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Things to do in Portimao

Portimao is a town in the Faro district in southern Portugal. Formerly called Vila Nova de Portimao, the town has developed into a top tourist destination thanks to its warm water beaches and upbeat nightlife. Portimao is famous for water activities, motor sports, and archeological sites dating back to prehistoric times.

Portimao Portugal

Located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal, Portimao is a new, Western European town, which is gaining popularity among the tourists because of its luxurious beaches, resorts, fishing ports, and landmarks. One of the things to do in Portimao is enjoying the golden beaches with the crystal clear waters they have to offer. Praia de Alvor, Praia dos Tres Irmaos, Careanos Beach, Alvor Boardwalk, Praia Da Rocha, Tres Castelos Beach, Atlantic pool, and Vau Beach are some of the beaches where you can take a dip and cool off the heat from the scorching sun. One of the top adventurous things to do in Portimao includes participating in the water sports and boat tours the city has to offer. Trigana Boat Trips, Santa Bernarda, Alvor Boat Trips, Portiate Charters Speed Boat Tours are a few to enjoy from. Other courageous activities to get involved in at Portimao are Skyfall, Scooter tour, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Distillery Tours, Food Tours, Wine Tours & Tastings, Scuba & Snorkeling, Kayaking & Canoeing, Hiking & Camping Tours and many more. Getting the tour of the Algarve Coastline is one of the important things to do in Portimao, as this place is a known landmark of the town.

Places to visit in Portimao

To enlighten yourself with the history of Portimao, one of the places to visit in Portimao is Museu de Portimao. This museum will give you insights of Neolithic, Roman, and Moorish times, and is located in an old Sardine cannery. As the fashion of Portugal is popular, shopping is one of the key things to do in Portimao. To get something memorable for your friends and family back home, the places to visit in Portimao are Aqua Portimao, Rocha Surf Shop, A Tentacao - Produtos Gourmet, Casa do "Vo" Serafim, and Taste Experience - Handcraft, Wine & Gourmet (Praia da Rocha). After traveling the city in the morning, the nightlife will be equally vibrant. Going to the bars and nightclubs is one of the things to do in Portimao at night for some excitement. Mourisco Cocktail Bar, Hickey's Irish Pub, Michael's Bar, Bolan Bar, Squash Bar, Sports Café, Leinster House, Sunset Bar, and The Black Stove are a few of the renowned pubs. You can have your stay at glamorous hotels and beach resorts like the resorts of Praia da Rocha and Alvôr, and experience the dining of Sardine Restaurants, while enjoying the riverfront view.


Things to do in Portimao - Museu de Portimao

The Museu de Portimao (Portuguese for Museum of Portimao), is a relatively new museum in the town of Portimao in southern Portugal. The Museu de Portimao is nestled on the site of what was once a fish canning factory on the banks of Arade River. The museum now serves as an observatory for the history, culture, and heritage of Portimao and surrounding communities. One of the best things to do in Museu de Portimao is to visit the Portimao – History and Identity exhibit that will offer a unique and comprehensive outlook of the history of the town up until modern times. The exhibit perfectly shows how Portimao evolved from a small fishing village to an economic hub in the south while addressing the conventional challenges of the time. Guided tours with audio visual records are also available for the permanent exhibits. Visiting the temporary exhibitions is amongst the top things to do in Museu de Portima. The temporary exhibits are focused on showcasing the culture and civilizations of not just Portugal but other parts of Europe as well. The Museu de Portimao is definitely worth a visit to explore more about the country’s rich culture and heritage.


