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Things to do in Rochester

Rochester is a city located towards the Southern end of Lake Ontario that is the western portion of Lake Ontario. The place is famously known as Kodak Town because it is the birthplace of amateur photography. Today, it is a popular tourist destination that is the perfect amalgamation of historic sites and modern architecture. There are a lot of things to do in North America, which is why Rochester attracts thousands of people every year.

Rochester Tourism

Rochester is a small city with a huge charm that is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, which is towards the south in the State of New York. It stretches over an area of 96 km2 and has a total population of 210,565 and is the third largest city in the state of New York. The city is 65 miles northeast of Buffalo and 75 miles west of Syracuse. The topography of the city consists of hills, ridges, ponds and streams. The climate of the place can be classified as humid continental climate and has four distinct seasons where the temperature can drop as low as −18 °C during winter and can rise as much as 32 °C during summer. There are so many things to do in North America that tourists can enjoy. If are fond of nature, you will love visiting the local parks like the Genesee Valley Park and the Highland Park in Rochester. The museums and galleries in the city are also very popular and some of the famous ones include Artisan Works, Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, and Rochester Museum and Science Center. Other things to do in Rochester include enjoying the festivals in the city like Coldrush, Monroe County Fair, Renaissance Festival, Rochester International Jazz, Rochester River Romance, and the Lilac Festival. You can also enjoy live theatre and music, golf, boating at the beach, and hiking at the local trails.

Rochester New York

Rochester is a famous tourist destination in New York that you can reach via plane, landing at the Greater Rochester International Airport. Other means of popular transport include car, train, and bus. The city has some great restaurants, so try the amazing food at places like Anchor Sports Bar and Grill, Bill Gray's, Boulder Coffee Company, Cobbs Hill Pizza and Pasta, Mario’s Italian Steakhouse, Mark's Texas Hots, Phillips European, Restaurant 2 Vine, Sea Restaurant, Spot Coffee, Starry Nites Cafe, Uncle Ralph's Steakout & BBQ, and the Upper East End bars. Some of the recommended hotels are East Avenue Inn, Hyatt Regency, The Inn on Broadway, Staybridge Suites, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, and Doubletree Hotel Rochester. Among the things to do in Rochester, visits to famous tourist destinations like Artisan Works, Cinema Theatre, Dryden Theatre, Durand Eastman Park, Genesee Riverway Trail, George Eastman House, High Falls, Highland Park, Lamberton Conservatory, Little Theatre, Memorial Art Gallery, National Toy Hall of Fame, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Rock Ventures, Seabreeze Amusement Park, Seneca Park Zoo, Stone-Tolan House Museum, Strasenburgh Planetarium, Susan B. Anthony Museum & House, and The National Museum of Play, are highly recommended.


Things to do in Rochester - High Falls

Things to do in Rochester - High Falls

One of the things to do in North America includes visiting the High Falls at Rochester that is located on the Genesee River. It is said that the High Falls was the area where the city’s main industrial development took place. The Brown Race used to divert water from the falls and used to feed the flour mills and that water used to make hydroelectric power. The High Falls can be easily seen from the Pont De Rennes Bridge, which is basically a pedestrian bridge located at the Genesee River and is only a few hundred feet from the base of the falls. The place is also famous because it is the site where the final jump of the Yankee Leaper, Sam Patch took place in 1829. The things to do in High Falls include visiting the High Falls Visitors Center and Museum that consists of artifacts, artwork, photography, and other interactive displays for the audience that is operated by the Office of the City Historian/Rochester Public Library. Don’t forget to visit other sites that are located nearby like the Susan B. Anthony Historic District, and the Downtown Heritage Trail.


