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Things to do in Orlando

Best attractions to visit in Orlando

1. Universal's Islands of Adventure - Orlando

Universal s Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure is one of the two theme parks in Universal Orlando and it offers just so much adventure that you are bound to have the time of your life. You will be amazed by awesome rides and other attractions that are found in this theme park and thus you should definitely pay it a visit. There are just so many things to do in Islands of Adventure. For starters, try out the cat in the hat ride, which is a dark ride that explodes and gives you an immersive and enjoyable experience. Apart from this, you can simply not miss out on the Popeye and Pluto’s Bilge Rat Barges. This ride is some serious fun filled one where you are likely to be splashed with water. Other things to do in Islands of Adventure include Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, Pterandodon Flyers, Dueling Dragons, Incredible Hulk, and Jurassic Park River Adventure. With so many activities, you would want to come on this Island of Adventure again and again. So be sure to bring your family along because this will be a great way to bond with them as well.


2. Disney’s Magic Kingdom - Orlando

Disney s Magic Kingdom

A lot of people find Magic Kingdom to be an extremely happy and fun place where they can spend time with their family and friends and indulge in the various activities that surround them. There is just so much that you can do at Magic kingdom that you will not be bored even for one bit. You are bound to find a bunch of things to do in Magic Kingdom that will be of interest to you. For instance, you can visit the Main Street where you can spend some time shopping and looking around. This is also the spot for Light Parade. Apart from this, you can visit the haunted mansion, the ‘be our guest’ restaurant, splash mountain, space mountain, and pirates of the Caribbean. With so many things to do in Magic Kingdom, you are definitely going to have the time of your life there. So, why not plan your next trip here and make sure that you see the fireworks so that your day comes to an end perfectly. You and your kids will never forget this trip to Magic Kingdom, and you might even want to come back for round 2.


3. SeaWorld Orlando - Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando

Seaworld Orlando is comparatively different as compared to the other theme parks situated in the Orlando area. At this park, there is a huge focus on live animals instead of movie characters or television. However, you might find characters from Sesame Street while you visit the park. Additionally, there are live shows for visitors. You will find many things to do in seaworld Orlando. For instance, there are animal exhibits where you can also feed the animals if you pay a little extra money. Additionally, there are fun roller coasters which will leave you wanting more. The different shows themselves are also amazing and you will be able to experience just about everything if you plan your entire day a little in advance. You will hence not be bored even for one bit since you will find plenty of things to do in seaworld Orlando. If you have little kids then they will especially be happy and want to interact with all the animals that are there. There are also many outlets around where you can eat from in case you get hungry during your visit.


4. Universal Studios - Orlando

Universal Studios

When you first hear about Universal Orlando, all you can think about is the amazing rides and the numerous attractions you will get to experience while you are there. The theme park is definitely the first choice for a vacation for most of the little children, teenagers, and their parents. The best part is that people of all age groups can have a great time there. As stated, you will find so many things to do in Universal Orlando. For starters, there are theme parks that many find to be much better than those found in Disneyland. Universal is divided into two parks that are adjacent one another. One is Universal Studios and the other is Island of Adventure. It will definitely be an experience of a lifetime, especially for your kids. You should definitely plan your next trip out here since you will find plenty of things to do in Universal Orlando. In addition to this, there are also plenty of facilities around the theme park where you can indulge in amazing food and learning. This includes the Kennedy Space Center, which is only around 45 minutes away from Orlando.


5. Epcot Park - Orlando

Epcot Park

Epcot, originally known as EPCOT, was constructed by Walt Disney in 1982 and it has a lot of impressive attractions that are a must visit for everyone. This is especially true if you are already in the area. If you have children, then you and your family will especially enjoy it and will have the time of your life there. There are so many things to do in Epcot. For starters, visit the American adventure which is a stage show that is audio animatronics driven. The show displays the key moments from the American history and the scenes that you will get to see are quite impressive, insightful, and detailed. Other than this, you should go to the frozen ever after, which is a boat ride and features the Frozen characters. Aside from the two activities mentioned above, you will find plenty of other things to do in Epcot such as spaceship earth, test track, gran fiesta tour, turtle talk with crush, as well as the sea with Nemo and friends. The activities there are intense and Disney has definitely done a great job with it, just like all the other theme parks that it has made.


6. Everglades - Orlando


The Everglades are natural tropical wetlands, spread across a large area, in the south of the state of Florida. The wetlands experience erratic weather patterns that can cause flooding and droughts in their respective seasons. The primary feature of the glades is the saw grass prairie. The area includes marshes, swamps, and mangrove forests. The native tribes of Calusa and Tequesta call the wetlands their home; human inhabitation itself is 15,000 years old in the region.


7. Nightlife - Orlando


8. Activities - Orlando


9. Aquatica Park - Orlando

Aquatica Park

10. Kennedy Space Center - Orlando

Kennedy Space Center

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