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Things to do in Porto

Quaint, colorful streets, a stunning harbor and the finest port wine in Portugal, Porto is one of the finest cities in Portugal for globe trotters. With a river as well as the sea framing it from all sides, the tradition soaked city and its friendly locals will welcome you with unassuming hospitality whenever you decide to visit it.

Porto Portugal

Porto is a romantic pop-up city, a vibrant dream of medieval relics, a culturally bombed establishment with art dripping from its graphitized walls and extravagant museums. Its preciousness is evident from the fact that UNESCO has declared Porto as a World Heritage Site. However, the modern art, futuristic music, and blooming technology make it a unique blend of architectural treasury, historical preservation, and chic global culture. While restaurants like A-Grade and Taylor’s make it a food heaven, at the same time the shopping centers and sightseeing places satisfy the wander luster in you and give options for things to do in Porto. Breathe the freshness of breeze while measuring the Porto skyline puffing up to your vision at the Taste of Port. Visit Cais da Riberia, the medieval district, to find countless cultural things to do in Porto. Take a quick tour of the city in Douro Cruise or visit the Time-Warp shops in Downtown to buy ancient medieval souvenirs. If an evening walk is included in your list of things to do in Porto then The Atlantic Walk is your safe bet. For nature lovers, the Gardens Overlooking the Rivers offer tranquil environment along with occasional events and things to do in Porto.

Places to Visit in Porto

Apart from medieval to modern hotels and resorts, there are many other places to visit in Porto. The Serralves Garden and Museum is an extraordinary union of nature and culture, spanning over 18 hectares. The Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Deco Villa are also located in the gardens. Washed in grass green and peach, the Ribeira is a must-visit gem among places to visit in Porto. Located in the heart of the city, it offers a perfect view of Douro River with Hill of Gaia rising from the other side of the river. Gel in with the locals by taking a stroll in Foz, one of the oldest Porto quarters located at the river mouth. Foz Velha, the Old Foz offers a spectacular view of the gorgeous sunset —offering serene and scenic moments for the writer in you to write a novel upon it. Other points of interest for sightseeing, observing the medieval development, and things to do in Porto include Palacio da Bolsa — the former stock exchange of Porto; Igreja de Sao Francisco —the St. Francis church with crisp 18th century interior; Ponte de Dom Luis, Igreja de Carmo — the 18th Century Carmo Church, and Casa da Musica — the Music House.


Things to do in Porto - Porto by Bike

Things to do in Porto - Porto by Bike

Do you appreciate biking? Provided that this is true, when you visit Porto and Northern Portugal, make sure to investigate the different urban communities you will go through on two wheels. Porto, as well as the district's different urban communities, are ending up noticeably progressively Eco-accommodating and offering exceptional courses, the supposed cycle ways, for individuals who go by bike. Investigate Porto by Bike and appreciate the lovely city. It's another approach to investigate the city you will visit, where you can similarly travel through the city or, for instance, in a recreation center or at the ocean side.


Things to do in Porto - Eat a Francesinha

Things to do in Porto - Eat a Francesinha

On the off chance that you've at any point been to Porto, you're comfortable with the universal Francesinha, the likeness a heart-assault on a plate. It's mark is the protein starch variety of cured ham, linguiça, new wiener and steak, stacked between two fat cuts of bread covered in dissolved cheddar and soaked in a zesty, and quite delightful, tomato and brew sauce. It is must to Eat a Francesinha when you are in Porto for a visit. It is one of the best nourishment on the city.

Things to do in Porto - Discover Porto

Porto is one of Portugal’s most exquisite cities. Tourists from across the globe visit the city to take in its incredible sights. You will not run out of things to do in Porto at all! Built along the hills, the city offers walking tours. You can start your tour with the Ribeira, but you will find most things to do in Porto in the city center. For a unique experience, Porto is where you come.