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View Astronomical Clock in 360 virtual tour

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A lot of people in Prague gather under the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Hall, every hour to watch it work its magic. The Astronomical Clock is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe, and the performance here takes place goes on for only 45 seconds, but that time is truly worth it and should be experienced by all visitors at least once in their lives. There are basically four figures behind the clock that represents the things that were despised by the Praguers in the 15th century. The symbols consist of Greed, which has a money bag and originally was a Jewish moneylender, but was changed after the World War II. Other than this, there is Death which is a skeleton, Vanity that has a mirror, and Pagan Invasion that is represented by the Turks. The figures that are below these include Astronomer, Chronicler, Philosopher, and the Angel. Every hour, a bell is ringed by Death, which then proceeds to turn his hourglass. After this, the twelve apostles move past the window and acknowledge the Crown. On the right hand side, there is a key, axe, snake, cross and mallet, which is represented by Peter, Matthew, John, Andrew, Philip and James respectively. On the other hand, there is a sword and a book, a lance, a book, saw, a book again and a parchment, which are represented by Paul, Thomas, Jude, Simon, Bartholomew and Barnabas respectively. The performance ends with a cockcrow.