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Things to do in Presidente Franco

Presidente Franco is a city located in the Alto Parana Department of Paraguay. Located in the east along Parana River and the Monday River, Presidente Franco is where the territories of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay converge. Visiting Presidente Franco is amongst the popular things to do in Paraguay for its natural setting, beautiful waterfalls, remarkable architecture, and more.

Presidente Franco attractions

There are many things to do in Presidente Franco, and the best of them all is the Saltos del Monday, one of the most remarkable waterfalls in South America. The waterfall is close to the mouth of the Monday River with three main falls and many smaller ones. Locals and tourists get to enjoy a wide range of activities here from picnics to hikes with walkways and viewpoints to explore the well maintained natural park. Camping, picnics, rappelling, rock climbing, and other activities are also available for adventure seekers. Exploring the Viewpoint at the break of the Iguazu River is amongst the top things to do in Presidente Franco. Here you can see boundary pillars colored to signify the territories of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Tourists with multiple entry visas can actually take a raft in the river to enter Argentina. Despite the fact that the country is landlocked, the rivers offer scenic beaches in exotic tropical environments. The beaches close to the break also serve as the ideal tourist destinations for summer. Various water activities from jet skiing to parasailing are on offer along with lodging, dining, and relaxing venues. The nightlife is worth checking out too!

Places to visit in Presidente Franco

One of the best places to visit in Presidente Franco is the Museum Moisés Bertoni, which can offer a unique experience. Here, you will find exhibits, galleries, and research work dedicated to the rich flora and fauna of the nation. Nestled in 199 hectares of protected area along the banks of the Parana River with waterfalls, it is one of the most distinctive museums in all of South America. It is said that nearly 60% of the plant species at the museum were Moises Bertoni’s contributions. Another top place to visit in Presidente Franco is the Milestone of Tres Fronteras. The 3 kilometer stretch is in the downtown on the site where the Paraguay River and Iguacu River join with a view of Argentina and Brazil. It is known for its beautiful architecture with various restaurants, cafes, and lodging services defining the main strip. Presidente Franco has the reputation of being a party place, especially during March, when going to the Brotherhood in Tres Fronteras and Festival of Integration should be on your wishlist of things to do in Paraguay. These festivals are known for their unique traditions, music, dance, and cuisine with the celebrations starting early in the morning and lasting through the night.


Things to do in Presidente Franco - Museum Cabildo

Things to do in Presidente Franco - Museum Cabildo

The United States and most of its States has a diverse history. One such example of this is the Museum Cabildo. The palace was used by the Spanish as their seat of government to rule over the New Orleans and Louisiana area. The museum is located near the St. Louis Cathedral and the Jackson Square. The palace has been destroyed multiple times but more often than not it is reconstructed and it offers a multi faceted look into the Spanish culture and the pre independence outlook of the life in the state.


Things to do in Presidente Franco - Saltos de Monday

Saltos de Monday is the main attraction in the Municipal Park Monday that is situated in the Presidente Franco District in the Department of Alto Paraná Department, Paraguay. Visitors can find a lot of fun and exciting things to do in Saltos de Monday. It is the main attraction of the park that is frequented by large number of visitors every year.

The majestic waterfall rises to a height of 148 feet (45 m) and is 400 feet (120 m) wide. Here you can take photos or enjoy picnicking. The park where the waterfall is situated contains a lot of attractions. It is covered by a thick lush forested area that houses different species of animal and plant life. In fact the area is one of the last remaining of the Atlantic Forest located to the west of Parana River in Paraguay. Monday River traverses through the park that empties into the Parana River.

The imposing Saltos de Monday falls is a wonderful natural spectacle. Visitors can find a lot of things to do in Saltos de Monday waterfall. The only way to experience the wonderful attraction on offer is to book a flight and visit the place.