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Things to do in Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked nation located in central South America. Paraguay shares its borders with Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, and because of its location in the continent, it is often referred to as the ‘Heart of South America’. Asuncion serves as the capital and the largest city of the country and is home to nearly one-third of the entire population of Paraguay.

Paraguay Tourism

Despite being a small nation, there are many things to do in Paraguay. The Paraguay River runs from north to south of the country and around it, there are some of the most majestic grassy plains that you can find in South America. The country enjoys a tropical and subtropical climate, which means that it only has dry and wet periods rather than conventional seasons. Spanish and the indigenous language Guarani are the official languages of the country, and the nation has been praised for conserving the culture and heritage of its native people. While Paraguay receives fewer tourists as compared to other South American countries, it is because of this fact that people enjoy coming here to indulge in the local culture while getting greater levels of privacy on a vacation. While urban tourism remains popular in the region, it is the rural tourism that attracts the most crowds. After all, the beautiful architecture, cultural landmarks, and the natural setting make for an exhilarating and rejuvenating trip to these parts of the world. Nature tourism is of course one of the biggest contributors to the industry, where the local government has prepared the infrastructure to allow adventure seekers and extreme sports athletes to enjoy their favorite sports surrounded by nature. Going to the national parks is one of the top things to do in Paraguay. The American Chaco plains are also situated in Paraguay. The Defensores del Chaco National park is the biggest extension of the American Chaco in Paraguay and is acknowledged for its conservation efforts for the forests and the wildlife. While most of the national park falls under the ‘protected areas’, there are designated areas for visitors and tourists where guided tours are available to explore the flora, fauna, and the scenery of the Chaco plains. A succession of hills leads to the Cerro Leon, a distinct formation in Chaco where many tourists come to spend their time with nature. The National Park Rio Negro is another commonly visited nature escapade in the region that is characterized by its tropical climate and wetlands. It is one of the more remote parks but there is no denying that bird watching is a blissful activity here that you can engage in with the help of the locals. The Nacional Park Tinfunque is highly recommended for tourists where many areas of the park are open to the public. Lodging facilities near the national park are also available along with tours of the public areas to explore its rich wildlife.

Places to visit in Paraguay

To get a taste of the urban life and the unique culture, visiting the state capital is amongst the best things to do in Paraguay. Officially known as Ciudad da Asuncion, it is the cultural capital of the country with over 2 million people. Asuncion is best known for its terrific landscapes, in part due to its location along the Paraguay River. From gentle hills to the skyline of the city and blossoming flora, the city offers a unique blend of urban lifestyle while preserving natural elements. Asuncion is home to many parks such as Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez which provides people of all ages and tourists with a unique view of the beauty of Paraguay. The city is home to several museums including the famous Museo Nacioncal de Bellas Artes which contains paintings dating to the 19th century. The Calle Palma in downtown is home to historic buildings and landmarks along with restaurants, shops, plazas, cafes, and hotels that make it a lively destination for tourists. Asuncion is also home to luxury malls located in different parts of the city to give people convenient access to shopping and family entertainment. While other parts of the country may not be as visited by tourists as Asuncion, there is no denying that Paraguay has a lot to offer for travelers. For instance, a visit to the Saltos del Monay Waterfall located in Presidente Franco is one of the top things to do in Paraguay. The waterfall offers remarkable views of the surroundings and is over 40 meters in height. Walkways, observations decks, and viewpoints located conveniently across the waterfalls show how well the place has been maintained for tourism. There are designated area for picnics along with opportunities to engage in hiking, camping, mountain climbing, and much more. Characterized by its thick forested areas and rich diversity in flora and fauna, it is one of the most picturesque regions of the Atlantic Forest. Other extreme sports can be enjoyed in other forested areas of the country such as rappelling, zip-lining, hiking across virgin forests, and much more. Even educational tours and research tours are available in collaboration with the local government departments. In terms of nature, there are so many things to do in Paraguay that you may actually feel overwhelmed despite the small size of the country.

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