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Things to do in Paramaribo

When it comes to planning a holiday, it is quite difficult to choose a perfect destination. Your choice should be perfect, so that you can make the most out it. Every place has fun things to do; arguably every single destination can provide you with entertainment. But, a peaceful vacation is not something that every place has to offer.

Paramaribo Suriname

Here is a place different from the usual picks; Paramaribo in Suriname. The divine look of nature with a peaceful atmosphere is an ideal way to spend a vacation. Paramaribo is the capital and the largest city in Suriname. It is located in the Paramaribo district, aligned with Suriname River. The city has a population of approximately 250,000; this is almost half of the population of the country. Paramaribo was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2002; this fact alone makes visiting Paramaribo worthy enough to be at the top of the list of things to do in Suriname. The name of the city has interesting origins. It was named after a tribe that lived near the Suriname River; their descendants still reside there. The tribe was called Paramaribo tribe; para means “large river” and maribo means “inhabitants”. The area of Paramaribo has always been a subject of dispute between the Dutch and English since 1630 until the independence of Suriname. The city officially is not a Jewish district, but the majority of people follow Judaism in the region. Here is another reason to put Paramaribo in the list of things to in Suriname; one of the oldest Jewish Chapels is located in Paramaribo. You simply can’t miss to have a look at a monument like this; it is a must among the things to do in Paramaribo.

Places to visit in Paramaribo

It may become a bit difficult to remember all the points of interest that Paramaribo has to offer, so the suggestion would be to start making a list of things to do in Paramaribo. One of the most popular places to visit in Paramaribo is the Central Suriname Nature reserve. It was formed in 1998 by Conservational International and the Suriname govt. The most appealing part of the reserve is its tropical rainforest ecosystem. 16,000 sq kilometers of gorgeous mountainous and lowland tropical forests give a heavenly view. Fort Zeelandia is yet another amazing antiquity and a must place to visit in Paramaribo. It is a fortress built as French wooden structure back in 1640. The name of the place has a war history behind it. First in 1650s the British captured the fort and named it Fort Willoughby, but later the Dutch again captured it and renamed it as fort Zeelandia. That is just one fragment of the history behind the fort; there is a lot more you can find out when you visit the place. Surinaams Museum is the perfect place to take a walk through the history of Suriname. The place exists inside the Fort Zeelandia. The museum is known to perfectly articulate the history from the start till the present day. Another name to add to the list is the Coppename River. From the foot of the Wilhelmina Mountains the river divides into 3 different branches. The view of the place is alluring; if you want to enjoy a peaceful day, this may be the best choice.


Things to do in Paramaribo - Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge

Things to do in Paramaribo - Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge

The Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge is a bridge located between the cities of Meerzorg and Paramaribo in the state of Suriname in South America. Also known as Bosje Brug, the bridge crosses Surinamer River in the Commewinjne District and forms part of the East-West Link. Visitors can find lots of entertaining things to do in Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge. The Suriname River that flows through the region is a favorite tourist attraction. Sources of the river are located in the Guiana Highlands just on the border between Eilerts de Haan Mountains and the Wilhelmina Mountains. You will find a lot of interesting things to do in Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge that is built over the Suriname River. The sides of the river are great for picnicking while its waters offer the perfect opportunity for boating. Adjoining strips of the river have been protected with nets where visitors can swim without any worry of being bitten by piranha fish that thrive in the waters. Other areas of interest located within a few kilometers of Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge include Livorno, De Nieuwe Grond, Belwaarde, Zoelen, Koewarasan, Ellen, Marienburg, and Tamanredjo Subddistrict.


Things to do in Paramaribo - Fort Zeelandia

Things to do in Paramaribo - Fort Zeelandia

Fort Zeelandia is a fortress that is situated in Suriname. It was constructed in 1640 during French Colonial rule. The British took the fort from the French and renamed it Fort Willoughby. The fort was again recaptured by the Dutch in 1667 and renamed it Fort Zeelandia. The start shaped fort is constructed in the old colonial design. Visitors can find many interesting things to do in Fort Zeelandia. Inside the museum is located a Stichting Surinaams Museum that feature historical artifacts that date back to the colonial era. The museum hosts temporary historical themed exhibitions. If you want to know about the historical past of the Suriname, you must certainly make a visit to the museum. Most of the exhibits are related to the Dutch colonial rule in the area that lasted until 1975. There is a small area in the museum that talks about slavery in Suriname. Also located inside the fort is a small cafe where you can enjoy local delicacies. The cafe is pretty nice, offering a view of the city with live music. Overall, a visit to the place is certainly worth a visit in Surinam as you can find plenty of things to do in Fort Zeelandia.


Things to do in Paramaribo - Surinaams Museum

The Surinaams Museum is located inside Fort Zeelandia in Suriname and was built during the colonial times. Established in 1947, the museum offers visitors a chance to look at the historical past of the place. History buffs can find a lot of interesting things to do in the Surinaams Museum. Inside the fort museum, you can view the reconstruction of a prison cell, a cobbler shop, and an apothecary shop, all of which are in their original state. A permanent exhibit space displays historical artefacts of importance to the visitors. Some of the interesting items on display inside the museum include art pieces, furniture items, and clothes belonging to the different races that thrived in Fort Zeelandia surrounding area. These display items belong to a range of ethnographic group including the native Amerindians, Europeans, Maroon, Javanese, Jews, Lebanese, Chinese, and Creoles that once inhabited the fore and the nearby areas. You can find many other things to do in Surinaams Museum. The amalgam of different cultures has made Surinam a multi-cultural society that contains people of different races and color. A visit to the Surinaams Museum is the best idea to experience the multi-cultural aspect of the South American country.