Things to do in Potaro-Siparuni


Kaieteur National Park in Guyana’s region of Potaro-Siparuni and includes the famous Kaieteur waterfalls and beautiful plant and flower species. The Kaieteur National Park, which is frequented all-year around, also features wildlife such as frogs and birds. Most people like to go up to the Kaieteur Falls to see the 30,000 gallons of flowing stream shooting over a steep drop.

One of the necessary things to in Kaieteur National Park is traveling to the waterfalls, which is located in the middle of the forest, dating back to the ancient times. Only a few tourists make the journey to the waterfalls in the park, but the experience is totally worth it. On your way up there, you may see a golden frog or the cock of the rock, a rare bird.
Since there are no food or drink stalls in the Kaieteur National Park, you should take snacks with you, especially if you plan to visit the Kaieteur Falls. Besides visiting the waterfall, some other things to do in Kaieteur National Park is to have a picnic on the grass, admire the plants and flowers, and relax in the recreational area. Go to Kaieteur National Park with your family and friends.