Things to do in Portimao - Algarve International Circuit

Things to do in Portimao - Algarve International Circuit

The Algarve International Circuit, also known as the Autodrome Internacional do Algarve and Portimao Circuit, is an international race circuit and sports complex. The 2.92 mile race circuit is under state management, and hosts various events including A1 Grand Prix, FIA GT Championship, Euroseries 3000, World Series by Renault, Le Mans Series, and more recently the FIA Formula One. One of the best things to do in Algarve International Circuit is to attend the motorcycling events. By visiting the Algarve International Circuit website you can keep track on the biggest motorcycle events from World Superbike Championship to Moto GP. The international race circuit also houses a karting track for public and events, a technology park, and a five-star hotel along with apartments. Visiting the Craig Jones Memorial is amongst the best things to do in Algarve International Circuit. Sadly, Word Supersport star Craig Jones passed away in 2008 after a motorcycle crash in Brands Hatch. A statue and corner of the racetrack are dedicated to Craig Jones, and so far it is the only stone statue in the world depicting a motorbike. If you are looking for some fast paced motorsports action, then Algarve International Circuit is the place to be.


Things to do in Portimao - Penina Golf and Resort

Things to do in Portimao - Penina Golf and Resort

The Penina Golf and Resort is a luxury golf resort nestled in the heart of Portimao in the Algarve region of Portugal. Penina Golf and Resort has an ideal location in the city, with landmarks like Portimao Airport, the Mexihoeira Grande Station, and the Algarve International Circuit all located close by. Set on nearly 360 acres of grounds, the resort offers various amenities and facilities, making it a top destination in Portimao. One of the best things to do in Penina Golf and Resort is taking the 3-day golf clinic by instructor Jose Lourenco. The crash course in golf is not only fun and engaging, but let’s you use some of the best clubs and other golfing equipment that you can find on the planet. The hotel has also earned a reputation as a tennis haven, where you can compete against semi-pro and casual tennis players. Dining is amongst the top things to do in Penina Golf and Resort as it boasts 4 world class restaurants offering distinct local, European, Western, and International cuisine. The Penina Golf and Resort also boasts two bars by the outdoor pool and has posh suites that offer spectacular views.


Things to do in Portimao - Alvor Boardwalk

Things to do in Portimao - Alvor Boardwalk

The Alvor Boardwalk is a 4 kilometer stretch of path along the Portimao Beach in Portimao, Portugal. Officially known as the Alvor Boardwalk & Estuary Trail, the trail offers amazing views of the Algarve coastline and sightseeing opportunities. Starting from the little harbor the trail takes you across estuarine wetlands and shallow lagoons. One of the best things to do in Alvor Boardwalk is to explore its wildlife. Alvor Boardwalk is famous for its marine birds like Greater Flamingo and Caspian Tern. If you love bird watching then the best time of the year to be here is from Spring to Autumn. With four small rivers, wetlands, and blue lagoons, the distinct features of the Alvor Boardwalk make it a small yet rich paradise. Cycling is amongst the top things to do in Alvor Boardwalk. As the boardwalk is in a loop, you will find it incredibly easy to cycle around it within 30 minutes while watching the wonders of nature around you. As a designated wildlife refuge, the local management does a very good job in protecting and maintaining the area. Best for early morning walks, don’t forget to head to the Alvor Boardwalk when in Portimao.


Things to do in Portimao - Fort of Santa Catarina

Fort of Santa Catarina is a fort in Portimao, Portugal that is considered as one of the last military projects by the Philippines in Algarve. The medieval fort was completed in 1633 at the mouth of Arade River. Open for public, the Fort of Santa Catarina is one of the finest examples of military construction not just in Portugal, but all of Europe. Taking a guided tour is one of the best things to do in Fort of Santa Catarina. The fort features medieval architecture with materials such as wood, stone, tile, and masonry. Situated in what is considered as the downtown Portimao, the fort is accessible via staircase along the cliffs. The fort, along with Fort of Sao Joao do Arade defended the local settlements up until the 1700s. Since 1946 the fort has become a tourism destination in Portimao. Heading to the lookout is one of the popular things to do in Fort of Santa Catarina as it offers spectacular views of the Arade River and the Portimao coastline. The for now has a cafeteria for refreshments and meals and signage showing its significance in history that spans more than three centuries.