the home to a weekly farmers market where you can find the most natural and fresh ingredients for your recipes. Going to Oahu and not visiting the North Shore means missing on an amazing and mesmerizing experience of your life. The Shore is known for its huge waves and is a regular surfer’s spot. A delicious treat that the North Shore is known for is their Garlic Shrimps. You can find a lot of vendors around the area selling food items, make sure you try it when you plan your next vacation there.


Things to do in Oahu - Ko Olina Resort

Things to do in Oahu - Ko Olina Resort

If you are in Hawaii then a visit to the Ko Olina Resort is an absolute must for you. It is situated at the Marina and is definitely worth a trip, because it offers so many different attractions and things to do. It doesn’t get any better than reveling and relaxing in the sunshine and the smell of the ocean. There are definitely lots of things to do in Ko Olina Resort, which include going snorkeling in the ocean, taking a yacht or a boat out into the blue Pacific Ocean, and even planning a romantic sunset cruise for deep sea fishing. There are also many cruises that are on offer here, which are perfect for everyone. One of the all time favorite things to do in Ko Olina Resort include whale watching as well. Ko Olina Resort in Hawaii offers something for everyone, where they are kids or adults. If you don’t want to take a snorkeling tour, you can check out some other things to do in Ko Olina Resort, which include going golfing at the Ko Olina Golf Course or going sport fishing in the amazing blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Things to do in Oahu - Wet'n'Wild Hawaii

Hawaii has got lots of amazing things to offer and one of them is definitely a visit to Wet’n’Wild Hawaii. It has got lots of amazing attractions, which are suited for kids, teens and adults alike. There are also special activities to be enjoyed by families over here as well. One thing is for sure a visit to Wet’n’Wild Hawaii promises a whole lot of fun and excitement for everyone. There are so many different things to do in Wet’n’Wild Hawaii that you are guaranteed to have a ball over there every time. You can try out the aquatic rides, or the slides and attractions over here, which provide the perfect water park experience. Also included in the things to do in Wet’n’Wild Hawaii are the numerous events that are held over here, while you can grab a bite at the many restaurants here as well. When you’re running short of things to do in Wet’n’Wild Hawaii, you can go shopping over here for the latest surf wear. Some of the main attractions when it comes to rides include the Island Racer and Raging River, which may be on a rotation schedule, so make sure that you check before hand.


Things to do in Oahu - Polynesian Cultural Center

Things to do in Oahu - Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is extremely popular with all tourists who visit Hawaii today. Part of the reason why it is popular is down to the fact that there are so many different places to visit and numerous attractions to check out. The Polynesian Cultural Center is an open-air, 42 acre park, which offers visitors with the authentic experience of Polynesia. Due to the fact that there are so many attractions over here, there is no shortage of things to do in Polynesian Cultural Center. You can check out the park, and even take a tram tour of La’ie, which is one of the favorites amongst tourists. If you want to catch a movie over, here there is an IMAX theatre, which includes discounted tickets for everyone. There are lots of things to do in Polynesian Cultural Center for the athletic minded individuals as well. Some of the main things to do in Polynesian Cultural Center include canoe racing, tree climbing, and fire making from the locals. You can also watch the canoe tours and visit the Polynesian marketplace, which is filled with jewelry, clothing and pottery. One of the best things about the Polynesian Cultural Center is that there is something for everyone here.


Things to do in Oahu - Sea Life Park Hawaii

Things to do in Oahu - Sea Life Park Hawaii

One of the best places to visit with kids in Hawaii is the Sea Life Park Hawaii, which is filled with amazing marine animals in their natural habitats. It is a chance for the kids to witness some of these mammals and get up-close and personal with them. There is nothing like the experience of being with these marine animals underwater. If you want to get the experience of a lifetime, then you need to check out some of the amazing things to do in Sea Life Park Hawaii, which includes swimming with the Dolphins, Sea Lions, Hawaiian Rays, and even Sharks! It doesn’t matter if you want to experience them from a distance or get close with them; there are lots of things to do in Sea Life Park Hawaii. There are lots of interactive programs that provide you with lots of things to do in Sea Life Park Hawaii. These programs allow you to learn more about these marine animals by getting up-close to them in their natural environment. There are 5 different habitats and exhibits, which allow you to observe or get close to these animals and learn about their behaviors.