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Things to do in Okavango River Basin

The Okavango River Basin is one of the largest Basins in the country of Namibia and it stretches for a distance of around 20,500 kilo meter square. The river basin is located in the north eastern part of Namibia. The basin stretches out across the borders of the country, and is connected to the borders of Angola in the north on the Bie Plateau.

Okavango River Basin attractions

The Okavango River is an important part of the everyday life in Namibia. Spread out and free flowing across fields of lush green grass, the river offers a stunning spectacle to savor and enjoy. There are seldom rivers in Namibia that are as important as this river basin. One of the things to do in Okavango River Basin is taking a jetty across the river and exploring the lengths and breaths of the area. The flow of the water is normally under control. There are some situations when the volume of water may increase, but mostly the Basin holds the river firm. Another one of the things to do in Okavango River Basin is taking a dive into the deep river. The river is full of life and diving into the river basin will allow visitors the chance to explore different forms of fish species and other forms of underwater life. One of things to do in Okavango River Basin is exploring the wildlife living on either sides of the basin. The area is popular for having a vast array of wild life, which can be explored from a safe distance within the river and even on safari trips across the area.

Places to visit in Okavango River Basin

While the population of the country is scarce, the river is a source of life for people in three different countries, one of which is Namibia. The population is mainly spread across the main towns, with the rest of the area in and around the River Basin being left largely untouched. One of the places to visit near the Okavango River Basin is the swamp where the river ends. One of the things to do in Okavango River Basin is taking a look at the Kalahari Desert swamp at the end of the river. Despite scarce population in and around the desert, there are a number of locals who can be found living around the Okavango River Basin. One can visit these people and learn about their way of life. Visiting their homes, eating their fresh seafood inspired cuisine is another one of the things to do in Okavango River Basin.. Come nightfall, sitting on the sides of the river basin and looking at the sunset is a picturesque experience. For someone who visits the Okavango River Basin going fishing is another option for enjoying and savoring this trip.


Things to do in Okavango River Basin - Mahango Game Park

Things to do in Okavango River Basin - Mahango Game Park

Mohango Game Park is a protected area in the Bwabwata National Park of Namibia. Also known as the Mohango Game Reserve, it is nestled in and bordered by Botswana to the east. Mohango Game Park is situated on the flood plains of Okavango River and is enclosed from the west by the Caprivi Strip. Mohango Established in 1986, Mohango Game Park has an area of more than 60,000 acres and houses more than 300 species of birds. BirdLife International has designated Mohango Game Park as an Important Bird Area, as more than two thirds of the species of birds in Namibia are located here and include exotic tropical native species and wetland birds. The park sees two major climate conditions with dry spells from April to mid of November and rainfall from mid of November through April. The maximum temperature reported in Mohango Game Park is 30 °C maximum, which means that the weather is pleasant throughout the year. Other than birds, there are reported 99 species of mammals, 71 species of aqua fauna, and five species of amphibians. Mohango Game Park has nearly 62% grass land, and offers a unique opportunity to explore the African wildlife in a tropical setting.