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Things to do in Rio San Juan

Nicaragua is home to some amazing cities and tourist destinations, and one of them is Rio San Juan. It is a department that came into existence in 1957 from two different departments, and its capital is San Carlos. The department is famous for the San Juan River, and also offers lots of amazing things to do for tourists from around the world.

Rio San Juan Nicaragua

One of the most popular things to do in Rio San Juan is to check out the amazing San Juan River, which offers plenty of activities and water sports for tourists. People come from all around the world to witness this majestic river, which surges through lush green hills, massive jungles, and wetlands. Some of the best things to do in Rio San Juan involve tackling the rapids of the San Juan River, which demands action, while you can also take a tour on the river. This is no ordinary stretch of water and it will take you on a complete journey around Rio San Juan, with plenty of things that will live long in your memory. One of the most recommended things to do in Rio San Juan is trekking through the thick jungle, with guides, where you can check out macaws, and jaguars. You can even witness some alligators on the San Juan River; while there is also a 16th century fort that will provide you with loads of adventures. There are plenty of hotels, bars and restaurants that serve international cuisine, and you will definitely not be disappointed with the range of options available to you when it comes to food.

Places to visit in Rio San Juan

One of the most recommended places to visit in Rio San Juan is obviously the San Juan River and its many rapids, which will provide you with lots of challenges. Amongst the must do things to do in Rio San Juan, is taking a boat ride along the length of this river, which was previously used by Spanish conquistadors and pirates! There are numerous forts and historical buildings here as well, which should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Rio San Juan. There are many things to do in Rio San Juan, one of which involves photography, and you will definitely fall in love with the magnificent scenery and the wildlife that you encounter over here. Make sure that you do plenty of research before traveling to Rio San Juan, since you will need the help of tour guides if you really want to check out all the amazing things to do in Rio San Juan. One thing is for certain though; there aren’t many places in Nicaragua that are as exotic and as magnificent as Rio San Juan.


Things to do in Rio San Juan - Indio Maiz Biological Reserve

The Indio Maíz Biological Reserve is a protected area in Nicaragua. The natural reserve borders the San Juan River and is located to the southeast of the country. It is a top tourist destination in Nicaragua. Visitors can find a lot of exciting things to do in Indio Maíz Biological Reserve. Here you can find lots of animal and plant species. Some of the bird species that thrive in the area include hummingbirds, toucans, macaws, and many different variety colorful exotic birds. There is a large variety of mammals in the reserve too, including wild boars, sloths, deer, jaguars, pumas, pacas, and many others. Other animal species that inhabit the natural reserve include iguanas, turtles, and spider monkeys. There are many other interesting and fun things to do in Indio Maíz Biological Reserve. The area is managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MARENA) in Nicaragua. The ministry has designated two areas of the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve for the tourists. These areas offer an opportunity for the tourists to enjoy and explore the natural treasures of Nicaragua. Visitors can access the area via a boat ride from the towns of San Juan del Norte and El Castillo.


Things to do in Rio San Juan - El Castillo

Things to do in Rio San Juan - El Castillo

The Temple of Kukulcan is also known as the El Castillo. The Temple is designed and created like a partial pyramid. The Mesoamerican step pyramid design is also referred to as the center of the Chicken Itza site. The building is more formally designated and the pyramids are created with a series of square terraces and in summer time, the pyramid is able to cast large triangle shadows. The structure can be taken a look at from the inside and the outside.