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View Cathédrale Notre-Dame in 360 virtual tour

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-1 Cathédrale Notre-Dame-1
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-2 Cathédrale Notre-Dame-2
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-3 Cathédrale Notre-Dame-3
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-4 Cathédrale Notre-Dame-4
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-5 Cathédrale Notre-Dame-5
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-6 Cathédrale Notre-Dame-6

Cathédrale Notre-Dame (Notre-Dame Cathedral) is the most beautiful church in all of France, and offers some of the best things to do in Paris. Not only is it historically important, it is also one of the most spiritual places to visit in the city. If you are even a little religious then this place is a must for you. Even if you aren't religious you will love the beautiful gothic architecture of the building. The most notable thing about the architecture of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame (Notre-Dame Cathedral) is that while the whole design is very Gothic, it also has some elements of the renaissance era, which makes it very interesting for people interested in architecture. The inside of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame (Notre-Dame Cathedral) is just as beautiful as the outside of it. There is a grand feeling due to the beautiful wooden work that is inside and the beautiful lighting as well. An important piece of art also resides in this church; The Political Prisoner, a statue by the famed local artist Lucien Wercollier. It depicts a prisoner whose hands are bound; it shows the plight of a prisoner Lucien Wercollier himself saw being tortured while he was locked up in the prison by Nazis. The sculpture does a great job of showing the despair of the prisoner.