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View Eiffel Tower in 360 virtual tour

Eiffel Tower-1 Eiffel Tower-1
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The Eiffel Tower is the most single and famous site in Paris. There's no competition for it, you can go anywhere in the world and show people a picture of it, so, they will definitely know that it is in Paris. The Eiffel tower is a must see if you’re visiting this city. You can't miss the view on the top of the Eiffel tower no matter where you go because it's visible from most parts of the city. The Eiffel Tower is a wonderful piece of architecture. It is considered an important historical part of the town. However, the funny thing is that in the beginning, it was not in that way. People were actually opposed to its construction and thought it would destroy the view but these people don't know how much this tower has a value itself right now. First, It was constructed to serve as entrance for the World Fair, and this construction was completed in 1889. Parisians love the tower so much that when Germans occupied Paris in 1940 the locals cut the lift of the tower. The manual climb was very hard and even Hitler was not able to climb the tower himself. You can visit the tower itself and go on top. We would also recommend just sitting in the numerous cafes around the tower and enjoy the view.