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Things to do in Santa Monica

If you are looking for a great place to take your spouse and children for a quality summer vacation experience, be sure to visit the beachfront city of Santa Monica. You will be surprised to learn that there are a variety of things to do in Santa Monica that can help you have an unforgettable time and leave a lasting impression on your mind. With a population near 100,000 and a city consisting of affluent residential communities, Santa Monica can be a great tourist destination.

Santa Monica California

This is why it is so important that you make a list of things to do in Santa Monica before visiting so that you can make the most of your trip and avoid wasting time staying at your place of stay. Enjoying the best things to do in Santa Monica couldn’t be more fun, owing to the city’s hub of places of cultural and historical significance. The climate is another advantage that tourists benefit from which is great to explore the various things to do in Santa Monica under a sufficient amount of sunlight. The city is also famous for the Santa Monica Pier, which is more than a 100 years old and has contributed immensely in making the city a cosmopolitan city that it is today. Out of the many things to do in Santa Monica you can enjoy, you should firstly visit the Third Street Promenade, a deluxe dining and entertainment zone complete with modern buildings and attractions including the Santa Monica Place. It is a famous tourist destination spot, pulling a high number of crowds due to its nearness to the Pacific Ocean, so be sure to add to your things to do in Santa Monica list.

Places to visit in Santa Monica

However, if you are looking for a much more family-oriented place to include as part of your things to do in Santa Monica, you can visit the Pacific Park where you have the opportunity to explore its many breathtaking natural landscapes and participate in exciting adventurous activities. Furthermore, your children will not have enough of the many different kinds of arcade games and rides, such as the Ferris wheel, which has been featured in various television shows and movies. In addition, you can include the Santa Monica State Beach to your things to do in Santa Monica list as it is a great place to relax your mind and body as it is to boost your adrenaline. The beach is a great gateway to explore many other things to do in Santa Monica that are close by including the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, and the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. The city is also known for having a variety of shopping malls and centers where you can buy your favorite branded clothes, electronic items, and fashion accessories. Some of these include the Santa Monica Place, Main Street Santa Monica, Brentwood Country Mart, and many more. There is nothing better than to relist the range of things to do in Santa Monica along with a place containing a wide variety of local and international chains.


Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is one those beaches that you run to as you reach! The waves just have that welcoming character.There are volleyball courts you can just walk into and play, musicians play live music everywhere, food stalls who cook up delicious snacks, and much more. If you let the atmosphere of the place get to you then you will end up having a great time. During summer they organize beach concerts every single day after 7pm!

If you want a nice beach, a fun atmosphere, and a great musical experience, you must visit the Pier. It has all the ingredients needed for a 'good trip', and you will realize that just sitting and having lunch here is enough.


Pacific Park

Pacific Park

There are many things to do in California that can be perfect for a perfect family getaway. In the city of Santa Monica, there are plenty of activities and places to see for adventure seekers and those who want to enjoy natural environments. The Pacific Park is one example where your family can have a spectacular time. As a family-oriented amusement park, it not only has tons of entertainment options such as games and rides, but also comprises of a number of shopping and food outlets where you can order stop by to have lunch or purchase clothes of your favorite brand.

Pacific Park was first opened to the public in the year of 1996 and contains a number of popular attractions that visitors can enjoy. The park comprises of a total of thirteen different rides, the most well-known of if the Ferris wheel from which visitors can enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean. A second feature that you should add to your things to do in Pacific Park list is a roller coaster, which has been featured in a number of popular media including Hannah Montana, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Fat Albert, and many more. The Pacific Park is a great attraction to take your family, especially children. Its variety of rides and dining and shopping outlets is a delight for people of all ages.


Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach

If you are looking for the perfect summer experience in United States, there are a variety of things to do in California that can help you have an unforgettable experience. The Santa Monica State Beach is one example of a destination where all your summer vacation dreams can manifest.

Situated on the Pacific Coast Highway, the Santa Monica State Beach is 3.5 miles long and is the one-stop place for spectacular family entertainment. It contains a spectrum of entertainment areas including parks, playgrounds, biking trails, picnic areas, hotels, and restaurants. In close proximity to the beach is the Santa Monica Pier, which has a history dating back the year 1909 and has the Looff Hippodrome Carousel historic landmark. The pier has volleyball courts, along with the International Chess Park, which lies south of the pier.

There are a variety of things to do in Santa Monica State Beach you can find exhilarating. The beach, in addition to numerous water activities, offers visitors to partake in cycling along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail or eat out at one of its many restaurants. If you fancy something more spectacular, you visit the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, which was previously known by Ocean Discovery Center.


Third Street Promenade

Third Street Promenade

The state of California is considered the heart of America culture and heritage. Tourists often find many things to do in California that allows them to have an enjoyable time with their friends and family, especially in the beachfront city of Santa Monica. One of its popular attractions is Third Street Promenade, which is a high-end entertainment and dining zone in the heart of the city. It was developed in the 1960s when the three of the street’s blocks were turned into a mall.

The area became very popular among locals, but underwent renovation and modernization in the 1970s, which led to the formation of the Santa Monica Place and other attractions. Since then, Third Street Promenade has become the preferred place to visit by locals and, due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, attracts scores of tourists.

Out of the many things to do in Third Street Promenade, shopping is perhaps the most significant. The complex has become a hub of major international clothing chains and stores including H&M, Armani Exchange, American Apparel, Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, and LUSH Cosmetics, among others. In short, Third Street Promenade is the place to be if you want to enjoy a quality dining and shopping experience.


Museum of Flying

Museum of Flying

If you are thinking of visiting the United States over the summer, be sure to add the city of Santa Monica as part of your things to do in California list. The city is replete with famous historic buildings and attractions that can help you enjoy natural surroundings and entertainment hubs.

However, if you are a lover of military history, there is no place better for you to go than the Museum of Flying. Established in 1974, the Museum was initially known by Douglas Museum and Library, but was later changed to Museum of Flying in the year 1989. After being closed for nearly a decade, it was reopened to the public in 2012. Since then, the place is visited by scores of people including tourists who go to appreciate the history of aviation and its many exhibits centered on Southern California.

Visitors benefit from enjoying a number of things to do in Museum of Flying. Firstly, they can witness a wide variety of exhibits on an area of more than 20,000 square feet. At the museum, you will explore many exhibits centered on the growth of the aerospace and aviation industry, especially with regards to the Douglas Aircraft Company. The museum proudly showcases 24 types of aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the FedEx 727, and is a fantastic place to bring your spouse and children.