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Things to do in Peru

The official name of the country is the Republic of Peru. Part of the South American continent, it is bordered by countries such as Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean. The country was formerly a colony of the Spanish Empire and gained freedom in the year 1821. The population of the country is estimated at being around 32 million people belonging to multiethnic backgrounds.

Peru tourist attractions

The region of Peru has long suffered from a number of internal and external conflicts but the one driving force for the people and the country has been its rich and diverse culture that is able to attract large crowds each year. The region despite being impoverished has a number of natural and historical spectacles to view. There are a number of things to do in Peru, which range from meeting the locals, learning their distinct dialect, understanding their culture and more. The terrains of Peru are flat and hilly all of which add to its beauty. The area despite not being the most advanced is a visual delight. For people who visit Peru there are a number of activities to savor and opportunities to enjoy. The country is developing at a rapid pace and one of the favorite things to do in Peru for most tourists in the area is drawing parallels between the modern Peru and the Peru of the past. Peru can be talked about as a place that is a distillation of beauty and natural ruggedness. There are stunning buildings in the cities to savor and as you move away from the cities, there are enviable natural spectacles to enjoy. The county is famous for having one of the most famous and intricate cultures in the world. The traditions have developed over the years, aided by conquests of rulers and empires trying to establish their footholds in the continent. All of this has left a mark on the country’s culture which is on display everywhere you go. There are a number of activities that can leave a mark on tourists visiting. This includes presence of sand dunes and embankments of water a stone’s throw away from each other. The country has produced some of the most famous artists and musicians. Their records and cassettes are available across a number of musical centers. On the visit to Peru there are lots of things that can be done. Some of these include enjoying some of the best cuisines in the country. The country is popular across the subcontinent for its cuisine. Some of the most complex dishes in the continent are based in Peru. For a tourist to visit the country and stay void of eating Peruvian cuisine would leave the trip incomplete. Most of the flavors are similar to Spanish dishes to some extent with a touch of Amerindian.

Places to visit in Peru

Peru is an area that is laden with lush green gardens, some interesting sandy terrains and a number of delightful rivers. Spanning over an area of 496,225 square miles, this South American country is fool of places to visit. There are a number of bordering countries next to Peru each have an effect on the terrain of the country. The region next to the Pacific Ocean for example is one of stunning proportions. Next to the largest ocean in the world are high mountainous areas that run parallel to the waters. There are specific words which are used to describe the three distinct kinds of terrains present in Peru. They are distinguished as “Costa” or the Coastal region, the “Selva” region i.e. the jungle and third is known as the “Sierra” translated loosely to highlands. All three of these terrains have distinct features all of which add up to make Peru the viewing extravaganza that it is. One of the things to do in Peru especially for people who love to get through adventures is negotiating their way through the Amazonian Jungles of Peru. These are thick, lush green pastures with heavy trees and plants all situated closely next to one another. This makes it an adventurous trek to take part in. Not only that, a journey through the Jungle could lead to several chance encounters with some of the rarest animals and living things in the area. Across the mountainous regions the situation is no different. Nature overpowers in terms of beauty. There are high terrains and the sight of a full fledge Pacific ocean in all its glory is there to see atop any of these mountains running parallel to the ocean. The beach is another place tourists look to visit. This place is equally popular among the locals and the foreigners. A stunning view of one of the calmest water in the world, a flat, sandy beach to savor and the sun setting on a glorious day, this is one of the many day to day spectacles to enjoy at the beach. Once the terrains of the country have been visited, then comes the time to enjoy the infrastructure, hotels and party places of the city. These are all designed make the life of a tourist worth their while. On top of that, there are a number of different cultural festivals in Peru that witness massive celebrations where tourists can make the most of their time.

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