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Things to do in Otjiwarongo

Otjiwarongo is the district capital of the Otjiwarongo constituency and capital of Otjozondjupa Region in Namibia. Located in north-central Namibia, Otjiwarongo is one of the fastest growing cities in Southern Africa, particularly known for its unique culture, peaceful environment, and quality of life.

Otjiwarongo toursit attractions

A stunning landscape with lush green grass, overlooking some hills and mountainous regions in the backdrop, the city of Otjiwarongo is a city full of purpose and enjoyment. For a tourist visiting the city there are a number of things to do in Otjiwarongo that they are unlikely to find in other Namibian cities. The name of the city can be loosely translated to pleasant place or place where fat cattle are grazed both of which have relevance as far as the city is concerned. Among the things to do in Otijwarongo, the top of the list should be sightseeing. In a land that has largely remained untouched for time immemorial, the lush green pastures, thick bushes and hilly regions are a treat to watch. Another one on the list of things to do in Otijiwarongo is meeting up with the locals and tasting their favorite cuisine. No trip is completed without a taste of the traditional food dishes. For people who are avid supporters of safaris and jungle treks, one of the things to do in Otjiwarongo is taking a walk up the lush green hills in the backdrop of the city. Here one is likely to come across some of the rarest species of animals known.

Places to visit in Otjiwarongo

The city of Otijiwarongo is famous for its plethora of places to visit. The chief among which is the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Here visitors are able to take a safari across an area where cheetahs are conserved and allowed to breed. One of the things to do in Otijiwarongo Cheetah conservation fund is taking a ride in one of the vehicles and getting a chance to get up close and personal with one of the finest predators in the world. Another place to visit in the city is the REST place on the outskirts of the city. REST stands for Rare and Endangered Species Trust and is a place where the visitors can find some of the rarest animals and plants that are on the brink of extinction. Some of the species include Pangolins, Vultures and raptors etc. High on your list of things to do in Otjiwarongo should be taking pictures of some of the rarest animals in world. Other places to visit in the city include the Waterberg National Park, which is loaded with a number of different animals and bird species. Visitors can take a safari through the park coming up close and personal with some of the finest animals creatures on the planet.


Things to do in Otjiwarongo - Waterberg National Park

Things to do in Otjiwarongo - Waterberg National Park

The Waterberg National Park, also known as the Waterberg Plateau Park, is one of the major national parks in Namibia. Located in central Namibia nearly 42 miles from the city of Otjiwarongo, Waterberg National Park is home to several endangered species of Namibia as they were relocated in the 1970s to gain protection from poaching. The program turned out to be a success as Waterberg National Park is now home to the largest nature preserve for rare birds and animals in the country. Waterberg National Park is one of the most ecologically rich national parks in Africa, known for its elevating plains of Kalahari with over 200 species of bird, making it one of the best places in the country for bird watching. In terms of geology, Waterberg National Park has rock stratum more than 850 million years old. Guided tours for the Waterberg National Park are available from the entrance, but you can also pre-book tours from various local tour providers available in the Central Business District of Otjiwarongo. The weather is pleasant from November to April, making day tours to the Waterberg National Park a must as you will get to see nature in its essence.