Things to do in Rochester - Seneca Park Zoo

Things to do in Rochester - Seneca Park Zoo

One of the best things to do in North America includes drinking in the nature. If you’re in Rochester, you should head straight to the Seneca Park Zoo, home to more than 90 different species of birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals. The zoo opened up in 1894 and was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted; it was recognized by the State back in 1957. The things to do at the Seneca Park Zoo involve looking at the animals and the exhibits. Presently, there is a special area in the zoo that is home to animals originally hailing from temperate coastal areas. These include California sea lions, Canada lynx, polar bears, sandhill cranes, African penguins, and snowy owls. Visitors can go to the underwater viewing area and can have a closer look at the polar bears and sea lions. The zoo has several events throughout the year that include animal awareness days and even animal birthdays. Some of the popular fundraisers include Breakfast with Santa,Jungle Jog 5K race, Zoobilation (annual gala), ZooBoo (Halloween), and the ZooBrew (The Wildest Happy Hour in Town).


Things to do in Rochester - Seabreeze Amusement Park

Things to do in Rochester - Seabreeze Amusement Park

Wondering what are the best things to do in North America? Go to the Seabreeze Amusement Park, located in a suburb in Rochester. Seabreeze has a rich history, opening back in 1879, and is said to be the 12th oldest and the 4th oldest amusement park in the world according to the Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA). The park attracts a large number of people every year. The things to do at the Seabreeze Amusement Park revolve around the rides. Some of the famous ones are Bear Trax, Bobsleds, Bumper Cars, Carousel, Great Balloon Race, Jack Rabbit, Log Flume, Music Express,Screamin' Eagle, Sea Dragon, Seabreeze Flyers, The Spring,Tilt-a-Whirl, Twirlin' Tea Cups, Wave Swinger, and the Whirlwind . Some of the kids ride includes Barnstormers, T-Birds Star Rockets, and the Flying Turtles, whereas the famous rides at the water park are The Wave, Helix, Soak Zone, and the Hydro Racer. Tickets for the park can be bought online or at the gate. The types of passes include Ride & Slide Pass, Under 48" Pass, Night Rider Pass, and the Spectator Pass. Children under the age of two can enter the park for free.


Things to do in Rochester - Strong National Museum of Play

Things to do in Rochester - Strong National Museum of Play

If you are planning a trip and are making a list of things to do in North America, you should definitely add visiting the National Museum of Play to it. The museum was established back 1968 as a personal collection of Rochester but was opened for public in 1982. It is a not-for-profit educational organization and is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and the Museum Association of New York (MANY). The museum has expanded twice in size since its establishments and is now home to Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play, International Center for the History of Electronic Games, National Toy Hall of Fame, and the produces the American Journal of Play. The museum is spread over 282,000 square, and has the privilege of being the only museum in the world that is dedicated to the study of play. The things to do in the National Museum of Play include looking at the unique exhibits that are theme for storybooks, video games, TV shows, trains, history, and education. The museum is the one of the largest collections based museum that also supports research and is suitable for people from all age groups.


Things to do in Rochester - Durand Eastman Park

Things to do in Rochester - Durand Eastman Park

The Durand Eastman Park is located in Rochester and is home to several lakes, like the Eastman Lake and the Durand Lake. The northern boundary of the park consists of 5,000 feet of Lake Ontario’s coastline. The history of the park dates back to 1909 when there used to be a zoo within the premises. The park is spread over a total area of 977 acres and the topography of the place consists of vistas, lakes, wooded slopes, valleys and beautiful trees that add to the park’s beauty. The things to do in Durand Eastman Park include swimming, snowshoeing, running, orienteering, kayaking, hiking, golf, geo-caching, cross-country skiing, canoeing. The Park has eight shelters that vary according to size and location as well as three restroom facilities that are located near the Sunset Shelter, between the Acorn and Maple Shelters, and at the end of Log Cabin Road. You can go trekking at the Durand Lake Trail, the Trott Lake Trail, and the Eastman Lake Trail. The park is also home to a historic golf course that was designed by Robert Trent Jones and had been done in traditional style.


