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Things to do in Paris

A trip to France is incomplete without Paris being on your list of places to visit. This gorgeous romantic city is quite renowned and distinctive due to its grand structures and monuments. This capital of France is a tourist hotspot and a place where you can explore architecture, history, fashion, and gastronomy in a way like nowhere else.

Paris France

When it comes to entertainment, there is no shortage of things to do in Paris. This city is grand in every way and what makes it much more interesting to explore is its intimate quarters. These quarters are gorgeous villages that are fun to stroll through. This fashion center of the world has many high-end boutiques and shops where you will find amazing stuff. When we talk about Paris, it goes without saying that you would want to visit the famous Eiffel Tower in the beginning. This wrought-iron tower is associated with romance, which is why it is great for visiting with a loved one. If you head to the top of the tower, you can witness the picturesque views of the city. Other impressive structures and building you must visit in Paris include Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre Dame cathedral. Each of these structures is beautifully architected and has an interesting history as well. When it comes to food, you will find many things to do in Paris. This city is world-famous for its cafes and restaurants. If you head to the street market, you will get a chance to experience the real taste of French cuisine and its mouthwatering desserts.

Paris Attractions

If you are interested in historical sites and archeological finds, then you will find many places to visit in Paris. Although this city is known as the romance center of the world, there are places that will give you the chills like the Catacombs of Paris. This place is an underground burial site that has almost 6 million skeletons. If that’s too haunting for your taste, then head to the fascinating Notre Dame Cathedral. This architectural wonder is in the heart of the city with impressive ceilings and gorgeous stained-glass art on the windows. The Palace of Versailles is also a site that you must not miss out on. This castle is magnificent to say the least with its mesmerizing gardens and architecture. Head to Sainte Chapelle, a 13th century church, which is nothing less than spectacular. The upper chapel of the church features jaw-dropping stained-glass windows and a heavily decorated ceiling. The Champs Elysees is another popular tourist spot in Paris that offers great views into the architectural history of this part of Europe. Make sure to get to the top of the Champs Elysees to witness the panoramic views of the city. Some other popular spots to visit in Paris include Musee de Louvre, The Pantheon, Musee de Cluny, and La Conciergerie.


The Eiffel Tower is the most single and famous site in Paris. There's no competition for it, you can go anywhere in the world and show people a picture of it, so, they will definitely know that it is in Paris. The Eiffel tower is a must see if you’re visiting Paris. You can't miss the view on the top of the Eiffel tower no matter where you go in Paris because it's visible from the most parts of the city.
The Eiffel Tower is a wonderful piece of architecture. It is considered an important historical part of Paris. However, the funny thing is that in the beginning, it was not in that way. People were actually opposed to its construction and thought it would destroy the view but these people don't know how much this tower has a value itself right now.

First, It was constructed to serve as entrance for the World Fair, and this construction was completed in 1889. Parisians love the tower so much that when Germans occupied Paris in 1940 the locals cut the lift of the tower. The manual climb was very hard and even Hitler was not able to climb the tower himself.

You can visit the tower itself and go on top. We would also recommend just sitting in the numerous cafes around the tower and enjoy the view.

Champ de Mars is one of the largest public places in Paris. Ling between the Eiffel Tower and the École Militaire, it is a very common venue for public events. Most people end up visiting this place just to see Eiffel Tower, but we strongly recommend that you focus on the beauty of Champ de Mars itself as well.

Since its completion in the 17th century, this place has been home to many historic events. This was the main venue for festivals during the revolution, and was also used by the military for practice. The field is surrounded by great architecture of Paris, it is very common with tourists. Here you get a very lively view of Paris with tourists, locals, and lots of shops.

If you want to camp out and have lunch with the best view of the Eiffel Tower, then this is the place for you. It has also been repeatedly shown in media and arts, and thus you will get a familiar feeling going through it. There was even a Bond movie shot here. It is a great sight at night time as the Eiffel Tower lights up.

Place du Trocadero is one of those places where you go not for the area itself, but for the view. If you haven't read about this place you will be puzzled by the number of tourists here. This is one of the most common places for tourists to flock to, the reason being the absolutely fantastic view you get of the Eiffel Tower. Since so many people go to Place du Trocadero to view the Eiffel Tower, it is a bit of a tourist trap. What this means is that there are a lot of tourists here. There are also a lot of street performers here, vying for your attention doing outlandish things.

A positive aspect is the food carts, the fresh crepes here are the best. But trust us; it is worth it to face the crowd, especially at night. At night Place du Trocadero gives you one of the best sights in Paris. As the Eiffel Tower lights up, you realize that it has never looked more fantastic. The vantage point delivered by this area is excellent; you won't even be able to focus on the people around you. Also, here's a tip: Go to the downstairs place by the fountain, there are a lot fewer people there.

Inaugurated in 1678, Les Invalides is a complex of buildings which are a must visit to anyone interested in the military history of France. It is called Les Invalides because it was built by Louis XIV as a home and medical care facility for disabled and needy soldiers. The Musée de l'Armée (Museum of the Army) is one of the most interesting places in Les Invalides. Created in 1905, the museum gives a great overview of French military history from the earliest periods to the 20th century. You will see many interesting artifacts here. You can see vintage artillery used by the armies, as well as the armor of several leaders and kings.

Dôme des Invalides is easily the most prominent place here. Created to be a burial place for Napoleon, the place is very beautifully built. The tomb of Napoleon is a must visit for any tourist, and viewing the tomb is an amazing experience. Many of Napoleon's family members and people who served with him are also buried here. Musée d'Histoire Contemporaine is also worth a visit. It shows the contemporary history of France, and the displays includes things relating to the sociological, political, and cultural events.

