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Things to do in San Salvador

Best attractions to visit in San Salvador

1. Lake Ilopango - San Salvador

Lake Ilopango

Lake Ilopango is located in the city of San Salvador and it is a crater, filling up the volcanic caldera. It is the second largest body of water in El Salvador. The lake is famous for its history related to weather conditions and UFO sightings. Each year, visitors come to witness the airshow where international pilots put on a show. You will have a number of things to do in Lake Ilopango. Since the site is famous for its UFO sightings, people come in the hopes of seeing an alien ship. If you are in the city during the time its annual airshow is held, visit Lake Ilopango to see it. Pilots of different countries fly over the Lake Ilopango and the city. If you are there, visit Lake Ilopango. When you visit Lake Ilopango, you will yourself enchanted by the beauty of the lake. You can join other visitors from all over the globe to see the airshow. Other things to do in Lake Ilopango include visiting the Rosario Church, the Devil’s Door, the EC Tours El Salvador, the Military Museum, and the Teatro Nacional, which are all a few miles away from the lake. Make a plan to visit Lake Ilopango.


2. El Boqueron National Park - San Salvador

El Boqueron National Park

If you are in El Salvador, make sure you visit the El Boqueron National Park. This park is the perfect spot for those looking for some adventure and those who want to witness the true beauty of El Salvador. The most interesting thing about this park is that it is situated on top of the San Salvador volcano, presenting breathtaking views from 5,905 feet. If you are looking for some excitement, you will find many things to do in El Boqueron National Park. You will find various amazing places to hike and witness the beauty that surrounds this place. You will also get to witness a lot of other interesting things in the city when you are traveling from your hotel to the park. The most fascinating thing about this park is the views that if offers. You can see the Lake Ilopango and El Picacho on your way. You will also find many other exciting things to do in El Boqueron National Park including an archeological tour to see the amazing Black Sea, which is an area covered entirely by lava and volcanic rocks. Apart from the dark fields, you will also find many beautiful gardens in this area with flowers that you have never seen before.


3. Coatepeque Caldera - San Salvador

Coatepeque Caldera

The Coatepeque Caldera is a stunning location which offers volcanic caldera and is situated in the El Salvador region of Central America. The Caldera was formed during a series of major rhyolitic explosions. The eruptions on the place happened nearly 57 000 years ago. For tourists the youngest dome the Cerro Pacho is a mystical presence which was formed in the year 8000 BC. It offers a stunning view of the Lake Coatepeque which is one of the larger crate lakes in the area.


4. San Salvador Hiking - San Salvador

San Salvador Hiking

By far, El Salvador is one of the most frequented places for hikers to travel. The country consists of several hiking spots with the most popular one found in the city of San Salvador. The San Salvador Volcano has three peak, El Boquerón, Jabali, and Picacho. If you do not want to attempt the hike alone, hire a tour guide. Once you reach the peaks, you have countless things to do in San Salvador Hiking. From El Boqueron peak, you will see a stunning view of the city as well as Lake Ilopango. From El Picacho peak, you will see an impressive landscape. El Jabali peak will provide you with a different view of the volcano. Be sure to take snacks and drinks with you. Climb to the top of the peaks. Visitors planning to hike the trail, leading to the volcano, are advised to visit Santa Tecla and from there, take the Canton El Progreso. From the entrance of the park, it will take visitors 20 minutes to reach the top of the volcano. You can book a tour with Eva Tours or the Explore El Salvador tour. You can find many things to do in San Salvador Hiking so make the most of it.


5. National Palace - San Salvador

National Palace

If you are looking to dig deep into the political history of El Salvador, the National Palace is the place you must visit. although the museum that stands today is not the original one, but it has been replaced with a new one after a fire destroyed the building in early 80s. By visiting this palace, you will get a peek into the political, historical, and national past of El Salvador. If you are visiting San Salvador, you will be glad to know that there are many interesting things to do in National Palace. The palace features hundred small rooms and four main rooms that are larger in size. In the museum you will also get a chance to look at the fine furniture that was designed in the past and many other displays that are worth a watch. Make sure to visit the Salon Amarillo, which was once the house of the president. You will also have other things to do in National Palace including exploring the Salon Rojo, which was the arena where receptions by the Foreign Ministry were held. This place is perfect for those looking to learn about the past of El Salvador and the political history of this Central American nation.


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