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Things to do in Panama City

Panama City is the largest city and the capital of the Republic of Panama. It is considered to be most cosmopolitan city in Central America, and has also earned the unofficial title of “The Dubai of Latin America” because of its rapid development. There are vast skyscrapers adorning the skyline of the city, and the number of wealthy people is also increasing rapidly.

What to do in Panama City

Panama City is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world, and is definitely amongst the most popular tourists cities in the world. It is a multicultural place, and is a melting pot of different ethnicities as people from all around the world have settled over here. There are lots of things to do in Panama City, which includes shopping in the many luxurious shopping malls that are located in different parts of the city. If you are a fan of adventure and are looking for something thrilling, then one of the most recommended things to do in Panama City is skydiving, and taking an aerial view of the Canal. There is something for everyone in Panama City, and you will definitely not be left bored, since there are different cultural activities that are held regularly, and you can even take Salsa dance classes and some Spanish classes. The majority of people here speak in Spanish, but some people also converse in English as well, so language shouldn’t be a big barrier for travelers visiting Panama for the first time. If you love nature, then you should definitely plan an expedition in the lush rainforests of Panama, which are full of howler monkeys, sloths and toucans.

Panama City attractions

Also included in the list of things to do in Panama City is taking day trips to the sandy beaches over here, which will provide you with plenty of relaxation. There is a reason why Panama City is regarded as the best place to retire in the world and that is because there are lots of places to visit in Panama City, which provide you with relaxation and entertainment. You will definitely not be bored, and it is recommended that you should definitely check out the rainforests, the shopping malls, and the glorious beaches of Panama City. There are lots of World Heritage Sites that are amongst the recommended places to visit in Panama City, which include Panama Viejo, Casco Viejo, and the Cinta Costera 3. If you’re looking for things to do in Panama City, you should definitely check out Panama Canal, Biomuseo, Mi Pueblitos and Amador Causeway. As a tourist, you will have a wonderful time here in Panama City, as there is no other city in Central America that will offer you better entertainment and relaxation. So schedule a visit soon and check out the things to do in Panama City.


Things to do in Panama City - Bridge of the Americas

Things to do in Panama City - Bridge of the Americas

The Bridge of the Americas is a historic road bridge and is located in Panama. The Bridge spans in the pacific entrance of the canal that links the Panama Canal. The Bridge of the America’s was completed in 1962. The bridge has been designed with proper care. It is considered a historic creation and tourists are able to flock to the area. There are multiple lighting arrangements which can be enjoyed by tourists, etc.


Things to do in Panama City - Casco Viejo

Things to do in Panama City - Casco Viejo

Casco ViejoIf you’re a history buff, then you’ll truly enjoy and love your trip to Casco Viejo, Panama. Also referred to as Casco Antiguo, this is a historic place in Panama City. Casco Viejo was rebuilt in 1673 after following the destruction when the city was attacked brutally by pirates. The city boasts a rich history and several historic landmarks which has also earned it the status of a World Heritage Site.

Exploring historic monuments is among the most popular things to do in Casco Viejo, Panama. The city still preserves the original colonial walls, historic art deco building facades and the magnificent Cathedral de Panama. This cathedral is the 1 of the largest in Central America. It was built in the year 1796. The cathedral features 2 towers on each side of its main entrance which are intricately encrusted with mother of pearl. These towers are contrasted nicely with wooden doors and the stone entrance wall.

Among many things to do in Casco Viejo, Panama, exploring the Las Bovedas Monument is a favorite among tourists. The place encompasses dungeons and vaults that add to the thrilling experience of exploring this place. Besides this, the city is a home to numerous restaurants serving different and delectable cuisines. For foodies, a visit to Casco Viejo will be a treat. Here you can also go to the Original Sea Wall for an ocean view walk and, enjoy scenic views and sea breezes.


Things to do in Panama City - Panama Viejo

Things to do in Panama City - Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo is the remaining part of the old section of Panama City, which is the capital city of Panama located in Central America. Together with Casco Viejo, it has been designated a World Heritage Site in Panama. Situated in the city's suburbs, visitors can find many interesting things to do in Panama Viejo.

The rich history of Panama Viejo dates back centuries. The area was first settled in 1519 by a group of 100 inhabitants. It was the one of the first permanent European settlements in the Americas after discovery of the continent by Christopher Columbus. Here you can find the vestiges of the earlier colonial era settlement in the form of buildings and other architecture.

A visit to the Panama Viejo is certainly worth a visit as you can find many interesting things to do in Panama Viejo. From the charming facades of the buildings to the original colonial wall, everything here speaks about the magnificent past of the place. A number of eateries and shops line the streets of Panama Viejo where you can sample the finest food on offer in the area. Fully experiencing the place can take many days despite the fact that everything is packed into a few square blocks.


Things to do in Panama City - Panama Canal

Things to do in Panama City - Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is located near Panama City in Panama. Construction of the canal was completed in 1915. The canal connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean via the Caribbean Sea cutting across the Isthmus of Panama. A visit to the Panama Canal is a must when on a visit to the Panama City.

Visitors can enjoy a fascinating view of the canal through a boat ride. They can also enjoy the canal view by taking a train that travels the length of the canal from Colon to Panama City. The best way to know about things to do in Panama Canal is to take a tour guide. Canal caravan tours are highly informative that informs visitors about the history of the canal.
Observation deck offers an excellent opportunity to look at the whole process of maritime ships passing through the canal. It is also a place for photo op as the scene of the canal is quite fascinating. From the observation deck, you can appreciate the fascinating scenery as the ships go through the looks. It's recommended to contact the local tour guide to know about different things to do in Panama Canal.


Things to do in Panama City - Miraflores

Things to do in Panama City - Miraflores

Miraflores (Panama) is a small lake that is situated near the Panama Canal. It separates the three locks that are part of the Panama Canal. The canal locks function through gravititative flow of water from the Miraflores, Alajuela, and Gatun lakes. These lakes are fed by different rivers including the River Chagres.

Vessels area lifted in two stages in the Miraflores locks. The locks enable transit of vessels to and from the port of Pacific Ocean known as Balboa. You can find a number of interesting things do in Miraflores, Panama.

Visitors are allowed full view of the locks from the Miraflores Lake. It is recommended to take binoculars to enjoy view of the locks from the distance. An admittance fee is charged to the visitors for visiting the observation terrace located near the canal. The total time to view the transit in operation takes around 30 minutes. At the ground level there is a souvenir shop from where visitors can items to take back home as a memento. To find out the full list of things do in Miraflores, Panama, it's recommended to hire a tour guide who can also offer complete information about the operation of the canal.