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Things to do in Santiago

Best attractions to visit in Santiago

1. Santa Lucia Hill - Santiago

Santa Lucia Hill

Santa Lucia Hill is small hill that is situated in the center of the capital city of Santiago in Chile. The hill is nestled between Santa Lucía Street in the west, Alameda del Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins in the south, and Victoria Subercaseaux on the east. The hill is a remnant of a now extinct volcano that raged around 15 million years ago. It was previously known as Huelén by the local people. However, the name of the hill was changed to Santa Lucia Hill when the Spanish conquered the area in 1541. There are plenty of fun things to do in Santa Lucia Hill. Santa Lucia Hill is decorated with stairways, ornate facades, and fountains. At the top most point of the hill is a deck from where visitors can enjoy 360o view of the surrounding areas. Two forts are located to the north and south of the hill that are built of lime and stone. Moreover, a fort known as Forth Hidalgo is located on the side of the hill. It served as a defensive point when it was finished in 1820. The hill also contains various monuments that are dedicated to different illustrious people including Pedro de Valdivia and Archbishop Manuel Vicuña Larrain. Overall, a visit to the place will turn out to be very entertaining as you can many fun and adventurous things to do in Santa Lucia Hill.


2. Museum of Memory and Human Rights - Santiago

Museum of Memory and Human Rights

The Museum of Memory and Human Right is a museum located in the city of Santiago in Chile. The museum is dedicated to the memory of victims of human rights violations during the military led regime headed by Augusto Pinochet between 1973 and 1990. The museum was established in 2010 during the bicentennial of Chile. There are a lot of things to do in The Museum of Memory and Human Right. The rooms of the museum are divided into three levels. Level 1 comprises of five rooms named as End of the Rule of LawL, A new institution, International Condemnation: The dictatorship crosses the line, Repression and Torture, and The Pain of the Children. Level 2 of the museum also contains five rooms that are named as A Demand for Truth and Justice, Absence and Memory, Fight for Freedom, Return to Hope, and Never Again. In the Level 3 of the museum you can find a coffee shop and an exposition. The main entry hall of the museum also displays items that are themed after Human Rights, universal challenge. Overall, this is a great museum to learn about the recent past of Chile when the residents had to experience great hardships during the regime of the military dictator. Visitors can find many things to do in The Museum of Memory and Human Right.


3. San Cristóbal Hill - Santiago

San Cristobal Hill

San Cristóbal Hill is located in the northern part of the capital city of Santiago in Chile. The peak of the hill is considered to be the second highest in the city after Cerro Renca. It is named after a Spanish conquistador known as St Christopher. Original indigenous name of the hill is Tupahue. There are a lot of fun things to do in San Cristóbal Hill. On the summit of the San Cristóbal Hill, a chapel, and amphitheatre, and a sanctuary are located. Religious masses and ceremonies are held in the amphitheatre. A Japanese-styled garden and Chilean National Zoo is located at the foothills of Cerro San Cristóbal. Also located near the hill are two municipal pools, Antilén and Tupahue. Also worth a visit near the hill is the Children's Park of Cerro San Cristóbal. The park offers entrance to the hill through the Avenida Peru. Santiago Metropolitan Park, which is the largest public park in the city, is also located near San Cristóbal Hill. The summit of Cerro San Cristóbal Hill can be accessed by car through the road that joins the Santiago Metropolitan Park, by a 45 minute walk, and by the Furnicular of Santiago that is located near the Zoo at the northern side of Pio Nono in Bario Bellavista. All in all, a visit to the place is certainly worth it in the end as visitors can find lots of places to visit and things to do in San Cristóbal Hill.


4. Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino - Santiago

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

The Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino is a museum that is located in the city of capital city of Santiago in Chile. It is an art museum that contains and displays art pieces and artefacts of pre-Columbian times. The items on display in the museum belong to the Central and South American region. Art enthusiasts can find many interesting things to do in Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino. Established in 1981, the museum is located in the Palacio de la Real Aduana west of the Plaza de Armas and near the Placio de los Tribunals de Justicia de Santiago. Most of the items on display in the museum have been collected from main pre-Columbian areas including Mesoamerica, Isthmo-Colombian, Amazonia, Pan-Caribbean, and the Andean regions. The area inside the museum is divided into four sections. Area mesoamerica displays such items as statute of Xipe Totec, Mayan bas relief, and incense burner that dates back to the Teotihucan culture. In the area Intermedia are displayed items such as pottery of the Valdivia people and gold objects of the Diquis and Veraguas people. The other two parts of the museum include the Andes Centrales and Andres del Sur where a number of historical items are on display for the visitors. This is certainly a great museum to visit while in Santiago, Chile. Visitors can learn about the history of the local people by taking part in things to do in Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino.


5. La Moneda Palace - Santiago

La Moneda Palace

Palacio de La Moneda, located in the city of Santiago, is the current seat of the Chilean President as well as office of three cabinet ministers. It encompasses an entire block in the area of Civic District in downtown Santiago. Construction of the building started in 1784. It originally served a mint house where Chilean coins were produced. Later in 1845, it became the seat of government and presidential residence. The building is built in a neoclassical design featuring Roman Doric influence. The wide and horizontal shape of the building's design conveys stability and strength. It is claimed to be the only structure in Latin America that is built in the pure Italian neoclassical design. The main facade of the building faces the Moneda Street while the rooms are distributed along the longitudinal and transverse axes. Several patio lies behind the facade including Patio de los Naranjos, Patio de los Cañones, and a covered patio. Patio de los Naranjos serve as an entrance hall while presidential ceremonies take place in Patio de los Naranjos. Visitors can find a lot of interesting thing to do in Palacio de La Moneda. A new public square known as the Plaza de la Ciudadanía (‘’Citizenry Square’’ in Spanish) was built on the south side of the palace to celebrate the bicentenary of Chile in 2010. Paths lead down from the plaza to an underground cultural centre that arranges different exhibitions on Chilean culture and history. This is certainly a great place to visit as visitors can take part in a lot of exciting thing to do in Palacio de La Moneda.


6. Barrio Bellavista - Santiago

Barrio Bellavista

7. Plaza de Armas - Santiago

Plaza de Armas

8. Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral - Santiago

Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral

9. Bicentenario Park - Santiago

Bicentenario Park

10. Los Dominicos Village - Santiago

Los Dominicos Village

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