Things to do in Rochester - Highland Park

Things to do in Rochester - Highland Park

The Highland Park is an arboretum that is located in New York. The history of the park dates back to 1888, when two nurserymen, Patrick Barry and George Ellwanger, gifted 20 acres of land to the community of Rochester. The park was originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and the main goal was to retain the beauty of the place. The famous lilac collection of the Park was added by Johnny Lilacseed in 1892. There are so many things to do in Highland Park, now spread over 150 acres. You can visit the memorial gardens that include AIDS Remembrance Garden, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Victims' Rights Memorial, and the Workers' Memorial. There are different activities that you can enjoy in the park like baseball, geo-caching, ice skating, rugby, and softball. Some of the places that you should visit in the park include visiting the Lamberton Conservatory, Warner Castle and Sunken Garden, The Lilac Arches, and the Highland Park Bowl. The Rochester Lilac Festival is popular and takes place every year. Make sure that you visit the Highland Park with your family or friends – everyone will surely love the place.


Things to do in Rochester - Memorial Art Gallery

The Memorial Art Gallery was founded back in 1913 and is a part of the University of Rochester. The Gallery was basically a memorial to James George Averell. In the early years of the Gallery, the exhibits consisted of loans from the private collections of the most influential families of Rochester. The things to do in Memorial Art Gallery include having a look at the permanent collection that consists of more than 11,000 objects by people like Matisse, Monet, Homer, Cézanne, and Cassatt. The antiques from the Egyptian era that were the collection of a 19th century businessman, and silver from the 17th century, are among the most notable displays here. Other popular exhibits include El Greco's The Apparition of the Virgin to St. Hyacinth, George Eastman's school paintings, Jean-Léon Gérôme's Interior of a Mosque, Milton Avery's Haircut by the Sea, Portrait of Colonel by Nathaniel Rochester, Rembrandt's Portrait of a Young Man in an Armchair, and the Woman in Red by Maud Humphrey. The gallery consists of the 1968 wing, Centennial Sculpture Park, Main gallery, The Cutler Union, and the Vanden Brul pavilion. It is open from 11 to 5 from Wednesday to Sunday and 11 to 9 on Thursday.


Things to do in Rochester - National Toy Hall of Fame

The National Toy Hall of Fame is an American hall of fame of several games and toys that have become popular over the years. The induction criteria is pieces that are widely recognized and respected, on the longevity of the toy, the creativity of the design, and the design of the toy. The place was established in 1988 under the supervision of Ed Sobey and its original location was at the at A. C. Gilbert's Discovery Village in United States, being moved to its current location in 2002. The Hall of Fame consists of almost fifty-seven toys. Some of the toys that are in the museum include alphabet blocks, Barbie, big wheel, blanket, cardboard box, game boy, hula hoop, jack-in-the-box, kite, marbles, play-doh, raggedy Ann, rocking horse, scrabble, slinky, The Game of Life, and the twister. This is a great place to take your kids and doubles as a playing area; after all, for kids, things to do at the National Toy Hall of Fame are aplenty. If you feel that your favorite toy is not a part of the collection, you can always nominate and it can be considered for the class next year. The National Toy Hall of Fame also has a Museum of Play, a bird preserve, and a diner.


Things to do in Rochester - Little Theatre

Little Theatre, as the name suggests, is a movie theatre in Rochester that is located in the historic East Avenue, in the downtown area. The theatre shows special art films and even foreign productions that are not generally showed in the country. Little Theatre was originally founded in 1928 and is one of the oldest movie theatres of the country. Things to do at Little Theatre include viewing the huge array of independent films, foreign films, art films, and documentary films that are screened here. If you are fond of anime, you should visit Little Theatre because it has a separate area that shows artistic anime films by artists like Hayao Miyazaki. The place also has live musical performances and serves as a platform to the Rochester International Jazz Festival every June. Other than this, film festivals are held throughout the year in Little Theatre, each time attracting a large number of people without fail. The theatre has Hart's Local Grocers next to it that serves the grocery shopping needs of the people in the area. The Theatre also has a rotating art gallery and a café where you can sit back and relax. All in all, when it comes to things to do in North America, a trip to Little Theatre cannot be left out.