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Things to do in Oshikoto Region

There are total fourteen regions in Namibia, and Oshikoto is one of them. It is named after Lake Otjikoto which is in Tsumeb, and the capital city of this region is Omuthiya. This is one of the three regions of Namibia that is neither bordered with a foreign country nor has a shoreline. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Oshikoto Region for tourists which will make their trip to this region worthwhile.

Oshikoto Region tourist attractions

The Oshikoto Region comprises of ten constituencies including Oshikoto, Omuthiygwiipundi, Olukonda, Guinas, Engodi, Okangolo, Omuntele, Onayena, Okatope, and Oniipa. Cattle farming and mining are the two major economic activities of the southern part of this region, while northern part has fertile land and majority of the people make a living through agriculture. There are many things to do in Oshikoto Region, and each city of this region has a different set of activities that tourists can enjoy. When you are in the capital city, you can enjoy your time at natural springs, hiking and biking, shopping, and exploring the diverse culture of this region. If you are on vacation with your family, there are several things to do in Oshikoto Region such as going on safari tours, natural reserve parks, game viewing, museums, and having picnics near the lakes. The diverse wildlife is the main attraction of the Oshikoto Region which attracts thousands of tourists every year. On safari tours, you will get a chance to see animals like zebra, lion, cheetah, white rhino kudu, springbok, and many others in their natural habitat. One of the major cities in the Oshikoto Region is Tsumeb, and it is popular for being the nearest town to Etosha National Park, which is South Africa’s most famous Games Reserves.

Places to Visit in Oshikoto Region

There are a lot of interesting things to do and places to visit in Oshikoto Region. If you are in the capital city, you can spend time at hiking and biking trials, local market, Omuthiya natural springs, and exploring the Herero culture. Other than this, there are a lot of other exciting things to do in Oshikoto Region. If you are in Tsumeb, you can pay a visit to Etosha National Park, which is very close to this town. This park is considered as one of the best wildlife-viewing spots in the world, as the surrounding grasslands provide habitat to Namibia’s diverse wildlife. Etosha National Park is stretched over 20,000 sq km land and has over 340 bird, 114 mammal, 1 fish, 16 reptiles and amphibians, and countless insect species. One of the things to do in Oshikoto Region that will definitely interest history buffs is visiting the Tsumeb Museum. This museum has exhibitions of rare minerals, Himba and Bushmen artifacts, and the details about the history of the German colonial forces. Other places to visit in Oshikoto Region include the famous Lake Otjikoto, which in Herero means ‘deep hole’. Lake Guinas is also nearby and these are the only natural lakes in Namibia.


Things to do in Oshikoto Region - Namutoni

Namutoni is situated on the edge of the Etosha pan salt pan in the northern part of Namibia. The area is a rest camp that serves as one of the entrance gate to Etosha National Park. Visitors can find several safari companies in nearby towns of Swakopmund and Windhoek that offer trips of varying lengths to the area. Since the area is located close the Fischer's Pan, one can expect to see a large number of water birds, including flamingos, especially during the rainy seasons. Fischer's pan is a picturesque place where visitors can view various wildlife including Cape Teals, Bat Eared Fox, Great White Pelicans, African Spoonbills, and many others.

Fort Namutoni is a well known structure that is open to the tourists. It was built during the colonial times in 1896 and served as a guard post. The Fort was restored and later opened for the tourists in 1957. Visitors make a short stay at this place when visiting nearby attractions. Located inside are two restaurants: African Fusion and The Steakhouse. The African Fusion serves delicious local delicacies while the Steakhouse offers European food in its menu. You can take you drinks and meals in the 'Chill Lounge', the perfect place to socialize with the fellow travelers in the region.