France is known for its ornate and extravagant monuments, and Pont Alexandre III is known as the most ornate and extravagant bridge in France. The bridge is a sight to behold. It was inaugurated in 1900 for the world fair and has been amazing people since then. The games and nymphs of the bridge are famous.

The bridge had to be so beautiful and extravagant because of its location. This is a bridge which you cross when going between Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, and the Invalides. Champs Elysees is literally named after heaven, so any bridge near it had to be amazing.

There are 4 gilt statues who keep a vigilant watch over the bridge. These include Fame of the Sciences, Fame of Commerce, Fame of Charlemagne, and Fame on the industry. Each of these, as the name suggests, celebrate something different. The fact that they are gilded gives them a beautiful gold shine.

There are also two Nymph reliefs on the bridge. Both of these Nymphs celebrate the Franco-Russia alliance. One of them is called Nymphs of the Seine and bears the arms of France, while the other is called Nymphs of the Neva, and bears arms of Imperial Russia.

You cannot miss one of the most extravagant areas of Paris. Grand Palais, Petit Palais, and Palais de la Decouverte are 3 different attractions but they are in the exact same space. Don’t be overwhelmed at seeing 3 great monuments in one place.

The Grand Palais was constructed in 1900, and it sees more than 1.5 million visitors daily. The Grand Palais is a very happening place with over 40 events happening every year. The palace is undergoing a huge restoration project and slowly the different areas are being renovated so they can be open to the public. The palace also served as a military hospital in the World War.

The Petit Palais is smaller as the name suggests, and serves as an art museum. Once you are done with the Grand Palais you need to step by the Petit Palais. The museum focuses on the history of the French art. The exhibits here are exquisite, they have different collections of renaissance art, and a collection of medieval art as well.

The Palais de la Decouverte is a science museum in the same place. After you are done with the beautiful art at the Petit Palais, step over here to see the marvels and history of science.

Witness the beauty of the sunset by taking a ride in one of the Bateau Mouche excursion boats. Visitors enjoy the serene view of Paris along the Seine River, which is located centrally in Paris. The excursion boats cover a wide region of the city. Visitors in the ride can see both the Left Bank and the Right Bank as well as the city’s famous attractions including the Eiffel Tower, the Alexander III Bridge, the Orsay Museum, the Louvre Museum, Pont Neuf, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Les Invalides, and the burial site of Napoleon. The Bateau Mouche excursion boats belong to the Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches (or ‘fly boats’ in French), which is considered to be the oldest and most well-known tourist boat operator in the city.

Boat tours had received positive acclaim following the 1867 exhibition and have been a popular tourist attraction ever since. Demand for boat tours dwindled following the Second World War, but after its end, the demand restored. The boats can accommodate a capacity of several hundred people with upper and lower decks and the one hour-long tours are usually provided with a recording of a commentary about the famous sights to see along the river. A lot of the companies also offer lunch and dinners inside cruises.

If the Eiffel Tower did not exist, the Arc de Triomphe would be the landmark used to denote Paris everywhere. It was inaugurated in 1836 and has been an important piece of the city’s landscape, while it offers some of the best things to do in Paris.. It honors the people who died in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. After World War 1 the tomb of the Unknown Soldier was also added below the vault.

The monument became the main place for victorious armies to celebrate and has thus only increased in reverence with time. The Germans held a victory rally here in 1871, the French army held their victory rally here in 1919, the Germans held another victory rally in 1940, and finally the French and the Allies held their victory rally here in 1944.

The rallies stopped happening only because people wanted to honor the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier since then rallies have avoided going through the arch, as it means walking on top of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Arc de Triomphe is not only famous for what happened here, it is also famous for its artistic value. The Arc is a piece of art itself and it also houses some other great pieces of art.

This place is literally named after heaven. Widely known as the most beautiful avenue in the world, Champs-Élysées has long been a mark of pride for the French. The number of famous buildings and monuments in here is amazing. The architecture around you when you are in this avenue is awe inspiring. It is historical Paris at its peak. It almost seems like the city is showing off, asking you if there is any other place in the world this grand, this historic, and this beautiful.

The boulevard is 1.9 km long and goes from the famed Place de la Concorde straight to the Place Charles de Gaulle. Other notable places in a straight line are the Louvre, the Arc De Triomphe, and Tuilerie Gardens. The place is great and is the world’s capital for up scale fashion.

We would highly recommend taking a walk here among the things to do in Paris. Start our walk an hour before the sun goes down and keep gazing at the amazing architecture on display, and look at some of the most luxurious stores in the world. As the sun goes down and the lights turn on you will have the amazing experience of seeing some of the most famous monuments and buildings in the world switch from day to night.

Place de la concorde is a peaceful square of Paris, one of the many. If you don't know the history this will be just another place to you, only with a grand obelisk. People who are history buffs will know that it served as the centre point of one of the bloodiest and most unstable times of Paris.

This is the square chosen by the Revolution for its most public happenings. It was renamed Place de la Révolution and the infamous guillotine punishments were carried out here. King Louis XVI was beheaded in this very square, and so were some of the most prominent people of those times. This is where Marie Antoinette walked to her death. The bloody history of this place is the complete opposite of what it is today.

The obelisk is the defining feature of Place de la concorde today. The Egyptian obelisk was a gift from Muhammad Ali Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt, and was delivered in 1883. There are also 2 famous fountains in the square. If you take a historical tour of Paris, this will surely be one the places you will be visiting.