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Things to do in Roura

Roura is a wonderful place in French Guiana and has become a popular tourist attraction. People come from all around the world to visit this remarkable place and explore the marvels that nature has bestowed upon it. Roura is a place that will never disappoint you, whether you love nature, or are inspired by archaeology; Roura has a lot in store for the curious traveler.

Roura attractions

Whether it is the beauty of wildlife or the rich cultural heritage, Roura will always manage to captivate you and inspire you with its beauty. There is something that compels you to prolong your visit, and not want to go back. When you visit this place, you will discover that there are numerous things to do in Roura. Nature has bestowed this place with a generous share of waterfalls — be sure to get take a refreshing shower in the Chutes de Fourgassier waterfall when you visit Roura. Besides visiting the waterfalls in the area, there are many other things to do in Roura, as well. Exploring the nature parks is one of them. Roura is a place that is rich with scenic beauty, and will never fail to impress you. When you visit the nature parks of Roura, you will feel as if you’ve entered another world, altogether. The greenery, the wildlife, the forestation, everything is remarkable on its own, but when combined, is sure to mesmerize anyone who has an eye for beauty. Roura is one of the places you must visit, at least once in a lifetime.

Places to visit in Roura

With numerous places to visit in Roura, you may never find enough time for all of them, and you may feel as if there is too much to do with too little time in hand. However, there are a few places in Roura that must never be missed, and be sure to spare some time for them. Among the primary places to visit in Roura is Amazonie Decouverte. This is a very popular tourist attraction which is so beautiful that you may find yourself fixated at one spot, and unable to move, when you lay first glance at it. Another of the most definite places to visit in Roura is Le Morpho. The tour of Le Morpho can be done on a boat. The boat is extremely well designed and comfortable. There are also guides that will accompany you on your tour, and will show you the rare species of birds, you might never have seen, even in picture. The tour of Le Morpho is sure to leave you speechless. You may also enjoy a refreshing dive in the river that will make you forget all your troubles. Roura is a lovely place to visit, and once here, you will want to keep coming back.


Things to do in Roura - Mouragues Nature Reserve

Morauges Nature Reserves is a French natural reserve that is located in French Guiana in South America. The reserve was created to protect tropical rainforests located in the communes of Roura and Regina.

There a lot of fun and exciting things to do in the Mouragues Nature Reserve. The communes of Roura and Regina are located to the north and north east of French Guiana. Both the regions boast of a rich biodiversity. Regina is the second largest commune in the state that is located in the Approuague River. The two communes are connected through the N2 Road. An RD6 road in Roura takes visitors through the nearby primal forests that are also a great tourist attraction.

Visitors can find a lot of things to do in the Mouragues Nature Reserve. Here you can explore natural wildlife in its original habitat. The area is known the world over for its diverse flora and fauna. The Kaw Swaps are located to the south near Roura where you can find a large number of bird species including the caiman, toco toucan, and flamingo. There are many other natural wonders in the Mouragues Nature Reserve that you can experience once you visit the place.